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 Comedy Short

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PostSubject: Comedy Short   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:47 pm

So I'm thinking about making a comedy short like one of those 5mins things that's animated.

It's going to be about a problem that a guy with schizophrenia and multiple personalities has to face. The whole short is basically going to be the personalities fighting amongst themselves with a few twists and tricks in it.
It's going to be a more intellectual film, but also a comedy. Not sure what it's going to be poking fun at yet or what the animations will look like but I'm planning on keeping it around 5-8 mins and I'm not even sure as to what program i'll be using, but most likely Adobe After Effects Cs3 or Cs5.

(its going to be like motel-8 the movie, the horror one, except comedic and not horror, and unrealistic) But it will also be different in the sense that I do not want to just be poking fun at the situation and certainly not the disorder. I'm going to be poking fun at some kind of theme of finding beauty in nature, political propaganda, some idea that I create or have learned about. Most certainly nothing romantic.

If you want to post names, character ideas, story ideas, anything. Good idea bad idea. It's really a place for some constructive criticism.

*Also if your curious how long it will take, don't ask, I'm going to finish this though because I actually want to, it's an idea I've wanted to complete for a while now.
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PostSubject: Re: Comedy Short   Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:06 am

This is the best idea ive heard from you

But 5-8 mins probably wont be long enough to convey all the ideas youve put here

Multiple personalities
How many will there be
Youll have to develop each one or else they will just be stereotypical
The more there are the more time needed for each

Intellectual, comedic, and unrealistic
You can have intelligent comedy (social/political satire, what you were talking about with poking fun at beuty in nater and political propaganda), unrealistic intelligence (sci-fi), unrealistic comedy (outlandish situations), or comedic intelligence (like sheldon from the big bang theory)
Now all of those types could go together in such a short time span, but it would take some damn good writing to pull it off well
Combine that with the character development i was talking about above and its even harder

You seem to want to have more then 1 character, but i think developing just the main character will be hard enough in such a short time span that any significant side characters just wouldnt work

At this point the only thing i suggest is to give yourself more then 8mins, and/or maybe scale the idea down a bit
You may have a more concise version in your head, but from what i read here it seems like your trying to do too much, especially for your first animation project
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PostSubject: Re: Comedy Short   Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:57 pm

AmAzIn[G] wrote:
*Also if your curious how long it will take, don't ask, I'm going to finish this though because I actually want to, it's an idea I've wanted to complete for a while now.
How long will it take?

It seems like you always "want to do something" that involves school-like work. Could this be a project, by any chance?
If not, make it school inappropriate!

The Mathematical Formula for Succeeding in Comedy:
Inappropriate = Good
I²na²p³r²te = God (Notice I canceled out one o),


I = You (aka AmAzIn[G] aka AmAzIn[G]22 aka Anon#### aka AMAAZ aka The Nameless Chatangoer)
n = nomorholywar
a = Achilles + 0.42 = Achilles.42 (Notice Achilles is a variable which is always followed by a constant of .42)
p = Pat1487 (Like Achilles, Pat is also a variable. Instead of adding .42, you must multiply by a constant of 1487)
r = radius of your character (If more than one character, add them together)
t = time (This goes back to my original question of "How long will it take?")
e = mc²
God = To find God, you must use KnightOfGodz (Underscores are ignored in The Mathematical Formula for Succeeding in Comedy) and solve for God

If you can get all but one of these variables, you will successfully be able to solve for the best comedy short. Based on my experiences, you will need to solve for I, since it is often difficult to find yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Comedy Short   

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Comedy Short
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