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PostSubject: Psycho-pass   Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:41 pm


Plot Summary:
The series takes place in the near future, when it is possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person's state of mind and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term "Psycho-Pass" refers to a standard used to measure an individual's being. The story centers around the "enforcement officer" Shinya Kougami, who is tasked with managing crime in such a world.

In the future, it is possible to quantitatively measure a person's emotions, desires, and every inclination. In this way, it is also possible to measure a person's criminal tendency factor, which is used to judge criminals.

This is the story of a team of policemen dedicated to maintaining public order. Some of them work in the Enforcement Division, responsible for the apprehension of criminals, while others belong to the Supervisory Division which oversees their colleagues in Enforcement.

Taken from:

This anime is incredibly good, its like if you mixed a bit of Dexter, a bit of Minority Report, a bit of Judge Dredd, and a bit of 1984 together this is what you would get
Im on episode 17 currently, so its too soon to say this is an amazing anime, but if it keeps going the way its been going it will be 1 of the best anime ive seen
Also that plot summary says "near future" when its not really "near", it has VR and AR with holograms
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PostSubject: Re: Psycho-pass   Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:01 pm

I planned to watch to episode 20 today, but then learned that the series only has 22 episodes (which is a really odd number to have) so i decided to just continue watching and finish it since there were only 2 left

Now that ive finished it i can say that it is amazing and i cant wait for season 2 in the fall
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PostSubject: Re: Psycho-pass   Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:14 pm

I think i watched 3-4 episodes of this a while back. I thought it had a lot of potential, but i felt the mini-plots had major holes that were ignored to add action. Also i'm not sure if i remember this right, but their guns were like the most ridiculous things iv ever seen. They take like 30 seconds to morph into like a hyper killing device that completely explodes the body of the target. Like, why not just use real guns and injure the victim so you can interrogate, conduct autopsy or search the body. FUCK THAT LETS BLOW THEM UP? Also taking 30 seconds to morph the gun seems KINDA IMPRACTICAL as the gun only morphs when there is danger.
But obviously the plot gets more develop, I imagine, later on.
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PostSubject: Re: Psycho-pass   Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:38 pm

They dont actually take 30 seconds to switch modes, they just showed the transformation sequence of it the first couple of times, like how all anime that has something that transforms shows a transformation sequence the first couple of times, it switches instantly later on

Also it explodes the body because thats how this societies justice system works, they are basically sentenced to execution on the spot by the system, there is a paralyzer mode for people that arent sentenced to execution, there are no courts or lawyers in this world anymore
Although i will agree that exploding the body is a bit overkill for an execution, but im willing to believe that this type of society would do something like that

And the first 4 episodes are pretty confusing, i could see how you would think there are holes, but i dont think there are
It took me until episode 12 to realize that a persons psycho-pass hue and a persons crime coefficient were 2 different things, where the hue was just a rough estimate of overall mental health that didnt always accurately represent a persons crime coefficient, which made everything make a lot more sense to me
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PostSubject: Re: Psycho-pass   

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