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 Unusual decks that actually work

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PostSubject: Unusual decks that actually work   Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:23 am

Now that hunter is gone the meta has shifted toward control, so ive made 2 creative decks for the current control meta
1 of them is an old deck that i updated and the other is... well... insane

Unorthodox Unchained

This is my old favorite hunter deck updated with nax cards and with new legendaries that i got
It plays almost exactly like it used to, it counters handlock control warrior and druid, struggles a bit against shaman and the new deathrattle priest but still works pretty well
Its weak to cards that summon cards upon death, like harvest golem, egg, and cairne, i want to fit silence in to help with that but idk what to cut

The goal is to keep the board clear at all times while simultaneously drawing cards and dealing 5 dmg per turn to their face through the weapon/hero ability (though i dont need to deal that damage, i will use the weapon to clear minions if i need to), with some heavy hitting/hard to remove minions at the end for insurance

Auctioneer only needs to draw 2 cards to be worth it, its not like miracle rouge where you need to draw your deck, though the board will always be clear so auctioneer lives through the turn a lot and i have drawn my deck many times so drawing the deck is a potential bonus but not required

Acolyte is like auctioneer light when played with pyro, i can easily draw 3 cards off both

Snipe may as well read "Add +1 durability to your weapon and/or draw a card" i dont really care what it does beyond that, though i will try to play it at a time where i think it will kill something like a drake, i would replace it with misdirection but snipe is incredibly good against aggro and theres still some aggro around, i might replace 1 snipe with 1 misdirection

Shut up and Draw

I wanted to make a wailing soul deck, started it, confirmed that there wasnt enough stuff to put into a wailing soul deck, so i filled in the rest with mill cards for some crazy fun, then i played it and wow, it wrecks most control decks and can hold its own against aggro, it performed well above and beyond what i expected
The only time i loose in the current meta is against the new deathrattle priest, that matchup favors the priest because i have no wrath

The goal is to pretend to be an old school watcher druid that added wailing soul to the mix, then after theyve used their own source of card draw mill the crap out of them, even if that doesnt work out i can be pretty aggressive, the only bad draw is oracle/panda/naturalize at the start

Swords is weird in a deck that silences its own stuff and also wants to mill, generally i only silence the swords against aggro or if i play them early against control

The game goes into fatigue a lot so 1 lore is almost always used for healing, and the healing touch helps with fatigue too

I dont know if force/savage fits this deck, i always include it in my druid decks by default, but i rarely need it (and the times where i could win with it i have more fun just milling them to death anyway) i feel like replacing them with 2 wraths would be better but im just going to leave it for now

Do you guys have any unusual decks, i feel like now that theres less aggro we can be more creative with deck creation and have them actually work
So post any weird decks youve made that are good
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PostSubject: Re: Unusual decks that actually work   Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:47 pm

Ive been making a bunch of different gimmicky decks just for fun, most of them suck, but for some reason druid seems to be the best for this kind of thing
So heres a few silly/fun druid decks that dont suck

Shut up and Draw 2.0

We had like 3 or 4 days where the meta was control heavy back in september when i made the original deck, then people realized hunter didnt even need buzzard and aggro came back Sad
I didnt give up on this deck though, i really like the idea and its a lot of fun to play so i changed it up to try to make it work better in an aggro meta

I cut the dancing swords, after using them for awhile they just suck, they were left over relics from the mill half of the deck, i replaced them with 2 deathlords at first which was great vs aggro but devastating against control, basically i cant play deathlord against a control deck because i have no good way to fix it when they pull something amazing and i cant rely on silencing them every game
I basically just wait to play it until i can silence it or if i think i can silence it before they are able to kill it
Having 2 dead cards like that against those matchups was too much even with the insane card draw the deck has so i cut 1 for mind control tech

MC Tech is really good vs aggro and can help a lot in those control games where i lost control, people rarely play around it, and 1 deathlord isnt usually a disaster in control games (i just wont play it unless i have wailing soul in hand) and will carry me in aggro games

I cut healing touch too, again its a card left over from the mill half with the idea of "ill need to heal during the fatigue wars" but that almost never happens and when it does its not even needed so i replaced it with mark of nature, it lets me activate watchers or buff something to suddenly change the math to get a good trade, it also works well with the black knight if i need it to remove something
I also dropped 1 sunfury for 1 defender of argus, i noticed that 2 sunfurys rarely helped vs aggro and argus is better vs control so i switched it around to see how it played and i think its better

Overall i think the deck is much better, it can actually beat hunter and other aggro, i just need watchers, some activation for the watchers and/or deathlord, sometimes i can get away without those with innervate or swipe
The deck still counters control very hard
Im still trying to shove wrath in there, the only things i would cut are 1 argus and 1 panda for them but i dont really want to cut those
I cant really play druid anymore because its level 60 now so i probably wont change it again, at least not until the expansion comes out

Cliff Druid

I just wanted to use alarmobot and made an extreme ramp druid for it
I was surprised with how often alarmobot actually works

Games with this deck are pretty much just me playing a huge guy and the enemy killing it in increasingly expensive ways until he just burns himself out and cant continue, its actually kindve boring if the game gets to that because im not actually making plays or any real decisions, just keep throwing big guys out until they run out of answers

Alarmobot can do some pretty amazing things though and is where most of the fun comes from, there have been several games where i turn 1 innervate alarmobot with a ysera or rag for the alarmobot to pull and it ends up working out for a turn 2 huge minion, its happened enough times for me to say its not just a fluke its a legit combo for this deck

Even if alamobot doesnt work out i have swipe/keeper/wrath/mountain giant to carry the early game, aggro is still difficult, sometimes i get a hand where the only option is to concede because ill have ysera rag and kel or something

Bush Rape

So i had 2 quests, druid or rogue dominance and the meek shall inherit, the sensible thing to do would to make backspace rogue but that seemed boring so i made murloc druid instead for it

I expected to lose a bunch of times, but at least complete the meek quest fairly quickly
But instead i kept getting put vs hunter and while they did the usual deathrattle thing i was just hitting them in the face forcing them to trade into my stuff
I got matched vs the standard hunter 8 times in a row, won all 8 games before it started matching me against other decks
Once i got matched against control decks i saw how bad this deck was, i started losing to 1 taunt minion, so i swapped 1 murloc raider out for black knight and suddenly it was winning even against control

It feels weird to play to me, i dont normally play aggro so i dont like just hitting the face but that seems to be the best way to play it
Its silly but fun when the murloc synergy actually works, boring when it doesnt
If i had a 2nd murloc warleader id replace 1 keeper for the other warleader
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Unusual decks that actually work
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