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 Best Intros!

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PostSubject: Best Intros!   Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:56 pm

I propose a top 5 best intros! I don't know if we already did this, but it needs to happen!
Here are mine!

5. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (1st intro)

I think this intro really represents well the series. Makes it seem like a huge adventure, with epic characters.

4. Band of Brothers

Now this intro just sets the tone for the entire show. Its epic and really stylized. Also it brings the feels.

3. Game of Thrones

One hell of an intro. When it starts, you either get a boner or your asexual.

2. Shaman King

This is a crazy ass intro for a kids show. Maybe i put it so high because of nostalgia value. I mean to me, this intro is the embodiment of Saturday morning cartoons.

1. Attack on Titan

This intro is like freaken perfect for an action show. I remember slayer telling me about this show a while back, so i checked the intro to see what it looked like and i was instantly sold. I mean there's so much shit going on in that intro, it's just awesome.

And now for the worst intro.
Magi: Kingdom of Magic
Before you watch it, i suggest you don't unless you are not planning on watching the show. The reason it's my worst intro, is not because the animation or music or anything really is bad. No, the reason is because this fucking intro spoils EVERYTHING. You see which characters are allies in the end, you see what happens to one of the characters and other stuff. YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO KNOW THIS STUFF YET, but they were like ''fuck that, let's just spoil everything''. It would have been a descent intro for like the next season, anyways...
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PostSubject: Re: Best Intros!   Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:46 pm

this is an awesome idea
wow the game of thrones intro is absolutely amazing. that hands down is the best intro ive ever seen. im gonna pretend it doesnt exist for my list though

least fave -> fave

5. monogatari
every arc (2-6 eps) has a new intro which fits really really well in with the arc. they usually don't give anything away about the arc but as the arc goes on the intro gets more and more meaning. because of this i only skipped the intro like 50% of the time which is a lot better than usual
there aren't any on youtube so youll have to just take my word that theyre like that

4. Attack on Titan
Bacon's right -- this is one of the best action anime intros ever

3. Bleach season 1

even though i've had a falling out with bleach in recent years, this will always remain one of my favorite intros

2. Mushishi

The song and texture animations perfectly match the anime itself. if this doesn't make you feel at peace nothin' will

1. Cowboy bebop

who does a jazz themed intro. fucking cowboy bebop

worst intro ever:
Log Horizon
the only actual vid with the english subs got copyrighted so its missing audio. i guess the solution is ill post 1 with no vid and audio and 1 with audio and no vid. click both really quick and maybe itll work

first one is video + subs
second is audio
I like the show but fuck, this intro is so bad.
even in the actual show, the subs for the japanese lyrics are just the english annunciations of the japanese vocals. this seems unhelpful but it's great if youre like me and hear through your fucking eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Best Intros!   Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:54 pm

i know digimon is probably not considered up to par with you guyzez anime. but i just wanna feel included
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PostSubject: Re: Best Intros!   Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:35 am

I fell like you would need to split this list by animes and non-animes
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PostSubject: Re: Best Intros!   Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:55 am

I like marks idea so im going to make a top 10 best anime openings, a top 3 worst anime openings, a top 10 best tv show openings, and a top 3 worst tv show openings

Top 10 Best Anime Openings

10. Persona 4 The Animation

So i started this list off by cheating, this opening is actaully for Person 4 the game, the anime has a different opening
When i thought of stuff to put on my list this came to my mind right away, but i forgot that the anime had a different opening, but since the anime follows the events of the game exactly and this opening is very much like an anime opening im going to put it here anyway
Deal with it

9. Blood + OP 3

I barely remember watching this anime, but this opening has stuck with me for some reason
Probably because of blue roses, the one thing ill never forget from this show was the blue roses it has, i cant explain it, i just like blue roses
I thought that i liked the idea of flowers being colors that they arent supposed to be, but no, its very specific, it has to be blue and the flower has to be a rose and i have no idea why
Anyway, the op itself is pretty good even without my crazy blue rose thing

8. High School of the Dead

This show started out great but quickly went down hill as the fanservice took center stage
The opening is really good though

7. Shigofumi

This song shouldnt work, its like trying to be 5 different songs at the same time but some how it pulls it off

6. Angel Beats

The song itself is pretty good, i especially like the piano, the visuals are kindve lacking though, but the main reason i like this so much is because of an interpratation i made, which would require spoiling part of the show to tell you

5. Higurashi

The flow of this opening, specifically the song, but also how it holds certain camera shots for too long is unsetteling to me, it fits the tone of the show incredibly well

4. Steins Gate

I was tempted to cheat again and put the OP to the Steins Gate visual novel here instead, but overall i think the anime OP is better, the visual novel OP does have some really good scenes though

3. Baccano

I love how scenes transition together, and the opening feels like its from the time period that the show takes place in

2. Attack on Titan

I wanted to avoid posting stuff that people already posted, but it really is a good opening

1. Mirai Nikki

This is the best opening to anything ever, there are so many details for you to notice once you finish watching the show
To be able to pull that off without spoiling anything is just amazing

Top 3 Worst Anime Openings

3. Bleach OP 3

Seren said he liked OP 1 the most, personally i like OP 2 more then 1, its just more nostalgic to me, but OP 3 is just boring
Really lazy and uninspired, the song isnt bad, at least until the end, but visually its just blah

2. Dokuro-chan

This literally drives you insane, i think its the "pipiru piru piru pipiru pi" part anytime i have to see this "pipiru piru piru pipiru pi" gets stuck in my head for several hours where it drowns out any rational thought
"pipiru piru piru pipiru pi" "pipiru piru piru pipiru pi" "PIPIRU PIRU PIRU PIPIRU PI" "PIPIRU PIRU PIRU PIPIRU PI" PIPIRU PIRU PIRU PIPIRU PI
And if that wasnt bad as the song goes on its like the singer forgets shes supposed to be singing ocasionally
And then to top it off, at the very end theres on more "pipiru piru piru pipiru pi" as a "oh yeah did you try to forget that part, well fuck you heres a reminder"

1. Moonphase

This tries so hard to be cute that the cuteness implodes in on itself and becomes creepy, you can see it becoming unstable at 40 seconds right before the implosion begins at 46 seconds, it struggles against the implosion as it goes, but the implosion is too powerful and its a black hole of creepiness by that final scene
And the lyrics are just wow, i dont even know how its possible to be that bad, you can tell they are bad without even knowing what they mean, but once you know what they mean, my god
You might think this shouldnt be #1 since it doesnt drive you insane like #2, but at least #2 has that insanity going for it, this just fails completely

And yes, i did watch moonphase and dokuro-chan, not all of it though, moonphase actually isnt that bad, no where near as bad as the OP, and dokuro-chan is just insane in general so the OP does fit the show, but it is pretty bad

Ill make the TV list later, its harder then i thought it would be since tv shows dont care as much about the opening as anime does, well not since like the mid 90s at least
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PostSubject: Re: Best Intros!   Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:13 pm

I split the list into two parts those being intros with words and without.

Game of Thrones

This intro just screams epic. The music and the way in which it you see every local getting built up is unique and gorgeous. The best part of this intro is how it changes. In season one it didn't change as much as it did in the later season, because of the limited change of local. But if you watch the intro it's like a preview of which characters you're going to encounter in this episode. O I forgot to mention how it changes. It's quite ingenious, so basically depending on where the episode goes you see that location being built up.


Regardless of the direction the show went, it's hard to deny the how clever the intro is. It's basically shows the entire concept of the show in it, a serial killer living amongst normal people.

Mad Man

I've only watched this first season of this show but it really works. It's visually stunning and the musics very befitting. This show is about the devolution of Don Draper and having the silhouette falling just works.


Another visual opening, there's a lot on these but this one just works. I don't know why I like it so much but the music is just great. I love the theme.

Doctor Who

I don't who if anyone here watches Doctor Who apart from me. There's something about this intro that just works, there must be, it's been basically the same for 50 years (apart from different visuals and minor changes in the audio.)


I love this show. The intro works very well, it depicts the tone of the show perfectly. If you haven't watched the show it was recently put on Netflix and it's 100% worth it. It's not an objectively great show, by that I mean it's not Breaking Bad or Game of Thones. It didn't win any Emmy's but it's subjectively great. It's just so much fun to watch.  

Montry Python and the Flying Circus

It's absurd. It's unique. It's great.

Now openings with words in them

True Detective

One of favorite new shows, and it has one of the best modern intros. The song fits the tone of the show and the visuals are perfect they're quite ominous and striking. Again I can't emphasis how stellar the visuals are, the lighting, the shading and the editing make it just phenomenal.

Ok so I couldn't find this intro on youtube, Fox took it down. (douchbags cancel the show and they still won't let fans enjoy it on youtube.) The song works, when ever you hear it you can't just help but sing along with it.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Must I say anything?


I don't know why I like this intro, it just works. I guess I judge intros on how well they capture the theme of the the show, and this just does. I really like it.


Again another one with quick cuts. I just like it. I think it's just because the song works really well.
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PostSubject: Re: Best Intros!   

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Best Intros!
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