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 Delete Map Command

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PostSubject: Delete Map Command   Wed May 26, 2010 3:23 pm

Pat, you should give a couple of people access to the delete command function... the bot is getting more and more maps every day and some people have never played the games they put on the bot. giving access to the del map command would clear out some of the terrible maps, broken maps, and older versions of maps
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PostSubject: Re: Delete Map Command   Wed May 26, 2010 4:00 pm

The bot deletes multiple versions of maps, as well as the ones people dl if they arent played enough, at least thats how i intended it to work

Deleting alternate versions of maps doesnt always work properly, it may detect the wrong version, or a version that doesnt work as the newest

And it will only delete maps that were dled from the !dlmap cmd, it wont even consider maps that ive added to it
So if you dl a newer version of a map that i added it wont detect theres multiple versions

Theres no error checking, no msgs to the user about what maps already exist or when the maps are deleted, and its glitchy
Its badly coded to be honest
I usually dont leave bad code like that, but i tacked it on back when i said people were dling alot and i put it together in like 10 mins

I dont intend to update the bot anymore, so its going to stay the way it is until i take the bot down
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Delete Map Command
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