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 Spice and Wolf

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PostSubject: Spice and Wolf   Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:39 am

Spice and Wolf follows a wandering merchant, Lawrence, who has dreams of someday owning his own shop and his interactions with his new companion, the wolf goddess Holo.

Here's the more official blurb
myanimelist wrote:
The peddler Kraft Lawrence travels through the world selling all kinds of things. After visiting a village, he discovers a sleeping girl under the pelts in his cart. She has wolf ears and a tail. The wolf girl explains that she has been called a "god," but that her name is Holo and nothing more. Lawrence teases the girl a little, but after hearing more of her story, he is moved and decides to accompany her further north. On their travels the two have many adventures, often getting into trouble, but the bond between them grows stronger.

i couldnt find an OP with subs but it's still a good one so here

so, on pat's recommendation, i ended up making it through this show. i know that sounds bad but i really don't mean it badly -- part of the show is just how slowly it moves
overall, the story focuses on merchant-class adventures. there is occasionally a bit of action and, more than occasionally, some romantic stuff. i liked the show quite a bit

the things i liked most were:
the characters
at first, the trading related conflicts
the merchant dialogue
Holo being constantly hungover

the things i disliked were:
by the end, the trading related conflicts
the way the show gets emotional reactions at Lawrence and Holo's relationship (specifically when you're worried about it)

the strongest point of the show are the characters and the chemistry between them. even dubbed, this part of the show still was good. they are well thought out enough that they feel like people, and they're interesting enough that you want to learn their story

be prepared to see the same conflict quite a few times. the equation "{holo, lawrence} messes something up because they were {insert 7 sins} and then {lawrence, holo, lawrence & holo} has only {1hr, 24hrs, 1 week} to get {an unattainable amount of money} to fix everything or else {holo, lawrence} will be separated forever from {lawrence, holo}" gets rehashed way too many times. combined with how formulaic some of the arcs/towns were, the plot got a bit tired in places. this might not be fair though: i liked the merchant stuff, but maybe if i liked it even more than these conflicts would have seemed a bit more unique

the other thing i didn't like, the way it got emotional reactions, i've talked about before for other shows. the show sets a pattern for what kind of info you can expect to get as the audience. sorta separately, the show also teaches you about who the characters are and, a bit, how they'll react to certain things. when the show then occasionally changes that pattern and/or how those characters interact purely in order to get an emotional reaction it's really just tricking you. it told you how things were going to be but was, in fact, a lying slut who couldn't stop sleeping around with drama

hulu has both seasons and netflix has just the 2nd (but you shouldn't skip the first, you won't enjoy the 2nd nearly as much)
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Spice and Wolf
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