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 Pokemon Omicron/Zeta

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PostSubject: Pokemon Omicron/Zeta   Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:36 pm

Pokemon Omicron/Zeta is a free fan made pokemon game that is really well made

Heres a gameplay video of some of the stuff in the first area

The game only works in 4:3 and feels very much like an old pokemon game updated with all the new systems that the newer pokemon games have added

It has all 649 pokemon from red and blue to black and white (all of them are collectable)
It has an interesting story involving your mom actually doing something and terrorism
It has a rival that you want to hate
It has quests/puzzles that you have to figure out on your own, harder than the ones in a normal pokemon game (for example, in that video i did the museum part thinking i would get a rune for that hole in that cave, i checked the bookcases and even the plants in that museum looking for that rune, didnt find it, have no idea what to do in that cave)
Its as close to the pokemon game that ive been wanting for years

You can download it for free here:
The direct link to the dl that i got is here:

Theres also sprite packs and other image mod packs that improve the graphics quality of a lot of the sprites in game
But i like the old feeling of fire red so i didnt get those
The one i would get if i were to use one would be this one:
As it keeps the design of the original while just smoothing it out

You can also trade and battle with others online, though i havent tried it yet
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Omicron/Zeta   Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:57 pm

i started playing this but didn't get far. i think it's pretty cool and there's also
which is still in alpha i think
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Pokemon Omicron/Zeta
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