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PostSubject: Banished   Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:05 pm

Banished is a survival city-builder just released last month for PC. I'm not a huge fan of city-builders, but I've found this surprisingly fun. The challenge of keeping your citizens fed while also preparing against winter and other calamities is extremely enjoyable.

Day[9]'s Day Off playing Banished:

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PostSubject: Re: Banished   Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:56 pm

i've been looking forward to watching this when i get time too.

This is the same way i found out about bioshock.
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PostSubject: Re: Banished   Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:12 am

I finally got around to trying this game and it was ok
My first game went terribly, everyone starved to death within like 2 years

The 2nd game i made food sources before houses and everything went much better, i made it to year 18 before everything fell apart, and it wasnt even my fault that everything fell apart either
I had 40 adults, 12 students, and 14 children, the number of students/children i had put too much of a strain on my food supply and i didnt have enough adults to work at the farms/gatherer huts/fishing docks/hunting cabin
I had 2 farms, 3 fishing docks, 3 gathering huts and a hunting cabin, everything was spread out so that they wouldnt interfere with each other (but not too far to take too long to walk between, i had stone roads connecting everything) i had 8 guys in the farms (i took them off after the harvest and put them back on during late winter so they could work on other stuff), 9 in the huts, 12 fishermen, and 2 hunters and it wasnt enough to feed those little bastards, when starvation started i was like "i hope the kids die first, that might be able to save me" but no, of course the farmers died first which caused me to take 4 guys out of my coal mine (i only had 4 guys working the mines even though it says you should have 15, but those 3 guys were enough to supply fuel every winter so when i had to pull them out it screwed me for the next winter because i didnt have enough fuel for everyone so the people that survived the famine froze to death)
I only made 3 houses at a time, and only after i thought i could handle more population, so its not like i expanded too fast, idk what happened but suddenly everyone had kids

The merchant is really overpriced, 2500 for wheat seeds was impossible for me to afford, even when my town was thriving with like a 7k food surplus, i skipped farming for a few years because i had so much food so i needed the surplus
Also people started dieing of old age as fast as kids became adults so 40 adults seemed like the maximum you could get, and i never built a hospital but no one died of disease, in fact i had 200 herbs the entire time and took workers off of herb collecting after like year 4, i had the game on medium and before year 4 people were using herbs but for some reason they stopped, its like they stopped getting sick
The only time someone died from something other than old age (not counting the end where everyone either starved or froze to death) was the first teacher, she died during child birth

I also had disasters on but never encountered a disaster
And there didnt seem to be a point to making clothes, i made a tailor and had him make hide jackets for awhile but i stopped after year 8 and no one seemed to care, they would get cold from working outside but they would just go inside and be fine
And firewood is completely unviable as a method to keep everyone warm after you hit 30 people, the amount of logs it requires is ridiculous, i had 2 woodcutters cutting firewood year round (with a limit of 400 firewood cause thats how much the winter of year 12 and 13 took) and 3 foresters collecting wood (which was taking way too many people) and it wasnt enough, i switched my mine from iron to coal and everything was much easier

Overall, it wasnt bad, ive played games like simcity 4, tropico 4, and anno 2070 though and those have a lot more going for them
I feel bad comparing this to those though since this only has 1 guy developing it and it is very impressive for 1 guy
Ill probably play a 3rd game at some point, i learned a lot from that last game, i think i could probably make it stable in the late game and get past year 20
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PostSubject: Re: Banished   

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