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Knight of Gods

PostSubject: PORTAL 2   Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:32 am

ever since valve revealed portal 2 ive been giddy like a schoolgirl (i think they revealed at the last E3)

sooooo EXCITED only a few more WEEKS WOOPPAAA

i preordered it like 2 days after they let you preorder it


thats not even all the videos valves released
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PostSubject: Re: PORTAL 2   Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:21 am

Heres a playlist of every new portal 2 feature as well as most of the stuff valve officially released, some of it has been removed, i dont know why (infact that playlist is supposed to be private now, which is why the link looks the way it does, to bypass the private)
Heres the normal link (which is private as of right now)

I think there will be more gels in the game, the only 2 gels seen so far are speed (orange liquid) and repulsion (blue liquid)
The gel can go through portals (i think everything that can move, including light (like lasers), can go through portals)

You can buy Portal 2 right now for 10% off ($44), and it comes with a free copy of portal 1, so if you havent played the first one (wtf is wrong with you) you can play it easily now
Portal 2 will have co-op multiplayer so its worth buying
It will also be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 (priced at $60) the PS3 version also lets you play the PC version (but you have to be signed into steam to play it on PS3, which means that you cant play it on PS3 and PC at the same time, so its really just 1 copy of the game that you get twice for different platforms)
The PC and PS3 version can play online with eachother, but the 360 version cant

I also recommend that you play half life 1 if you havent already
Portal and Portal 2 take place in the half life universe
Aperture Science is Black Mesa's rival (Black Mesa is from half life 1), the game is even more enjoyable if you know everything about Black Mesa

Portal is based on a game called Narbacular Drop:
Valve hired some of the students that made that game to work on Portal
Narbacular Drop isnt as good as portal but is worth playing if you loved Portal alot and need something to fill the void before Portal 2 comes out
The gel in Portal 2 is based on a game called Tag: The Power of Paint:
Again by students from digipen, some hired by valve
Tag is definitely worth playing (its short)
Theres a 3rd paint (gel) in Tag that i beleive may be in Portal 2 but hasnt been showed off, the paint (gel) that lets you stick to walls (the other 2 paints in tag have been revealed to be in Portal 2)
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Knight of Gods

PostSubject: Re: PORTAL 2   Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:10 pm

also pat if you buy 2 copies of portal 2 its 20% off ($39.99 each) - me and my bro did this
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PostSubject: Re: PORTAL 2   Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:52 pm

aww pat didn't like our post war game :'(
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PostSubject: Re: PORTAL 2   

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