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PostSubject: Monogatari   Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:50 am

So I finished the second season of Monogatari and I decided that it was worth updating my original post. I made my original after finishing Nekomonogatari (and part way in s2) and I feel like this is one of the best anime I've ever seen, but it would have been significantly better with a bit cut out. Monogatari translates to story and as such the show is a series of stories (arcs). Most of the arcs build on eachother and are good in their own right, but there are a few weaker ones that can (and should) be skipped.

Here's my original post:

All of that said, the show has a few really strong points. If most / all of these seem bleigh than you probably won't like it.

  • It is beautifully animated. Characters, typography, gestures: the show and it's really gets another full dimension from it's art style alone. If you like how Hayao Miyuzaki stuff is animated, you'll probably like how this is too.
  • Character development. The characters actually face really interesting personal dilemmas that are well thought out and are really smartly realized. on top of that, most of the characters and issues aren't black and white at all. it's actually got depth. whoa.
  • Most anime aren't consistent in that once you start to examine it nothing makes sense. This one on the other hand has characters that feel like actual characters and events that aren't isolated to their respective arc. It's still an anime, though, so you can expect a jokingly perverted main character -- but even that ends up being better than usual
  • There aren't that many action scenes (probably around 0-1 per arc early on and then 0-2 per later on), but the few that are there are have you involved in a way that most action anime don't. But maybe that's not how you feel, in general after the 3rd powerup fight in an action anime I just stop giving a shit.
  • Things end where they should. Characters, relationships, broken hearts, sanity etc all end where they should given who the characters are.
  • A lot of philosophically interesting elements.

I generally marathon anime but I wouldn't advise it for this one. It's better to enjoy the small details of it and usually when you marathon anything you get antsy and stop appreciating that.

Bakemonogatari [good and definitely don't skip; 8.5/10]
First story: 1-2
Second story: 3-5
Third story: 6-8
Fourth story: 9-10
Fifth story: 11-15

Nisemonogatari [this season adds backstory to Koyomi's sisters; the first story is pretty good but the second less so; 8/10, 7/10]
First story: 1-7 [good but can skip, the stuff later on is better]
Builds on the fourth story of Bakemonogatari, provides some back story for the fifth story of Monogatari Season 2
If you liked the anti-villain of the fourth story in Bakemonogatari (Kaiki) you should watch this. Also, the downside to skipping it is that the final arc of the season 2 won't be quite as good. if you get bored, you can probably skip the middle of this arc and still follow along
Second story: 8-11 [not bad but not great either, definitely can skip]
Follows the previous story. Sets the stage for the fourth story of Monogatari Season 2

Nekomonogatari [this season shows the events of the first Golden week -- Cat time; 6.5/10]
Skip entirely, the series is summarized by episode 6 of Monogatari season 2 and this season is way weaker besides that
Only story: 1-4

Monogatari Season 2 [9.5/10]
First story: 1-5
this is a really strong arc and has a lot of interesting components
Second story: (6) 7-10
Episode 6 summarizes the Nekomonogatari series, but this arc draws from the entire series and the summary is only really enough if you've watched the first season, "Bakemonogatari". This arc is just as strong as the first and has an interesting bit on time travel
Third story: (11) 12-15
Episode 11 summarizes the first and fourth story of Bakemonogatari. It doesn't do a good enough job to skip them, but it also means this ep is very skip-able.
Fourth story: (16) 17-20
Episode 16 summarizes Nisemonogatari and the fifth story of Bakemonogatari. Worth watching if you skipped Nisemonogatari, but otherwise skip.
Fifth story: 21-26

I used the actual episode #'s, but depending on the source you use to watch the eps of S2 they'll leave out the summary eps and number the rest lower. i switched sources after watching ep 6 (the recap) and then ep 7 on the new source was really ep 8

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PostSubject: Re: Monogatari   Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:30 am

i was going through my youtube favorite amv's (that i last added to forever ago) and i noticed that a bunch of them were for this show
i had no memory of these and it's funny to remember what i thought when i saw them. "wow sick amv, but man this show looks fucked up. i should keep this one off my list"

you should watch the videos before and after seeing the show bc they are waaaaaaaaay different on each side

link to the actual videos bc they deserve to be watched big n loud

i skimmed my first post and noticed that for s2 i made it sound like you should skip some of the arcs. i meant for it to come off as skip just the recap ep. all the s2 arcs are amazing and shouldnt be skipped, just some of the recaps
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