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 Naxxramas Released

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PostSubject: Naxxramas Released   Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:15 pm

So nax came out yesterday, i didnt make a post about it then because i was too busy playing it, the last heroic fight took longer than i thought then i had to go for awhile

The normal campaign was pretty easy, i used a gimicky priest stealing deck for the first one, but the 2nd one was too fast for that deck so i switched to my normal shaman deck for the rest of them
I was disappointed that there wasnt more dialog during the battles, it feels like the tutorial had more dialog then this adventure has had so far, because there wasnt much dialog there isnt really a story

The class challenges were really fun im really looking forward to the other ones

Heroic mode is surprisingly difficult, the first 2 i used my normal decks for, once i figured out which class was the best against which hero those werent too bad, but the last 1 was crazy hard, i had to go through like 5 different custom decks before i got something that worked, i dont get why its so hard yet the only reward you get from it is a card back, most people wont do it since they wont get anything for it
The card back you get from beating the whole thing is this:

Which i dont think is worth the trouble of heroic mode, im going to do it anyway because its fun and i dont really care about rewards but still it would be nice to get an actual reward
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PostSubject: Re: Naxxramas Released   Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:46 am

So wing 2 came out 3 days ago, here has been my experience so far

Ive been waiting 15 mins, i guess the servers are just overloaded, it should clear up any minute now

One hour later

Well shit, i guess i should contact support about... oh wait, no one will be there to answer it because its 4am
A 3am release time was a great idea

1 day later
Well they havent responded to my ticket so i guess i should get in a live chat

Quote :
This is the latest response from Customer Support:
Salutations Patrick,

This is a quick recap of what we were able to talk about today during our chat.  I do see that the ticket that you previously submitted about this issue is still in line to be looked into on our end.  In the meantime I really am not able to cancel or push through (it either has to fail or confirm on its own) but I can assure you we are looking into it.  There is a forum post for this ( though that is being updated with information.  

I am glad I was able to help address this issue for you today and if you have any others do not hesitate to let us know.

What does the “Answered” status mean?
- A ticket in “Answered” status means that a Customer Support representative has provided an answer to your ticket.

What can I do next?
- You can click “Need More Help” in-game, after you view the in-game response.
- Or, you can choose the “I still have a problem” option on the ticket detail page. Please note that if you choose this option, your in-game ticket will be converted into a web ticket. It will no longer be viewable in game, but will be visible on the Blizzard Customer Support web site instead.
This is the email i got after the live chat

In the live chat i asked if they could cancel or push my order through, he said he couldnt and we would have to wait for it to auto resolve, i didnt believe him because that cant be true they must have the ability to cancel queued orders, not being able to do that makes no sense, so i pushed harder for him to cancel it but he kept saying he couldnt and i couldnt get anywhere, so i asked how long would it take to auto fail and he wouldnt tell me (i later found out that its supposed to be 72 hours, it will be 72 hours 3 hours from now so i will check then but i dont have hope cause people in the EU with this problem have said the 72 hour thing is BS)

When i first found out about the 72 hour thing i figured id just give it 72 hours and only do the bare minimum of dailies so that the quest log has space for new ones so i havent contacted them again

3 days later

If its not fixed by tomorrow im going to bitch at them in live chat, idc if it doesnt go anywhere or if they cant do anything, im just going to waste their time complaining/playing dumb while i wait for my geese in archeage to produce feathers for arrows

And speaking of archeage, a game i can actually play
Ill have a post up about it tomorrow or sunday
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Naxxramas Released
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