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 Crysis 2

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PostSubject: Crysis 2   Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:17 pm

The original crysis was released in 2007, it took place on some island and had huge open levels that looked amazingly great with a good enough computer
It had 4 different modes you could switch between at any time giving you 4 ways to deal with situations, stealth, speed, strength, or armor
The story was pretty good, but didnt feel like it had any urgency since you were on some island that you couldnt even name

Crysis 2 was released in 2011, it takes place in new york city and has huge looking levels that arent open, it looks the same, if not worse at times, as the first crysis
It has 2 modes you can switch between and 2 you can switch between that can be used with the first 2 modes, but only gives your 2 ways to deal with situations, armor or stealth, with thermal vision and tactical vision are both utility modes
The story takes place 3 years after the original, leaving a huge gap in events, it kills off a main character from the original immediately

The levels looks very large, since you are in new york, but none of them let you explore, the streets are blocked off creating linear corridors that you have to go through
Also your in a place like new york but they hide the city for no reason by putting you in subways or under a heavy cloud of dust

They got rid of destructible environments, in the first one you could use strength mode or an explosion to take down shacks, which was really fun
Or shoot a tree enough for it to fall on someone to kill them, or block a road
In this theres none of that

You can sprint which is sort of like speed mode, but not as fast, you can charge up your melee/jump which is sort of like strength mode but not as powerful
Armor mode and stealth mode are the same
Your tactical visor is better then the 1 in crysis 1, but it just makes the game incredibly easy after you use it to mark out everything
Thermal vision is new, and works like thermal vision, but only on fire, people, and aliens, fighting things that are cloaked is easy now

Upgrading weapons is still in the game, there isnt much different here
Upgrading your suit is new, you collect stuff from aliens when you kill them which allows your to upgrade certain aspects of your suit, you can only have 4 aspects on at a time, the most expensive ones are the best, with the exception of air stomp (air stomp sucks)

Enemy AI will sometimes walk into walls, but for the most part it will try to find cover and wont see you when it shouldnt be able to
The AI in the suit always talks when you use any of the modes, constantly spamming you with "Stealth enabled" or "Maximum armor" or "Nanitevision enabled" or "Danger" (if you stand in fire, which isnt even all that dangerous considering you can stand in it for a good 3 mins before it will kill you)
As far as i can tell you cant turn the suit voice off, or change it to another voice (in the first game you could change it to a girl, or turn it off)

The gameplay has its ups and downs, the first eighth of the game is great, then from there until one third through the game is boring, then it gets good again till about half way though were its boring until two thirds of the way though were its good, then the last third is good
Really, whenever you have to fight humans its boring, excluding the first part
Alot of tactics involving stealth are made useless in many areas because of the small spaces when your in parking garages or subways, when you stealth kill your visible while your killing and since theres like 30 guys in such a small place 1 of them will see you and everyone will start shooting

The story isnt bad, and feels like its important since your in new york
Theres 3 missing years of events which arent explained between the first game and the 2nd game, really you dont need to have playing the first game to know whats going on the the 2nd, though it would help since there are a few references to the first game, but even without knowing you would be able to understand

The in game UI is improved, showing you a stealth meter, and having all your information in 1 area
The menu system feels like it was designed for consoles

The first crysis is better, you can really tell this game was made with consoles in mind with the lower graphics, lack of settings, and menu system
If you liked the first crysis youll probably like this, just dont expect anything revolutionary
If you arent a PC gamer and never played Crysis 1 then Crysis 2 will be awesome for you and should be played

Tactical vision isnt as effective in multiplayer, its almost worthless, its 1 redeeming quality is that it can be used to spot snipers (unless the sniper spots you first)
Since everyone has thermal vision stealth isnt as effective as you would think, in fact even when using thermal vision you can tell whos on your team, so the only downside to using it is the power drain it has
Basically if you dont use the right mode at the right time you will be killed

Theres a few different game types
Deamthmatch, which is just classic deathmatch
Team deathmatch, same as above, just with teams
King of the hill, you have to hold 1 point longer then the enemy team, this point moves, but there is never more then 1 at a time
Assault, 1 team is attacking and the other defends
CTF, standard capture the flag, but the flag is something else
And a sixth one i havent played yet

The rank up system pretty much copies CoD's rank up system
The only difference is that your armor, stealth, and power abilities level up based on which ones you use, which i like
When they level you can pick upgrades for each one that will effect the way your suit works for the better
The main problem is that there are already people at like rank 20, and are impossible to take down by people like me at rank 3 since their suit is so much more upgraded

Also there are hackers already, i wasnt sure, but went back and checked, and i was definitely killed by someone with an aimbot
I was cloaked, snuck up behind him, hit him with melee and immediately died, i looked at the kill cam and he didnt even react, just shot my in the head in a split second and went back to his original view

The multiplayer needs balancing and anti-hacks to be good, but id rather just play dystopia (a free multiplayer hl2 mod)
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Crysis 2
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