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 READ FIRST: What is Abuse?

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PostSubject: READ FIRST: What is Abuse?   Mon May 25, 2009 11:57 pm

Abuse is the use of power from a shammy or bot position where that use of power was not justified.
The use of power includes anything that is possible for you to do in your position

Examples of abuse (this list is in order from severe abuse to minor abuse and does not include all forms of abuse):

  • Using power to damage the clan in any way, externally or internally
  • Using power to circumvent purposely enforced bot limitations, such as but not limited to: talking through the bot, making the bot ignore people, making the bot designate someone, making the bot leave the channel, or flooding the bot so that it logs off on purpose
  • Using power to disrupt the channel/games
  • Using power on others with power
  • Using power to show that you have power
  • Using power just because your bored, or because you can
  • Using power when loosing at a game
  • Using power when someone disagrees with your opinion or position on a topic
  • Using power to annoy
  • Using power as a joke

Tip: Adding a reason to all your /kick /ban and !ban can help you immensely during an abuse report

Times when you can use power:

  • When someone is spamming
  • When someone is excessively using capital letters
  • When someone provokes you, or attempts to start a fight in the channel, as long as you have not given them reason to retaliate or argue
  • When you ask someone to speak the clan language (english) and they refuse in the clan language (english)
  • When someone is being excessively annoying
  • When you have solid proof that someone is cheating or hacking
  • When someone with power is abusing power, you can use your power to attempt to stop them
  • When someone goes against the rules stated before the start of a game, as long as the stated rules are reasonable within the context of the map being played
  • When someone disrupts the channel by saying lyrics, or carrying on a conversation in the channel that has nothing to do with the main conversation of the rest of the channel
  • When someone squelches you, and then taunts you with the fact that your squelched
  • When someone is afk for an incredibly long time, or if the game cannot continue unless that afk person dies, or kicked if there is no -kill cmd

Tip: Give at least 2 warnings before using power against someone

Do not post abuse reports that are an attempt to just get someone in trouble or that are just a joke, if you do, all of your future abuse reports will be ignored for at least a month
Do not post an abuse report for being kicked just once
Do not post abuse reports without sufficient evidence of abuse
Any one can post an abuse report, including people with power
Only abuse that have reports in this forum will be considered as abuse

The penalty for abuse depends on how bad the abuse was, how many abuse reports that have been made against you, and how many warnings about abuse you have, penalties can be anything between a warning to a complete banishment from everything related to the clan permanently
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READ FIRST: What is Abuse?
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