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 Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion

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PostSubject: Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion   Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:44 pm

Info on the new expansion came out:
Release date is set for next month (way sooner than i expected)

Gameplay video

They are adding a new minion type called "Mech" (which unlike "Dragon" actually has a purpose similar to murlocs), a bunch of new cards, and a spectator mode (finally)

I was going to go through and talk about all the cards they showed, like i did with nax, but there are too many to talk about
You can see a full list of cards that have been revealed here:

In the gameplay video you can see stuff they havent announced yet:
A 3/2 minion with windfury which wasnt moused over but looks interesting
Ogre's Warmaul which is a 4/2 weapon for 3 mana that has a 50% chance of hitting the wrong enemy

The cards that look like neutral spells are actually "Spare Parts" which you can only get from the minions with the "Spare Parts" keyword in the card text (the one you get is random, they are kindve like dream cards), so while something like Finicky Cloakfield looks brokenly OP (allowing you to turn any class into an effective miracle deck with auctioneer) you cant actually guarantee getting that 1

They are adding too many random effects imo, 13 of these 37 cards have some random effect to them (3 of those are mage specific), and theres probably even more in the other cards that we havent seen (like ogre's warmaul)

This one is especially random:

Like seriously, any minion in the game, wtf, thats stupid

Heres a few cards that i really like and think are really needed and/or will be used often:

A card that lets you use cabal shadow priest on 3 and 4 attack minions (they should stay yours even after the attack returns to normal) is amazing
It also lets you use shadow word pain on 4 attack minions, and shadow madness (though probably not as useful) on 4 and 5 attack minions
And it still has standard stats for a 2 cost minion
It might be OP

A vanilla 3/4 for 3 fills a spot that has needed to be filled for awhile, a solid pick in arena against many other common early game cards

Deathrattles that summon minions are the best cards in the game cause it gives the enemy 2 things to deal with and is relatively safe from big aoe, the randomness of this deathrattle will more often than not be good for you, theres no downside to it, even if you get lorewalker cho, the worst possible outcome, you can still potentially steal spells
Its high health also makes it tough to kill without instant removal so i think many control decks will add this in

Again, same thing as above for both of these, the stats for cost suck and is easily killed, but the random minion that replaces it should make it worth it allowing them to trade 2 for 1 in most cases
6 mana might be too expensive, but the 4 mana one should definitely be used a lot (maybe as much as harvest golem is)
A deathrattle deck will be even more OP with these cards unless they nerf undertaker

Im going to start saving gold now so that i can buy a bunch of the new packs when it comes out and hopefully get most of the cards
Going to update my post in the "what cards do you have left thread" as new cards come out that i want asap, you guys should do the same
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion   Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:16 pm

I was going to make a post like i did with Nax where i talked about each card
I was going to only talk about class cards since there are too many cards to talk about all of them and i figured there wouldnt be too many of those, but it turns out most of the expansion is class cards so that wasnt going to work

This is as far as i got with that before giving up:

On december 2nd we should end up seeing all the cards (they should be adding GvG content on the 2nd and it will be datamined so we should be able to see everything)
December 9th is probably the day it will be available to play
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion   Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:07 pm

Class legendaries look fun, cept hunter and pally. Mage legendary is also pretty weak, it looks fun though. I think ida craft myself the druid legendary. All neutrals seem mech oriented which is kinda boring
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion   Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:45 pm

The release date is set to December 8th, so i was pretty close, actually really glad its the 8th since i wont be on during the 9th

Bacon wrote:
All neutrals seem mech oriented which is kinda boring

There are 51 nuetral cards:

Of those only 20 are of the mech type and only 3 of those have specific effects that require other mechs
All total only 6 of the nuetrals interact with mechs in some way so its no where close to "all", and of those 6 id say only 4 are boring
Theres actually more class cards that interact with mechs than nuetrals spread out across all the classes (9 class cards total)

Together theres only 15 mech specific cards out of 117 total cards
Most of the mech cards have other effects that arent mech related, they just happen to be mechs because it would be more boring for them to have no tag
And the effects some of those 15 cards have on mechs would be OP if you could use them on any minion, some are already pretty OP even with the mech restriction like Junkbot, Upgraded Repair Bot, Screwjank Clunker, Metaltooth Leaper, and Powermace
So i think a new classification for minions is good, id rather see them expand on dragons instead but this is fine

Also i think hunter legendary is fun, pyro or archer your own guy to buff its attack, should be a lot of fun in my unorthodox hunter (which i will change to be more of a normal control deck if i get the cards i want for it)
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion   Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:06 pm

The expansion launched today, i did 2 arenas, 7-3 and 4-3
The first deck i thought would suck as it had no late game (and no removal) but went 7-0 then i got 3 priests in a row, each one having the same opening of northshire cleric+power word shield
The 2nd deck had almost no early game and lost pretty quickly, though it had amazing late game but i just couldnt make it there
In both drafts i didnt get late/early game options, like the first draft never gave me a card that cost 6 or more, and the 2nd draft only had 3 2's which i picked all of

I also opened 25 packs (27 actually, was planning to use that 200 on more arena, but i really wanted to make all new decks and play constructed so i just got 2 extra)

Only 1 legendary, a pretty normal, almost vanilla legendary, its not bad enough to dust but not good enough to play really
25 packs was enough for almost all the common cards, still missing a lot of rares, and theres actually not that many epics that i want, i got one of the ones i wanted right away (bouncing blades) so im probably just going to craft legendaries starting with sneed's old shredder

Will post about cards and balance changes later
But overall the expansion is pretty fun, unstable portal is still dumb but its funny when you get jaraxxus
Ive used portal 5 total times and 2 of those times i got a legendary out of it
Im afraid to play against someone else using portal now because karma will make it so everyone gets the perfect legendary when they are against me
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PostSubject: Re: Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion   

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Goblins Vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion
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