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 Nation States

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PostSubject: Nation States   Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:44 pm

idk if it technically qualifies as a game, but there's a cool site nationstates where you can make your own lil country, with a fair amount of settings, like what type of people founded your country and such, then you answer 1-14 issues a week (depending on what you set it after you make your country)

and as the weeks go by and you answer more and more issues, your economy and population will fluctuate, along with other stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Nation States   Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:02 pm

I wouldnt really classify it as a game
But then i wouldnt know what to call it

Its basically something you can do for 1-5mins once a day depending on how much time and thought you put into the issues it gives you, and how seriously you take it

It gives you an issue to answer every 24 hours (every 12 hours if you change the settings to give you 2 issues a day) and w/e you pick gets reflected on your nation within 12 hours

You can also join the world assembly (its like the united nations of the real world) where you vote on a legislation once every 4 days
I have no idea what impact the votes have on your nation though
You have to apply and be accepted to be in it, but i think they will accept anyone, but it takes about a day to be accepted

You can design a flag, come up with a motto, and some other stuff to customize your nation

Theres not much to it but its surprisingly entertaining in a way that i cant really describe
You would think a game about answering 1 question every 12 hours would suck and have nothing appealing to it, but it does

My nation is
Im still working on the flag, and i still havent come up with a motto lol
Theres a 12kb file size limit on the flag, so making a good, highquality one is difficult (i actually had to compress the one that is currently up because the original image was 14kb)

If you make or made one post your nation here
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Nation States
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