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 Goblins Vs Gnomes Deck Ideas

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PostSubject: Goblins Vs Gnomes Deck Ideas   Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:01 am

Trying to make Voltron work:;87:2;92:2;131:2;244:1;280:2;284:2;286:2;364:2;382:2;385:2;471:2;550:2;557:2;12190:1;12181:2;7746:1;
Is normal miracle rogue but has mimron and 2x annoy-o-trons + conceal for the kill combo, they survive against everything except double aoe or shadowflame/equality combo so it can summon voltron for you and deal 64 damage on your turn

Deathrattle Druid:;34:2;237:1;329:1;386:2;396:1;459:2;498:1;548:2;620:2;633:2;683:2;7737:2;12187:1;12200:2;12191:2;12175:2;7749:2;
I wanted this to have mech synergy too but it looked like it sucked so i dropped it for sylvanas, cairne, black knight, the zombie chows and sludge belchers
Seems strong to me, cant fit druid of the claw

Pure random Randuin;80:2;212:2;245:1;251:1;301:2;425:2;438:2;495:1;12177:2;12183:1;12187:1;12193:2;12191:2;12175:2;12176:2;682:1;12198:2;
Every card either generates a random card/minion or has a random effect

I also made a control priest, but it turned into just standard control priest with shrinkmeister in it, the only card from the new expansion was shrinkmeister so it doesnt really count
Most decks that i thought of were like that, where theres like 1 card from the new expansion that makes an existing deck type better

I cant make a mech synergy deck that looks good, need to see more of the cards before trying to make a deck like that
Post any ideas you guys have for decks with the new cards here
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Deck Ideas   Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:05 am

imma edit this to have more later, but for now i didnt know who voltron was and mb other ppl dont as well
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Deck Ideas   Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:20 pm

Now that all the cards have been revealed we can make decks with all the info so heres so ideas i came up with
These decks are in the first draft and would need play testing to clean them up (some are just fun gimmicks that wont work)


Just a normal control priest using the new cards, im not satisfied with it but wont know how good something like shadowboxer is until i actually use it
Seems worse than current standard control priest

Inner Spirit v4:
I have to try to make a divine spirit/inner fire deck whenever new cards are released just to see if it can work
I finished this deck, looked over it and thought to myself, no no no, this is all wrong, im thinking about this as if we still need to do it the old way so i made another, probably better, version of this

Modern Inner Spirit:
This uses the newer stealth minions as targets for the combo, it also has a 1 turn kill combo (32 dmg) with 6 cards (gnomregan infantry + power word*2 + divine spirit*2 + inner fire) for 10 mana which is really unlikely but not impossible
It also has card draw to actually draw it so i feel like if this combo can work this deck should be the deck that makes it work
Black knight is there to clear a taunt for a killing blow
Lightwell is there to take an inner fire if i draw it early, though after playing this deck and figuring out what works and what doesn i think lightwell will be the first card i cut
If you are wondering why gilblin instead of tiger if we are trying to combo hp into attack, tiger is just another dead card when drawn early where as gilblin at least functions as a 2/3 in the early game


Mech Rouge:
I wanted mimron, galywix, and gazlowe in this deck and thought there would be enough space but gazlowe requires a good amount of deck space with the 1 mana spells you have to include
It ended up being a mess, in the end i didnt even fit galywix in, i think making a deck around 1 of those legendaries would work, but all 3 in the same deck was just too ambitious theres no space for card draw, auctioneer doesnt really work with gazlowe
I just aborted it while trying to fit everything so that was the last version, ill probably go back to this idea once we can actually play with the mech cards to see how good they actually are
Right now im just adding mech cards without knowing how good they are because they seem cool
Gazlowe seems to be the main issue that turned this into a mess, gazlowe really needs its own deck it conflicts with auctioneer (since you dont want to spend cheap spells) and mimron (since you want to use conceal on mimron and the annoy o trons to get voltron but also want to use conceal on gazlowe for more mech draws)

Gazlowe's Mechanical Army:
This deck is way better than the last one, actually has a focus
Spare parts cost 1 mana too so the technician contributes to gazlowes mech army
Probably should cut something to fit blade flurry, also might not be aggressive enough to win against control decks as it has no single target removal


Death Machine:
Deathrattle mech hybrid
Probably worse than zoo, though with the soulfire nerf zoo might not be as good anymore
Could be good, i have no idea

This probably sucks since its basically just the old demonlock with malganis and demonheart which i dont think is enough to make it viable
I put 1 demonfire and 1 demonheart in as a way to test (if i play this deck that would be the starting deck) whichever one does better would get 2 copies of and the other would be cut
The argus is in there because felgaurd is the only demon with natural taunt and i still think felgaurd sucks even in a demon deck, so argus gives it a taunt
The summoning portal is in there because i think it could work and would want to test it (again would need to play the deck)


Machines Cant Die:
Another deathrattle/mech hybrid, probably way better
Card draw is kindve an issue though, i feel like this will dump its hand pretty quickly so jeeves could work as draw, maybe
I dont think its better than current hunter though but should be more fun

Beast Control:
I dont know how good this will be, it seems bad too me, all the high cost beasts suck (other then highmane/gahzrilla) so its almost impossible to make a beast control deck
Also call pet sucks, was going to put it here just because its a beast deck but realized how many spells + non beasts the deck had and figured it will just be a 2 mana draw a card
The archer is there to buff gahzrilla or to combo with hunters mark
I dont think this deck will be good


So the goal of this deck is to play iron juggernaught 3 times (with pandas) to put 3 mines in their deck so that they take 30 damage from drawing them
The rest of the deck stalls long enough to hopefully have them draw all the mines
Thats all it does, it doesnt try to win, it only wants them to draw those 3 mines lol
I think it could be fun and if i get the cards for it i will def play it


Gazlowe's Secret "Tactics"
This might be the dumbest deck idea ive ever had, but its also hilarious if it works
If gazlowe dies/is silenced you just lose the game as hes the only source of playable minions

I also made a bunch of mech decks for each class (except shaman), but they are all basically the same, just look at gazlowes mechanical army and they are all that (the same mech minions) with class mechs and class spells instead of rogue stuff (and obviously no gazlowe so its a more normal deck)
As an example, heres the druid mech deck i made:
See how similar they are lol, i think all mech decks will have the same neutral mechs just because they are way better than any of the others

I didnt make any shaman decks because im still annoyed by the murloc thing
I refuse to make a modern shaman murloc deck because blizzard basically built that deck for us so theres no point

And i started making a pally buff deck, with quatermaster, but there wasnt really enough to fill that in
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Deck Ideas   

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Goblins Vs Gnomes Deck Ideas
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