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 Top 10 OP Hearthstone Cards

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PostSubject: Top 10 OP Hearthstone Cards   Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:40 pm

So with the release of nax coming tomrrow and since blizzard has said none of the cards currently in the game are going to be changed at the release of nax, i thought i should make a list of overpowered cards and see how (if at all) the addition of nax cards changes them

Some of these cards we will agree on being OP and some we wont agree on, this is all my opinion

10. Earthshock

When i first started playing i thought earthshock sucked, 1 mana 1 dmg and a silence (i thought owl and spellbreaker were better choices if i wanted silence since you get a minion from that too), but after i started using it i realized how powerful it is, it can be comboed with a a bit of spellpower to kill things that are normally tough to kill like scarlet crusader, harvest golem, and van cleef, and it straight up kills a twilight drake
Spell power can allow it to scale to do incredible things

9. Innervate

This breaks the normal flow of the game allowing you to bring a minion out 2 turns early, or lets you spend more mana then would normally be possible allowing stuff like force of nature + 2 savage roars for 22 damage in 1 turn

8. Shield Slam

This almost always does at least 7 damage with how much armor warriors get so if they can set it up, and its easy to set up especially when comboed with shield block, this can easily kill every minion except for stuff like ysera or malygos

7. Hunters Mark

This is another card that i thought sucked when i first started playing only to later realize (once i had wild pyromance) that it is brokenly OP as single target removal, easily the best single target removal in the game imo
Again it needs to be comboed with something else but its very easy to do

6. Eaglehorn Bow

This weapon can last the entire game and easily deal at least 15-18 damage over the course of a game in 3 dmg bursts, when comboed with your hero power you can deal lethal damage over 6 turns with it while the cards in your hand deal with the board, its amazing, it also keeps harrison jones from drawing too many cards if it does get destroyed

5. Shadowflame

So you might notice something about this list, 3 of the spots are taken by board clearing spells (the 3 best board clearing spells imo) and thats because board control is the main objective for most decks and if you have cards that can completely negate that by dealing so much aoe that you can fully clear the board it forces people to play with burst heavy decks

4. Equality

Same issue as shadowflame, but this requires less set up, mana, and is gaurenteed to clear the board, the reason the meta is so burst heavy today is because control pally was huge and people realized board control was pointless against them so everyone started making burst decks and its been like that ever since

3. Blade Flurry

Again, same thing as the 2 above, but this one is especially OP as it hits the enemy hero too, so assasins blade + 2x deadly poison + bladeflurry = 9 mana, 14 damage to face and 7 to all minions, its crazy, way better than shadowflame and the face damage makes it better than equality even though equality can deal more damage to minions

2. Leeroy Jenkins

The burst combos that leeroy allows to happen is way OP, 20-26 burst damage is easy for most classes due to a class buff card (or multiple) and faceless manipulator

1. Gagdetzan Auctioneer

Card drawing in card games is a very important mechanic, without card draw you wont have the cards you need and you will probably lose, but auctioneer breaks the concept of not having the cards you need by allowing you to draw way more than should be possible with 0 and 1 cost spells, it doesnt fit in every deck as not every deck has those low cost spells, but for those decks that do have them its brokenly powerful
The card text i wrote for the joke is for miracle rogues, but its also OP for other classes with low cost spells, ive been using it in my unorthadox hunter and its ridiculous
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Top 10 OP Hearthstone Cards
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