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 Gotta click fast - WC3 Mazing #mildlyinteresting

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PostSubject: Gotta click fast - WC3 Mazing #mildlyinteresting   Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:28 pm

The premise of this post might maybe sort of apply only to those who move the screen with arrow keys in wc3 aot using your mouse

Hey, acquaintances of my wc3 days and forumspace I've lurked for years/whoever still checks in here occasionally. Awhile back I had the idea to make an auto right-clicker for mazing because wrist problems (actually developed pretty nasty right wrist issues because of the strain put on by mazing, ha, ha. no pain no gain), but no programming knowledge. Fast forward to computer science major and walah, auto right clicker. Truly a testament to my programming prowess. The point of interest here is that mazing is wildly easier if you don't have to spam right click constantly, at least for me, I guess. Started going back to old mazes, completely out of practice, and beating them for the first time. It totally takes some of the sense of accomplishment out of it, but if this was available back in the mazing days, I would've loved to see how it might've elevated the mazing scene, skill-wise and maze development-wise. Anyway. I know you most of you guys weren't mazeaholics like myself, but, too bad here you go.

It's an auto hot key (.AHK) script ported to an exe. If you're concerned for the livelihood of your pc's, I have the "code" used below. If you dgaf, you can just chance it with the link to the exe. Run as administrator if it doesn't work in game for you. This is getting more and more trustworthy, isn't it. Razz Press Esc to exit the script.

EXE file:



 i = 10
 while GetKeyState("RButton","P")
   SendEvent {RButton}
   sleep 50

You'd need to dl/install autohotkey to be able to run a file like this (.ahk). For the uninitiated, you'd paste this code into notepad, save it as file.ahk, where "file" is any name you desire. Then, if autohotkey is installed, you can just run that file and walah.

Last edited by hoffmann on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:31 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : i hate m's)
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Gotta click fast - WC3 Mazing #mildlyinteresting
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