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PostSubject: Mushishi   Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:52 pm

so i watched this a little while ago and never got around to posting because its kinda hard to review.
if hayao miyuzaki made a tv show, this would probably be it. the art is unique and it constantly reminds me of those traditional japanese screens. the story compliments this really well.
each episode is very self contained, only the main character persists from episode to episode. its also way more thoughtful and relaxing to watch then it is anything else. i wouldnt recommend marathoning it. overall i'd give it a 8.5/10. it's better than a few of the other things ive given 8.5's though, but just not as good as anything ive given a 9

myanimelist wrote:
"Mushi": the most basic forms of life in the world. They exist without any goals or purposes aside from simply "being." They are beyond the shackles of the words "good" and "evil." Mushi can exist in countless forms and are capable of mimicking things from the natural world such as plants, diseases, and even phenomena like rainbows.

This is, however, just a vague definition of these entities that inhabit the vibrant world of Mushishi, as to even call them a form of life would be an oversimplification. Detailed information on Mushi is scarce because the majority of humans are unaware of their existence.

So what are Mushi and why do they exist? This is the question that a "Mushi-shi," Ginko, ponders constantly. Mushi-shi are those who research Mushi in hopes of understanding their place in the world's hierarchy of life.

it was originally released in 2006 (but has aged incredibly well). theres a sequel that will begin airing april 2014 so not really a better time to try out a few eps and see if you like it
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PostSubject: Re: Mushishi   Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:56 pm

i watched the 1st ep of the second season. it was really good, but exactly in the same way that season 1 was really good.
so yeah, really slow don't watch if you want something action-y
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