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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:56 pm

Before the rank was reset i was 10, now i havent had time to play really, so im like 22
Once you hit 15 youll start seeing a lot more people with legendaries/epics like the 1 guy you saw, and at 10 everyone will have 3 or more of the best legendaries (sylvanas, ragnaros, and ysera) and 2 copies of the epics they are using

Also at rank 10 i was going against rank 7 and sometimes 6 people (once i went against a rank 4 guy) so i dont think there are a lot of people between 10 and 1 since before rank 10 i was always going against people of equal rank or 1 rank higher if i was close to getting enough stars to rank up

The people that i saw in 9 and below were all using the flavor of the week decks (like the old 1 turn kill warrior or the hyper aggro warlock murloc) and were all identical since they copied it from some where, and since they were able to copy them exactly they probably have all or most of the cards

And currently one of the flavor of the week decks is a warlock deck similar to the one you have with ancient watchers and giving them taunt with shadow flame for board wipe(i see them in casual some times)
Except they have jaraxus for when they get under 15 hp, molten giants before they jaraxus, mountain giants and twighlight drake since they will be holding a bunch of cards, doom sayers for full board wipe, and alexstrasa to get you down to 15 so giants/infernals will kill you faster at the end of the game

They dont have as much card draw as your deck does though, the card draw stuff you have is replaced with the stuff i just listed, but it plays kindve the same, the main difference is that it can do a lot more damage to the enemy hero than yours can since it has epics and legendaries (twighlight drake is only a rare, you should put it in your deck if you have it since your holding a lot of cards)
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:18 pm

This game is now in open beta

Anyone can play it for free here:

Heres some tips if your just getting the beta (read them after you play the tutorial)

Dont use low cost taunt minions, people will be trying to kill your minions in the early game anyway so low cost taunts arent helpful since when you want a taunt you want it to be durable and low cost taunt have less stats then non taunt minions for the same cost making them inefficient, sen'jin shieldmasta is the best taunt you can get with the starting cards, lord of the arena isnt bad either, booty bay bodyguard sucks, iron fur grizzly should only go in hunter decks that use beast synergy

Chillwind yeti and boulderfist ogre have no special abilities but they are really good cards when you start out because they just have really good stats for their cost

These cards are also really good when just starting out: shattered sun cleric, acidic swamp ooze, stormwind knight, gurubashi beserker, stormwind champion, darkscale healer, and gnomish inventor (oasis snapjaw isnt bad either if you have some way of buffing its attack or giving it taunt)
You could make a deck out of those cards (minus snapjaw) plus the yeti, ogre, and shield masta with 1 or 2 more low cost minions (2 of each, so 2-4 total) of your choice and 6-8 class specific spells/minions and have a really solid deck to start out with

You should avoid using: raid leader (he can be ok in shaman or pally decks, but in any other deck he sucks), core hound, witch doctor, war golem, magma rager, bluegill warrior, grimscale oracle, and murloc raider

Sometimes only having 1 copy of a card in your deck is a good idea, since you can only have 30 cards in a deck any extra space you can make is good so that the deck can have more utility and be more flexible

You should always try to clear the board, especially against shaman and palladin, it might be tempting to ignore that 0/2 or 1/1 since it isnt a threat, but they can be buffed and suddenly they kill your stuff for free

If you cant kill a minion dont bother attacking it, for example if they have a 2/4 on the board and you have a 3/2, dont attack the 2/4 unless you have some way of doing 1 more dmg in your hand to finish it off, just attack his hero directly and on the enemies turn he will probably run his 2/4 into your 3/2 to kill it which leaves the board in the state it wouldve been had you attacked the 2/4 on your turn, except that you got in 3 extra dmg on his hero by doing it this way, this is especially true if you put down a minion with 4 attack on the turn where you have to decide what to attack since youll be able to kill that 2/4 no matter what on your next turn

Hold back your aoe until theres at least 3 minions you can kill with it, its tempting to kill something when you have the ability to kill it, but using aoe to kill 1 thing is rarely worth it, the only time you should is when the enemy has 1 card in his hand and you have more then 1 aoe in your hand
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:29 pm

Slayer, you wanted to see the making of an arena deck from my perspective, here:
Click the overview tab to see what i picked and didnt pick
I used that thing to make it easier to record the arena deck as i was picking it since it does everything automatically so i didnt have to type every single choice out

I went 7/3 with that deck today, it was a much better draft then the last time

That arena value thing isnt that bad, it will suggest cards based on a value system that people like trump make, but i dont like some of its value suggestions, like kirin tor mage was above crazed alchemist, even though i would put alchemist above kirin tor in almost every situation unless i picked at least 4 secrets before kirin tor came up as a choice, generally i dont like picking minions that require secrets in arena though cause you cant guarantee youll get the synergy in your picks, and if i end up picking 4 secrets it means my draft is going very bad

And i shouldve picked arcane intellect over the magi, i picked the magi cause i dislike arcane intellect and i had just picked cultmaster for card draw right before it came up so i figured i didnt need that much card draw, but i ended up with way to many 4 cost minions

Also for pick 25. normally i would take darkscale healer over bloodfen raptor but my mana curve was really bad and i had almost nothing i could play before turn 4 so i took bloodfen instead, i realized my mana curve needed fixing at pick 20, i didnt want to pick abusive sergeant either but the only other good option was another 4 cost minion so i had to take sergeant lol
And the 3rd dwarf i picked probably wouldve been better if i went with the smith instead, that was a hard choice if only the 2nd dwarf pick was the options for the 3rd dwarf pick, and the 3rd for the 2nd, i wouldve taken mad bomber then

If i had a polymorph instead of that kirin tor mage i probably couldve gone farther, i definitely wouldve won 1 of the games i lost with poly so i wouldve been at least 8-3, that kirin tor was always a dead card in my hand i kept wishing it was poly
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:37 pm

here is the difference of what i would have picked

2: wolf rider over darkscale healer
10: kirin tor mage over crazed alchemist. i think you overrate it and a 4-3 for 3 mana is good anyway
11: mirror entity over squire because i dont think squire is very good at all in arena especially if you are mage
16: sunwalker over argent commander because i think sunwalker is really strong in arena only if they dont have a silence/hex/poly
18: ya i wouldve done the arcane intellect because cult master isnt a very reliable source of card draw especially on mage who uses alot of spells
20: i dont really know what i wouldve done here. i wouldve had 2 mirror entities for the arcanist and you really didnt have any minions that you would play aggressively to get the ancient mage with. most of your big minions that could freely be played on the board cost 4+ (the ones that didnt lose value by playing on an empty board like dark iron dwarf loses a little of its card value on an empty board) so ya i probably wouldve picked the ethereal arcanist here
26: i wouldve probably picked ogre magi or silvermoon guardian here but i wouldve lacked heal and probably wouldve regretted it.

and ya i agree about getting that mad bomber instead of 2nd dark iron dwarf and i MIGHTVE gotten it just because i usually try to balance out my mana curve very early on if there are close choices like that but it couldve gone either way depending on the future cards. i also generally dont like having alot of high cost cards in my arena deck.
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:30 pm

Kallock wrote:
2: wolf rider over darkscale healer
Wolfrider sucks, its 1 for 1 at a higher mana cost if you use it to kill a 2 mana minion, where as darkscale is like a yeti and can potentially let 1 of your dmged minions go 2 for 1 after it heals, and it restores your hp too so even if you cant use it to heal other minions its still good
There are some classes that i would pick wolfrider for, like druid since wrath has that card draw mechanic and they dont really have anything else that deals 3 dmg, but not for mage, and not when darkscale healer is a choice

Kallock wrote:
10: kirin tor mage over crazed alchemist. i think you overrate it and a 4-3 for 3 mana is good anyway
Crazed alchemist lets you kill something like an ancient of war without having to trade a bunch of cards, it can make it so you only need to trade 1 thing instead of 3 at times which is way better then just a 4/3
Even in the worst case scenario, playing it on something like an earth elemental it deals 1 dmg which is all you need a lot of the time since people make sure you have 1 less dmg then you need to kill w/e they play

Kallock wrote:
11: mirror entity over squire because i dont think squire is very good at all in arena especially if you are mage
Squire is amazing for mage, it deals 1 dmg to a 3/2 allowing you to finish it with hero hero power so you kill something for free without taking any dmg, or prevent them from playing their 3/2 on turn 2
I think of it as giving my hero power +1 dmg for 1 turn, i dislike mirror entity because it rarely trades with w/e it copied

Kallock wrote:
16: sunwalker over argent commander because i think sunwalker is really strong in arena only if they dont have a silence/hex/poly
Most people will have at least 1 silence in arena, id rather have the instant effect of 4 dmg to kill something and then make them use something else to kill the commander rather then hope the sunwalker isnt hexed/polyed/assassinated or killed by any other instant removal
I do like sunwalker though, just like commander more, i hate when you have to choose like that cause i would want both

Kallock wrote:
18: ya i wouldve done the arcane intellect because cult master isnt a very reliable source of card draw especially on mage who uses alot of spells
I didnt have that many spells in that deck, no more then any other class would have, in total there were only 7 spells by the end, and cultmaster is 1 of the best card draws in arena, i always pick it when it comes up because it generally lets me draw at least 1 card, on average it gets 2 before it dies

Kallock wrote:
20: i dont really know what i wouldve done here. i wouldve had 2 mirror entities for the arcanist and you really didnt have any minions that you would play aggressively to get the ancient mage with. most of your big minions that could freely be played on the board cost 4+ (the ones that didnt lose value by playing on an empty board like dark iron dwarf loses a little of its card value on an empty board) so ya i probably wouldve picked the ethereal arcanist here
Only 2 secrets for the arcanist is too low, that combo probably wont work, and id rather have something with 5hp then 3, the spell power it gave was just a bonus
Also that was 1 of the last 4 cost minions i would play, since i had so many i never had to play dwarf/ancient mage to and empty board on turn 4 since i had yeti magi or water elemental

Kallock wrote:
26: i wouldve probably picked ogre magi or silvermoon guardian here but i wouldve lacked heal and probably wouldve regretted it.
Both of those were 4 cost, and i already had too many 4 costs
And healing is important, ill take priestess any time theres a choice of a bunch of average cards

Kallock wrote:
i also generally dont like having alot of high cost cards in my arena deck.
It never really gave me the choice to pick low cost cards, when it did there was 1 that was clearly better, with the exception of that dwarf/mad bomber pick
I dont think a rush deck is good in arena though, mainly cause if you run out of steam before killing them you are screwed. and unlike constructed rush decks you cant rely on drawing something that will be able to finish them soon, so a rush deck will probably only get 3-3 on average, 4-3 at best
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:48 pm

Hanny: 18 arcane intellect over ogre
Hanny: 20 maybe etheral over ancient mage but both are prett useless especially with the spells that pat's running
ME: i put etheral too
Hanny: wtf 24 venture over sorcerers
ME: wat
ME: his curve
ME: is terrible tho
Hanny: 26 silvermoon over priestess
Hanny: its good enough for a mage
Hanny: you just mulligan for a 2 or 1 drop
Hanny: and then you're fine
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:08 am

Kallock wrote:
Hanny: wtf 24 venture over sorcerers
ME: wat
ME: his curve
ME: is terrible tho
Hanny: its good enough for a mage
Hanny: you just mulligan for a 2 or 1 drop
Hanny: and then you're fine

I wanted venture co, normally i would pick it, but at the time i picked it i only had 1 playable 1 or 2 cost minions so the odds of mulliganing for a 1 or 2 cost is so low that it will rarely happen, its not like i could play the owl, or alchemist by themselves on turn 1 or 2 so i had to do that

I still say priestess is better then silver moon, unless you already have a priestess
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:17 pm

I started writing this post back in march, like march 20th, which is why i havent made any hearthstone posts in awhile
This might be my longest post, i didnt intend it to be this long but talking about every type of deck in the current meta took way longer than i thought it would, i didnt really proofread it like i normally do since its so long so there are probably many spelling or grammar mistakes
I dont expect anyone to read all of it, but to those who do, i hope you find it helpful

Hearthstone had a patch a while ago, and officially released out of beta
I dont know why they released out of beta, there were still a lot of bugs when they released, they fixed most of them with a patch after release but theres still 2 that are annoying
1 is that cards still float face down on the board almost every time you return a minion to your enemy's hand, and the other is really rare but game breaking where you get data from another game in your game and the game desyncs, its only happened to me once and it made me lose my win streak at rank 14, here are some screenshots of what happened

First a timber wolf, a hunter card in a game that has no hunter in it, played itself out of no where

At the same time i drew a card that stayed upside down that i couldnt play because i didnt have the mana to do so
I ended up attacking with the wolf, it was destroyed as soon as i clicked to attack (before the attack even happened)

Then i drew a faceless, a card thats not even in that deck and was able to play it in an attempt to copy his blood knight (which i then killed after facelessing before i noticed that the faceless ended up as just a 3/3 faceless instead of a copy of his blood knight)

Then i tried to give the faceless taunt with argus but that failed and when i tried to attack with the faceless it said i dont have enough mana

After that the game just stopped, i passed my turn and my enemy never did anything and the turn timer never started, i had to close the game and when i came back i had lost, i really wish i could see what my enemy saw just to know what i was actually doing in that game

The patch also made it so alt-tab doesnt work for me, i have to put the game into window mode to be able to alt tab, and it changed Nat Pagle and Tinkmaster Overspark, 2 legendary cards, tinkmaster seems to be basically useless now and nat to me was only ever good if you could coin him out on turn 1, others thought he could be good at anytime but was great on turn 1, but now he pretty much needs to be coined on turn 1 to be good
Aggro decks seem to be getting less popular and midrange control is becoming more popular

Ach and seren have stopped playing hearthstone completely as far as i can tell, im guessing because you run into decks that play legendary after legendary, which is annoying but you can deal with it without your own legendaries (there is a limit but its not as limited as you might think)
First ill go over some basics and then ill talk about how to beat some specific decks that are common in the current meta and hopefully that will make you guys want to play again

Deck Building
Im not going to go too in depth on this since it would be really long, im just going to mention a few things

All aggro decks need 1 form of instant removal, mainly to get past a taunt, the black knight is the best at this but you can use a class specific instant removal spell to accomplish the same thing
Aggro is fairly straight forward to make, just know that putting in 6 cost minions can work even though that doesnt sound aggro, minions like argent commander, you can also use reckless rocketeer as a ghetto replacement for leeroy in any aggro deck other then a hunter unleash the hounds aggro, the 1 damage difference never matters, the 2 extra cost of the rocketeer does matter sometimes, but its never caused me to lose a game
Aggro will generally win before the other person can play legendaries so if you hate dealing with legendaries you can just make an aggro deck

All control decks should have 2 things in the current meta, anti aggro cards and burst damage

Aggro is still pretty popular so having some from of early anti aggro in your deck is required just to survive, argent squire and madbomber can work, wild pyromancer can work but can be a bit slow, sunfury protector forces aggro to attack your minions but can take sometime to set up, any low cost spell can be anti aggro as well, and any 1/3 minion that your class might have is anti aggro too

Burst damage is something that i didnt really consider to be that good, mainly because i was doing it with bloodlust which is probably the worst way to do it, but now i put it in every control deck, having it is incredibly useful and against certain decks is required, burst damage is just the ability to do a lot of damage in 1 turn (12-20 damage in 1 turn)
Most burst damage requires a combo of at least 2 cards to do, at most it should only take 3 cards, you dont want too many cards to be part of the combo because you might not draw all of them, 2 is the best
All of the classes have a way to deal burst dmg, some are better then others at it though, paladin is the worst at it, well actually their burst damage is the best but it only works on minions so its not really the same thing, and some are more expensive then others, like druid burst requires an epic card, and rogue requires leeroy to do properly, but some are easy to get like double fireball for mage or windfury and rockbiter on reckless rocketeer for shaman (although this one works better with leeroy or argent commander in place of rocketeer)
The important thing about making burst damage is that you shouldnt dedicate everything to making the burst damage work it should be flexible, like with double fireball for a mage, using the fireballs to kill minions rather then as burst damage can be better, the burst damage potentail from those cards is just a bonus so they shouldnt need to be used together as burst damage, like the shaman example i gave above, you could use any of those cards i mentioned by themselves, especially if you go with argent commander, even windfury could be put on something else to be used with a different purpose
Against certain decks you will need that burst damage though, and ill talk about that later when i talk about specific decks in the current meta

You can use bolderfist ogre as a ghetto replacement for most of the popular big legendaries, except ysera and alexstraza, stormwind champion can also work but isnt nearly as good
Geomancer can replace thalnos really well, nat can kind of be replaced with loothoarder or acolyte of pain or any early game card draw really
Class specific legendaries cant be replaced

Knowing what cards to keep and which to throw back at the beginning of the game can be the deciding factor of some games
The way i do it is if i see hunter or warlock i will throw back anything that doesnt help me against an aggro deck since those 2 classes are the most aggro ones in the current meta, if it turns out they arent aggro your aggro answers still arent that bad against warlock control, it might be back against hunter midrange beasts though but its still better to do that then risk it and lose to hunter aggro
Against other classes i will assume they are a bit slower and will try to go for 1-4 cost stuff, if im going 2nd ill keep 4 cost stuff, if im going 1st and have no turn 3 play ill throw a 4 cost back, and if im playing druid ill keep up to 5 cost stuff unless i have innervate in my opening hand, with innervate ill keep up to 7 cost stuff when going 2nd (6 when going first)
Try to keep stuff that will let you play at least 1 card per turn, it doesnt have to be 1 2 3, as long as 2 of the cards are low enough to play turn 2 and 3 at least
There are certain low cost cards you should always throw back, like situational cards that are much better in the late game even though they have a low cost, like geomancer, thalnos, or any low cost instant removal spell (unless your playing against a druid)
The type of deck your playing with will also change what you might keep, a late game control deck would keep removal spells and an aggro deck would want to get all 1 cost stuff, after you play your deck a bit youll know specifically what to keep and what to throw back

Minion Trading
Knowing when to kill minions and when to attack the enemy's face is important
If you always trade minions you wont be dealing damage to him and if he swings board control back in his favor with aoe you can fall behind very quickly and will never have a chance to attack him directly
If you always hit his face you give him all the favorable trades and can run out of steam before you can kill him

The general rule that ive been following recently is only kill minions with your minions when you see that the enemy can make a favorable trade against you, not when you can make a favorable trade against him
So for example, lets say you have a 4/5 out and he has a 3/2 out, you could use the 4/5 to favorably trade against his 3/2 but theres no reason to since his 3/2 cant kill your 4/5 on his turn anyway, so most likely he will run his 3/2 into your 4/5 and then finish your minion off with 2 dmg from something else, the result is the same the but you got an extra 4 dmg in on him by not trading
But lets say we have that same situation but you want to play a 1/3, his 3/2 could kill your 1/3 favorably so you would have to use your 4/5 to kill his 3/2 to play your 1/3 safely, so in that case you should do the trade (depending on what 1/3 it is and on what class i was playing, mana wyrm and northshire cleric are the only 2 1/3s i would do this for, but for other minions that arent 1/3 i would do the trade), the same is true if the minion you want to play is equal to the minion (so if you wanted to play your own 3/2 or 2/3 you should do the kill his 3/2 with your 4/5)
There are some exceptions to this though, if your playing against an aggro deck you should clear as many minions as you can at all costs, and i mean all costs, ive used hex on direwolf alpha (a 2/2 that grants 1 attack to adjacent minions) and other crappy stuff that you would never think to use something as powerful as hex on and it has won me the game because those aggro decks generally wont have huge things that you need to save hex for, also if your playing with an aggro deck you should be going for the face almost all the time since your minions have such low hp and you need to deal as much dmg as possible asap
The other exception is against certain classes on certain turns when your minions have a certain amount of hp, like if im playing a mage and i have a bunch of stuff with 4 hp and my enemy has stuff with 3 attack, normally ill just ignore his 3 attack stuff until right before he hits turn 7 (or turn 6 if he has the coin and hasnt used it) and then do all the trades in the most favorable way i can so that his flamestrike doesnt screw me, this is true for all classes with aoe spells, you need to learn how much mana and how much dmg every class's aoe spell costs and does so you know when to do trades to avoid being screwed by aoe

There are 2 problems you can run into by following this rule and its exceptions
The first is that you can be punished by a spell that kills your minion and leaves you with no way to kill the minion that you didnt kill, the good thing about this is that he just used a spell to kill your minion so your minion got some dmg in and probably took a swipe or a fireball away from your enemy, because of this i generally will kill fairy dragons since those are a pain in the ass to kill after something like that happens, but most of the time you should have a spell or another more powerful minion to deal with his minion so it should be fine
The other problem is against paladins and priests, both classes can buff their minions a lot, this isnt too much of a problem though, you can use silence to fix it pretty easily with priests, and with pally i normally will clear the 1/1s he gets so that he cant use kings on its own to kill something with his free summon, but in the current meta buffs like that arent really used so the main problem with pally isnt buffs, its an equality combo since that can come out at any time past turn 4 and does infinite dmg to all your minions so you never know when to clear minions, ill talk more about equality combos when i talk about paladin decks later

Tempo: Choosing which cards to play and when
Try to play cards that make it so you still have cards to play next turn
For example, lets say your going 2nd and have a 2 cost, a 3 cost, and 2 5 costs in your starting hand you could coin out the 2 cost on turn 1, but then you have no turn 2 play so you should just save the coin for turn 4 where you can coin out 1 of those 2 5 costs so you can play something every turn
Its better to be able to play something every turn then it is to get stuff out faster (unless your playing against an aggro deck, then you might want to coin out that 2 cost depending on what he did on his turn 1)
Spending your mana efficiently is more important then getting out big stuff, for example on turn 7 you could play a big 6 cost minion and have 1 mana left over, or you could play a 3 cost and a 4 cost minion and have none left over, i would choose the 3 and 4 cost over the 6 cost unless my enemy had something big of his own on his side (i might still pick the 4 and 3 cost depending on what it is) or if playing that 6 costs minion gives me the potential for lethal on my next turn
You should also play the worst possible solution to any problem, for example on turn 4 the enemy has a 3/2 out and you could either play yeti or shield master, both can kill the 3/2 but the yeti is better so the shield master is the 1 you should play to deal with it since you can play the yeti later and have it be on 5 hp for something else, the same goes for spells, if your enemy plays something with 6 hp and you have fireball and polymorph in your hand you should use fireball and save polymorph for something bigger since polymorph is the best solution (unless your super close to winning and fireball (or w/e dmg spell) can be used as your finisher)

This is a bit more advanced, but if you cant play something on a turn then you can kindve fix your tempo by using a minion to hit the enemy in the face rather then killing a minion (while disobeying the guidelines i just said above in the minion trading section), its highly situational and should only be done when you need a certain tempo (like the next couple of turns will lead you to lethal by getting that dmg in now)

The Limit
The main problem with a control deck is that you will run out of instant removal/silence after your enemy plays a bunch of legendaries in a row and those boulderfist ogres that your using as replacements can only get you so far, winning with a control deck against another control deck without the ability to match the number of legendaries the other guy plays can be done, but is really hard to pull off
The absolute limit to the number of big legendaries (big as in 5 or more hp) that any normal deck without big legendaries can handle in a single game is 5, 2 of them are easy 1 for 1 trades just use your classes instant removal, you should save that for ysera and rag, the next 2 will require 2 cards to deal with, a silence and something to kill the silenced minion off with (if you use an orge to do it can technically be a 1 for 1), save that for carine and sylvanus, the last 1 is the hardest because by now you are out of answers and will probably have to take a 3 for 1 to kill the 5th legendary, the best you can do is 2 for 1 with an ogre and something that can finish it off
If you have your own big legendaries you can add 1 to that limit for every big legendary you have in your deck, faceless manipulator and big game hunter can also add 1 to this limit for each 1 of those in your deck, for the rest of this post im going to assume you dont have any of those and you are just working with 2 class instant removals and 2 silences
Ive tried putting more silence in my deck to see if i could extend the limit a bit, but it doesnt work, there arent that many legendaries that can be silenced as a way to deal with them
When your enemy plays his 3rd legendary you need to start trying to end the game, if you were following what i said above about minion trading and having burst damage you should still have a good chance at winning even if you havent drawn into the burst damage, you should start taking more risks here though in an attempt to hit him in the face more often
If he gets to the 5th legendary you are going to be super behind and probably wont win, if he heals; you lost, but drawing into that burst damage can save you and will probably be required to win at this point
If he plays that 6th legendary you need to ignore it and finish the game immediately the only thing that will save you at that point will be burst damage, if you dont draw into it after a turn or if the enemy has more hp then your burst damage + board damage can do you may as well just concede

This limit is smaller for druid since their instant removal isnt good to use 2 of, and potentially larger for paladins because they can take out 2 at a time with an equality combo though that wont happen often since people wont play 2 at a time against a pally

Also sometimes your board position will be strong enough to power through some of the legendaries, like being able to kill cairne twice without losing anything, so occasionally the limit can be higher, but in those cases your already so far ahead that you wont need to worry about the limit

The most popular decks of the current meta and how to deal with them
Here ill go over some of the most popular decks, these arent all the decks youll see but it should cover 95% of them
Also these decks have variations of 1-5 cards, most of the time it doesnt matter, the strategy to beat them is the same, but when it does matter ill mention it


The zoolock is a hyper aggressive deck that will be attacking your face almost all the time, you can tell when its zoolock by if he plays shieldbearer or direwolf alpha at the start (aggressive warlocks are the most common so i always assume they will be aggro when i see them, though control warlock is starting to come back)
With a control deck it can be a pain, the best way is to clear their minions while playing your own, you need to try to keep up with them so play minions every turn, even if you have a hero power that can kill something its too slow, playing a minion is better then using your turn to hero power, if you can play a minion to an empty board youve probably won, use any instant removal liberally since the best card in that deck is doomguard and it wont be played until either he empties his hand or until hes ready to finish you off
With an aggro deck just go for the face, trade for knife juggler, priestess, and direwolf, ignore everything else that you can, use your taunt removal on sheildbearer when you can

Another hyper aggro deck, but this one is murloc flavored, you can tell when its murlock when he plays a murloc
With control, treat it the same as zoolock, but prioritize killing off murlocs to stop the synergy, use instant removal on murlock warleaders, youve won if you can stop the murloc synergy and keep his board relatively under control
With aggro, again just go for the face, trade for the key murlocs like warleader and tidecaller and also kill the preistess, the faster aggro will win

This is a control deck that gets out a lot of big threats while clearing your board and staying alive through legendaries and lifesteal, you can tell its a handlock when they dont play a muloc a shieldbearer or a wolf by turn 3, or if they life tap for the first 3 turns
With control, this deck doesnt know what to do if you never drop them below 16hp, so the way i beat them is just dont attack their face, wait to draw my burst damage, get them down to about 16-20 hp once i draw it (they will probably already be this low from life tapping on there own) and then use the burst damage and w/e i have on the board to kill them in 1 turn, its important not to let them play 2 molten giants and sunfury in 1 turn, cause you will be screwed pretty hard if that happens, so no matter what happens try to keep them above 16hp
With aggro, its really hard, the best way to do it is get them down to 16hp by turn 5, and deal 14 dmg on your next turn (if they dont life tap just sit there until you can deal 16 damage in 1 turn), if you cant do that much dmg in 1 turn you probably lost since they can molten giant and sunfury in the same turn, alternatively just go for the face like normal and pray they didnt draw sunfury


This is a midrange control deck with early 4/5s and a lot of taunt, you can tell its a watcher deck when they play ancient watcher or sunfury protector (this is the most common druid type so i assume it will be this at the start)
With control, in the early game ignore the ancient watchers, they will most likely be given taunt by something by turn 4 though so once they have taunt stop attacking until you have a way to 1 for 1 the watcher, if you have a way to 1 for 1 the watcher before it becomes a threat you may as well do it since it can be buffed out of easy kill range, save your silence for cairne, use 1 removal on rag and the other removal on the ancient of war, as long as you dont trade ineffiecently too many times youll be ok, 3dmg aoe really shines here becuase it will kill most of everything, with aoe you really only need to deal with the 4/5s (who will be at 1 or 2 hp after aoe) and ancient of lore, so its not too tough, just make sure you get 2 taunts up when your at 14 hp otherwise force of nature and savage roar will kill you
With aggro, your screwed, this is an anti aggro deck, just hope they dont draw ancient watcher, if they dont draw ancient watcher you have a chance, but its not a good chance, go for the face like normal, if they get a taunt up you can try to plow through it but youve probably lost since the amount of damage you sunk into it and the number of minions you lost will be too high, if you can kill it with a spell and a minion or 2 its not that bad

This is a board flooding deck with a lot of burst damage and snowball potential, you can tell that its a token druid if they play violet teacher or imp master
With control, aoe can dominate this deck, prioitize killing the teacher and the imp master if you can stop them from flooding the board they wont be able to do too much since that deck relies on the synergy with the 1/1 tokens, save 1 instant removal for cenarius, dump your silence on the imp master and teacher if you cant kill it, you need taunt up when you're low on life to avoid being killed by leeroy/savage roar/force of nature burst damage but if you keep the board clear of teacher/imp master and the tokens they make you wont be on low life and they wont be able to finish you with that burst
With aggro, you can ignore everything except the teacher/imp master, you should kill those when they play them, other than that just hit their face like always, you should kill pagle too but i probably dont need to say that

Trees (druid ramp):
This is a late game control deck that uses wild growth and innervate to ramp up to its late game at a much faster pace than usual, you can tell its a ramp deck if they play wild growth early on (its actaully hard to tell if its this deck since wild growth might not come out and the early game of this deck is very similar to the other types of druids)
There are many variations of this deck, this one has novice engineer which is weird (well its not weird, reynad made it and he likes only having 28 cards in his deck which is what the engineer is doing here), but its the one i see the most and the variations dont really matter since you deal with it the same way
With control, you should get a lead on board control in the early game, they will be using wrath to clear your stuff but since they have to spend mana playing wild growth you should be able to put enough down to have more than he can remove, this deck goes past the limit i was talking about above (druid is the only class that can do that without a bunch of legendaries), with 6 things you need to remove/silence, the best way ive found to optimize your removal/silence is to silence 1 ancient of war, silence the sylvanus, and then remove both ironbarks, the other ancient of war will be a pain (if you have more than 2 silences in your deck its not so bad) but the key to winning is that they have no way to remove big threats so if you remove the ironbarks and silence the sylvanus your big guys can get 2 for a lot of the time, your early board control should give your the ability to just hit his face with your big guy too because they will have to run his 5/X guys into your guys to stay alive, but you will have to take a lot of unfavorable trades with his druid of the claws and sunwalkers it should be fine if you use dmg spells to keep as much of your board position as you can, if he manages to get an ancient of war out on turn 3 (with double innervate) you probably lost, theres not much you can do against that, even if you have instant removal in hand for it you still probably lost because you really need that for ironbarks your best bet is to use that removal and just go full aggro from then on out, if he plays a turn 3 ironbark and you have instant removal in hand youve probably won, especially if you played a minion on turn 2, unless he went first then depending on your class you're screwed since you wont have the mana to play your removal that turn, rogue is screwed no matter what since assasinate costs 5
With aggro, you have a high chance of winning if they dont draw innervate/wild growth since you should be able to win before they get out the huge taunts unless you get terrible draws, you should be able to plow through 1 druid of the claw without too much trouble, save your 1 removal for ancient of war, if you cant win by turn 8 you probably lost, if they do draw innervate/wild growth and manage to play a turn 3 or 4 ancient of war/ironbark you may as well just concede right there, the only aggro deck that stands even a small chance at that point is a facehunter (see below for what a facehunter is)


Facehunter (aka Huntard):
This is a hyper aggro deck that uses beast synergy and unleash the hounds to kill deal a bunch of dmg in 1 turn while whittling your hp down with his hero power and eaglehorn bow, you can tell its a facehunter when they play a trap, flare or leper gnome at the start (99% of hunters are playing this so i always just assume it will be this deck)
With control, never have more than 3 minions at a time, even 3 is pushing it, if you play 3 he can play a buzzard then leeroy and then unleash the hounds to spawn 5 dogs and draw 5 cards, then drop 2 timber wolves for 21 dmg in 1 turn (thats the ideal combo for them, that usually wont happen), try to have 2 of the 3 minions you have on the board be taunters, as long as they have 3 hp or more youll basically be invincible, since hes using traps you can choose when to attack into it, so maximize your chances by waiting for the right time to attack and attacking with the right things, always attack with something that does 2 or less dmg when you attack into a trap, waiting too long can be a bad idea since they can deal 2 dmg per turn no matter what so if you need to wait more turns*2 that your minion has dmg then just attack (so like if your minion has 4 attack and you would need to wait 2 turns to attack with something weak your may as well just attack with the 4dmg and hope for the best since his hero power would deal 4 dmg to you anyway if you wait, as long as you keep 3 or less minions on your side of the board you should be fine, use aoe to wipe the dogs/buzzard you can hit his face most of the time, as long as you have that aoe
With aggro, never play more than 4 minions at a time, your aggro deck should be able to beat his (unless you are playing a mirror match with this deck, in that case the person to play eaglehorn bow first will win) becuase his deck requires a bit of time and set up to do its thing where as a standard aggro deck can just kill by turn 6 without trying (and if explosive trap wipes your stuff he cant use hounds and you can just start over, after that happens only have 3 minions at a time)

Midrange beast synergy:;22:1;86:1;101:2;114:2;162:1;163:1;167:1;194:1;225:2;239:1;278:1;279:2;317:2;344:2;407:2;488:2;500:2;578:2;
This is a midrange control deck that uses beast synergy, unleash the hounds is used as aoe and can buff the hyenas a lot when played together properly, you can tell that its this type of deck when they play scavaging hyena
This deck is very new/rare, i have no idea where it came from, i couldnt find a deck list on a site, so i built it from memory after seeing it a few times, this is the deck i see (or some variation of it) that other 1% of the time when its not facehunter, some of them have beastial wrath which i didnt include because that seems like a variation of w/e the orginal was, the details dont matter though the important part is that its a beast synergy control deck
With control, only playing 3 minions at a time is still a good idea here, though not as crucial, i havent gone against this deck enough to know exactly what to do, silence on the hymanes is good, king krush is generally used as a finisher so saving removal for it doesnt really pay off, but you probably should save at least 1 instant removal for it just in case, the only thing im 100% sure of is that the hyenas need to be killed before they snowball out of control which isnt too hard to do, ive never lost to this deck so i dont know what to watch out for to prevent yourself from losing
With aggro, ive never played an aggro deck against this deck, but i would assume going for the face like always works fine, the cards they have to stop aggro are very ineffiecent (except explosive trap) so it shouldnt be too much of a problem, i would ignore everything except the hyenas, also you should still follow the "only 4 minions at a time" rule


Divine aggro:
This is a hyper aggressive deck that uses charge and will dump all their cards on the board in order to use divine favor to draw more cards to dump those down to rush you down as fast as possible, you can tell its this type of deck when they play any of the 1 or 2 cost minions that they have (unless its the argent squire, but even then you should suspect divine favor aggro pally since the other popular pally decks doesnt use squire)
Theres a varation of this deck that uses sword of justice to buff the 1 hp stuff but people seemed to have stop careing about the 1/1 buff that the sword gives and took it out for soemthing else since i dont see that varation as much anymore
With control, try to keep the number of cards in your hand low so that they cant get a good divine favor, treat everything else the same as you would a zoolock, save 1 removal for when he uses blessing of kings, use the other on something that got blessing of might (silence also works for either of those), all you really need is 1 good aoe and you have the game won
With aggro, a lot of it depends on how your deck works rather than playing around his since hes just charging at you all the time and worry about divine favor since you wont have that many cards in hand anyway, because his card draw relies on your hand he wont be able to draw that many cards so you should be able to out draw him unless your deck also has no card draw, eventually youll overwhelm him if you do have card draw, you will have to trade minions though, and since his has charge you will be at a disadvantage for awhile, if you cant play more minions then he does you will probably lose

Paladin control:
This is a control deck that can ignore board control entirely by using various equality combos and will finish you off with various legendaries, you can tell its this type of deck if they just use their hero power for the first couple turns (this deck concept is fairly old but it went out of style for awhile when the meta swtched to aggro but its back now and as aggro is dieing down im seeing more of this type than i am the aggro type so ive started to assume this is the pally type they are playing at the start, although i will keep 1 anti aggro card just in case)
Theres variations on this that dont use kodos or humilation, or will have ysera (which is more common) instead of alexstraza, harrison jones instead of ooze is also common (this is only due to the current meta), and ive never seen them use accolyte of pain before that seems like a new addition and i cant tell why, but these variations dont matter
With control, this is the most frustrating deck to play against, i hate it, equality combos negate any board control you have and there are so many combos that they will likely have it, you would think the best thing to do is play 1 big guy and 1 small guy and never play anything else, use the small guy to take out the 1/1s while hitting them in the face with the big guy (or just 1 big guy and use your hero power to kill the 1/1s), but no, the problem with that is they can just peacekeeper your big guy (and kodo it right after if they are using that variation) then they have a 3/3 and a 2/5 that you need to deal with and since the only thing you have on board at the point is a small guy its hard to deal 8 dmg of hp to kill them which forces your to play more minions which allows them to equality/concecrate so theres really nothing you can do about it, ill usually just play 3 crappy minions with like 3 hp each so none of his combos are that good (pyro+concecration is still good for them but its the best you can do), the good thing about fighting this deck is that it relies on those gimicky combos, so if they dont draw equality or kodo you will be in a very good position for a long time, this deck is about at the limit i was talking about above, so silence tiron and cairne, remove alex (or ysera depending on the variation they are playing) and rag, tiron is still a pain to deal with since you wont have much on the board so a 6/6 is hard to kill but it should be possible, he will get 3 for 1 possibly even 4 for 1 but since you havent been playing minions you will have enough cards in hand to get the board back to 3 some what crappy minions to whittle him down with, if you can get them to spend both his equalities without losing the board or losing too many minions to it, you should be able to win as long as you draw your silence/removal for the legendaries
With aggro, this is the best deck to play against, i love it, their combos suck against it since aggro decks already have low hp, you should only play 4 minions to the board at a time though so that you can put more stuff on the board after they wipe it with concecration, save your removal for tirion, you can ignore everything else they do except pyromancer, but most of the time they will play pyro then a spell to use its aoe so killing it doesnt help too much since it already did its damage, but you still should, if they play alexstraza to heal themselves youve probably lost since you have no way to deal with alex, its fairly easy to win if they dont play alex or if you kill them before turn 7 since they cant heal, concecrate 1 turn after the other is pretty much the only thing they have that will stop you

Path of Justice (hybrid control):
This is a hybrid deck that is slanted more towards control than aggro, its impossible to figure out that its this type of deck, most of the time you will think hes aggro with the bluegil or standard control when he hero powers a couple times, the engineer is the best way to tell but they dont all use that
This deck is very rare but ive seen it enough recently that im going to include it here, most of the time they will have knife juggler instead of novice engineer
With control, ive never had an issue with this deck, at all, i think its the kind of deck thats made to be anti meta and it doesnt apply to any of my decks so i dont have any problems, the only time i struggle against it is when they play bluegil early and i react to it as if they are an aggro deck and burn things i normally wouldnt burn on a 2/1, but even when that happens its not that bad and they normally wont play bluegil unless they are removing something so it shouldnt be a problem, they have equalty combos too but they lack the finishers of the standard control deck and removing their crappy 1 hp minions is easy, you should still only play 2-3 crappy minions at a time until they use equality or consecrate, save 1 silence for tirion, use both removals on the guardian of kings, and the other silence can be used on w/e he uses blessing of kings on, if your playing warrior control this deck looks like it will give you a ton of trouble as it seems built specifically to counter that so your probably screwed if you come across this deck as warrior control, everyone else should be fine though
With aggro, everything i said about dealing with paladin control applies here, except you dont need to worry about alexstraza and since they are using some crappy minions you are favored to win as aggro


Allahkir Akbar (burst shaman):
This is a midrange control deck with a ton of burst damage potential, you can tell its this type of deck when they play wild pyromancer (this is the flavor of the week deck, so i expect it every time i see a shaman right now)
The major variation in this deck type is that nat pagle is sometimes replaced with a 2nd argent commander, which is important but theres no way to tell until you see a nat pagle or a 2nd argent commander (and if you see a 2nd argent commander its too late), the 2nd argent commander means its this variation on this deck: which is basically the same except the commanders will be used as burst instead and can be used as removal instead of burst (that version of the deck doesnt rely on the burst as much)
With control, alakir can deal 26 dmg in 1 turn potentially and there will be no way stop it unless you have taunt, the best thing you can do is kill off their flametongue totems because in order to deal that much damage they need to set up the flametongues on the turn before they play alakir, doing that is harder than you would think though since they have so much removal and you probably used your damage removal before they put down the totems, and even if you manage to kill the totems alakir can still deal 18 dmg without them, the good thing about this deck is that it kind of relies on that alakir burst damage so if you can stop that with 2 taunts before they hit turn 8 youll be fine, use your silence on the unbound elementals (remove them manually if you can do it without losing anything so you have the silence for auctioneer or flametongue) and save 1 removal for alakir (in the argent commander version use it on the argent commander that gets winfury put on it) although if you have to use it on a fire elemental then go ahead since alakir (or commander) will probably finish you off anyway so you wont get the chance to use the removal you were saving, use the other removal on a fire elemntal, use aoe to take out commanders when you can as long as it takes out something else with the commander
With aggro, just attack the face as always, the feral spirits will slow you down but theres nothing you can do about it, just have to power your way through, if they dont play feral spirit or lightning storm by turn 5 youve probably won, ignore everything except the wild pyromancer, pagle, and mana tide totem

MITJDW Shaman:
This is a board control deck focused on taking out your minions with spells, you can tell its this type of deck when they play argent squire
With control, the only issue youll have is with the anti control variation of this deck, the important thing here is to play stuff that has 4 or more hp because most of the shamans spells can only deal 3 damage, always clear totems, sometimes ill leave the healing totem alive in certain situations, thats a judgement call youll have to make during the game but generally you should clear every totem, prioritize the spell damage totem that thing must die, save your removal for rag and silence for cairne
With aggro, the face, you hit it, the only time you should clear totems is when the spell damage totem actually pumps his 3 dmg spells to 4 and you have something with 4 hp (or when you have a board full of stuff with 3 hp so lightning storm isnt gaurenteed to wipe you out), and obviously you have to clear the taunt totem, also once he has 3 totems clear the spell dmg 1 so that he isnt gaurenteed to get the taunt totem, this deck is really difficult for aggro, especially the anti hunter version, but youll probably win if he doesnt draw feral spirit, sheild master, or get the taunt totem every time

Trumps "free" shaman:
This deck is similar to the MIT shaman without the epics or legendaries, if you dont see wild pyromancer just assume they are playing this or MIT
With control, again minions with 4 or more hp are great against this deck, and clearing totems are the same as MIT, if your at rank 15 or below this will probably be the shaman deck your against so you can use your removal on fire elementals, you can freely use 1 removal on a fire elemental without having to worry too much about it, use the other one only if theres no other way or if you see an argent commander
With aggro, same as the MIT shaman that i said above


Trumps "free" mage:
This is a mid range control deck with a bit of end game punch, you can tell its this type of deck when they play armani beserker or sunfury protector
With control, theres nothing really special that you have to do here, even against the "final form" variation (if you scroll down a bit on that page you can see it) just use your removal on the end game punch, use silence on sylvanas if she comes out, you could even silence cairne if you want, 1 thing you should do is clear the armani beserkers because they can ping it with fire blast and trade up, same thing with killing acolyte of pain if you can do it in 1 hit you should
With aggro, ignore everything except the mana wyrm, deciding wether you kill that or not is the most important desicion of the game and can be what causes you to win or lose, if you have a 3/2 up that can kill it without dieing to it and you have a follow up to that 3/2 (at least 1 other minions) then you should kill the mana wyrm, if you dont have a follow up, like if you got a bad hand, then youll have to be risky and hit him in the face because youll loose too much of your tempo if you kill the wyrm without a follow up, use your removal on anything with 5 hp if he gives it taunt

Mockingjay Mage:
This is a control deck that is more focused on spells, you can tell its this type of deck when they play loot hoarder or kirin tor mage
With control, counter spell will screw you pretty hard, when a secret is played i go through many different things to deterimine what it is, first ill attack with a crappy minion (if i can), and if nothing happens ill play a crappy minion (if i can) if nothing happened at that point you know its either something that will stop your spells or ice block, you should assume its something that will stop your spells so try to play a crappy low cost spell first to trigger it, then play the spell you actually want to play, if you cant play a low cost spell first, or if you dont have enough mana to do everything im saying, then your screwed, its better to just not play the spell and hope to draw a low cost spell to draw it out, generally they will play counter spell after playing cairne, or on turn 7 before they play rag on turn 8, or with antonidas on turn 10 you need a low cost spell so you can use your removal on rag/antonidas or your silence on cairne, if you dont have another spell to feed to his counter spell you are pretty screwed so what i like to do is once i determine its this type of deck ill hold back something like the coin or some 2-3 cost spell so that ill have some food for it, if you manage to play around counter spell you should be fine
With aggro, ignore everything, the mana wyrm is the same here as i said above, this deck is too slow to be effective against aggro so you should be able to just win even if he manages to give taunt to kirin tor mage and play counter spell by turn 4 you should be able to blow through the kirin tor without much trouble, thats the only combo that can possibly save him from your aggro and even thats not great, so you should win pretty easily


Control Warrior:
This is a legendary heavy deck that delays the game while drawing cards until they can finish you off with a huge combo, you can tell its this type of deck when they armor up a bunch or play armor smith or accolyte of pain
Theres a variation of this deck that swaps out ysera for harrison jones, the harrison jones version is easier to deal with unless your playing a weapon heavy deck
With control, this is a rough deck to deal with as it goes way past the limit use your removal on alex and rag, gromish will normally be a finisher so theres no point in worring about having a way to remove him, silence ysera and carine, baron only has 5 hp so you can use a dmg spell or 2 to deal with him, only play 3 minions at a time to avoid brawl as much as you can, once they play brawl feel free to play as many minions as you want but i always hold 1 back in case they are running a weird version that has 2 brawls, if he facelesses 1 of your better cards your probably screwed, if i run out of ways to remove stuff i just wont play my most powerful minions, weak taunt is really good against this deck so give your crappy minions taunt when possible just make sure they have more than 1 hp, if you can deal with most of his legendaries youll be in good shape, if they play grommish without finishing you than your forced to use a silence on it, the other silence should still be for ysera, cairne will be a pain in the ass in this case but manually killing him isnt that bad
With aggro, kill the armorsmith in 1 hit if you can, that thing can kill your 1 hp minions and heal him while doing it so killing it is great, ignore everything else and hit his face, only play 5 minions at a time, use your removal on baron, if he doesnt brawl on turn 5 you should win before turn 8, unless he pulls double shield block or does an amazing job at clearing all your stuff, if you dont win by turn 9 just concede

Aggro Warrior:
This is an aggro deck that uses weapons to attack you directly, you can tell its this type of deck if they hit your face with a weapon or if they play a 1 cost minion
This deck used to be super popular but now that everything is using taunt and ooze/harrison its not used as much anymore
With control, taunt stops this deck hard, so as long as you get a few good taunts up you should be fine, youll need something like sunfury protector or defender of argus to give 2 things taunt at a time because 1 of them will be killed be the black knight, if you are at 12 or less life you need to consider mortal strike, it deals 6 dmg when the warrior is at 12 or less life, so 2 of them will kill you, if you see he has 2 cards in hand they will almost certainly be mortal stike so try to keep him above 12 hp so that he doesnt have the dmg to kill you, depending on how much life you have it might actually be more effective to heal them then it is to heal yourself, when your at 9 hp healing them is better assuming you have taunt and the heal is for 3 or less, its important to consider the situation and determine what will allow you to win
With aggro, this is actaully pretty slow as far as aggro goes, so you should be able to be faster than them and beat them on tempo, ignore everything except bloodsail raider use your removal on 1 of the argent comanders


Modern Miracle:
This is a deck that draws cards and uses spells to remove your minions in order to get a huge leeroy and edwin combo, you can tell its a miracle rouge when they shiv your face to draw a card
This deck looks like a joke but its surprisingly effective unless a taunt gets in the way
With control, you can pretty much do w/e you want, save 1 removal for edwin, the other 1 can be used on an auctioneer if you can, try to kill the auctioneers asap, they are what make this deck work, if it gets concealed theres nothing you can do (unlees you have a 4 dmg aoe, in fact if you have 2 aoes that deal 2 dmg you should burn both to kill the auctioneer when its concealed, thats how important killing that thing is), alternatively you can just silence edwin and have both removals for auctioneers, if you kill the auctioneers without them drawing too many cards you probably won, make sure you get at least 3 taunts up later in the game to prevent the leeroy combo from hitting, its actually kind of hard to lose to this with control, everything has to go very badly for you and very good for them
With aggro, hit the face, ignore everything except the auctioneers, use your removal on edwin, aggro will struggle against this deck, they will be removing everything you play so it will be hard to get damage in on them, if you manage to kill the auctioneer everything will be fine, if they conceal it god help you they will draw their whole deck by turn 7 and will finish you on turn 8, you just have to hope they dont draw the cards they need in the order that they need them

This is a board control deck that keeps pressure on you by playing minions every turn, you can tell its this type of deck when they play argent squire or defias ringleader
With control, if you can match their tempo youll be fine, your control deck will probably have better minions than the minions in this deck, aoe is really good here, silence cairne, you can remove him too if you want, feel free to use the other removal and silence on w/e you want it doesnt really matter, shield master or azure drake would be good, at 12 hp you are in the danger range, cause he can leeroy shadowstep leeroy for 12 damage, so sunfury protector or defender of argus is good here, just dont give taunt to anything super important because they will black knight it
With aggro, theres not much this deck can do against aggro, you can safely attack the face without worrying about anything


Priest is really bad right now and you will rarely see them

Amaz Priest:
This is a mid range deck with rag and mind control for the end game, you can tell its this type of deck if they play injured blade master
With control, this deck is really easy to beat, the only trouble youll have is if they get a lucky thought steal and take your best minions/spells, or if they coin injured blademaster and then use circle of healing to get a 4/7 on turn 2 but that also requires luck and doesnt happen often, you can use 1 removal freely (i recomend saving it for w/e they mindcontrol from you), the other is for rag, silence sylvanas, make sure you kill your harvest golem (if your using them) or dont even bother playing them cause they will be stolen by the enemy and the 2/1 that spawns when it dies becomes the preists forever
With aggro, this deck can be hard to beat, its very anti aggro and they can heal for a bunch, auchenai soulpriest and circle of healing is a 4 dmg aoe what can wipe out your board, just hit the face and hope for the best, use your removal on 1 of the shield masters

This is a mid range deck with rag and mind control for the end game, you can tell its this type of deck if they play ancient watcher
At first i thought this was a variation of the other deck, but no, its different enough to be its own thing, kind of
With control, this deck is much better than the above priest deck against control, the strategy is still the same, twilight drake is harder to deal with than injured blade master, you can silence the twilight drake to make it a 4/1 and kill it with something small though if you draw your silence (earth shock is amazing here), and ancient watcher can be silenced and will be like a yeti, but on turn 3, dealing with that is much harder than anything in the other deck, youll probably have to go 2 for 1 with it if he plays it that early, other than that everything else is the same as i said for the priest deck above this one, still shouldnt be too hard
With aggro, this deck is easier to beat than the other one as its not as anti aggro, use your removal on an ancient watcher that gets taunt, it can still be hard if they draw the right cards

Randuin Wrynn:
This is a joke deck that uses RNG to win, you can tell its this type of deck when they play master swordsmith, or lorewalker cho
Priest is in such a bad place right now that i actually see this joke deck as often as i see the other 2 decks
With control, the only way you can lose is if his rng is really good, save your removal for ysera and rag, silence sylvanas, you should have enough board power (especially with a damage spell in hand) to manually kill norzdormu and gelbin
With aggro, you pretty much cant lose, the 1 thing that could mess with you is a good mad bomber, ignore everything except the demolishers (use your removal on 1 if you want), you might want to kill the knife juggler too, depending on how much hp your minions have at the time

My decks
Im currently rank 8 and these are the decks i use

Big Blind Savages:
This is the deck ive been using the most in ranked, its really flexible, sometimes i can play it as an aggro deck depending on the situation, there was 1 time where i played it as a mill deck against an aggro warlock that played lorewalker cho (i left cho alive and just gave him my spells because i knew his deck couldnt properly handle a tempo that included my spells, basically i turned him into control while i was aggro and getting my spells back, i also burned 1 of his cards with naturalize on turn 4)
Originally i had 1 sunfury protector in there and only 1 faerie dragon, but i never really needed the extra taunt, and faerie dragon was mvp against aggro hunter every game (litterally you can just play faerie dragon on its own and it will deal half the hunters hp in dmg before it goes down, explosive trap is the only thing that can stop it if i have enough spells in hand to kill everything he plays which i always do), the protector was better against zoolock though, but i can usually get by just fine without it and the dragon is better vs control
The ironbarks are there to draw out big game hunters or other removal to protect rag, and if they dont have an answer to it, its a great minion, i might replace 1 with a faceless though, but the taunt does help so idk
Ancient of lore is the best card drawing card in the game imo, so i put 2 in there, it can also heal me against aggro decks if i need it to
Starfall is usually just a 5 dmg spell to a minion, but i like the option to deal 2 to everything to help with aggro, i tried it with starfire instead but the tempo wasnt right, and the aoe option was more important than i thought
Naturalize is better than i gave it credit for, the cards the enemy gets dont really matter too much and it can actually help you when the game goes into fatigue which does happen with this deck, it can also give you a huge tempo advantage since you can spend 1 mana to kill something he payed 8 or 9 to play

Board Control 3.0:
This is the other deck i use in ranked, its not as flexible, im still tweaking it
Ive considered taking out 1 defender of argus and either putting in an auctioneer, or a 2nd argent commander, but cant decide which is better, i feel like 2 defenders is best
The windfury is in there for a bit of burst damage, i can put it on a fire elemental that lives for 12, or on an argent commander with a rockbiter for 14 (or supported by a flametongue for 12, or both for 18), the commander doesnt need to do that though, i could just use it to kill something, there were 3 games where my rag survived, i earth shocked it, played rockbiter and flametongue (only 1 game had both) then windfury and hit for 26, it was glorius)
The argent squire is there to help with aggro
Mana tide totem isnt as bad as i thought, if it lives it can get you so many cards, most of the time people have a spell to deal with it though, even then its not that bad since it forced them to use a spell and gave you a card out of it, the main problem is the tempo issue if you play it on turn 3, i find playing it on turn 6 with something else is much better
Originally i had thalnos in this deck, but it rarely helped so i cut it, i might cut a squire to put it back since aggro isnt as popular now, people have started using blood knight more and the squires are a liability now, i was also thinking about getting rid of the axe for thalnos since the axe hurts me more than it helps most of the time since shaman cant heal without the 3/3 that heals for 3, which i dont really want in this deck

I still use this occasionally mainly for quests, back when aggro was the only thing people where doing this deck dominated, now with more control decks its not as good so ive pretty much retired it
Mad bomber and arcane missiles are amazing vs aggro, even accolyte of pain is good vs aggro
I could just get rid of arcane missiles, mad bomber and the shield master for stuff that is better vs control but the whole point of this deck was to be anti aggro so i dont want to

Little Buffs:
This is a very old deck, its 1 of the first that i made, the only update ive made to it since then is adding rag to it (i didnt even update it to add my carine), i think i replaced a spellbreaker to add rag
It still works though, i use it for quests, the whole idea behind it was to buff everything by 1
Knife juggler is there to give the hero power the ability to deal 1 dmg

Made this deck for a quest a long time ago but kept it around after it preformed pretty well and even updated it as i got rag and cairne, i just use it for quests now
Originally i wanted to make a combo deck, but then realized i only had like 3 combo cards (technically 9 but i dont count doubles), i used to have headcrack in there which i really like but its way too slow so i ended up disenchanting it once i realized i would never have a use for it

I made this deck awhile ago and changed it after the nerf to blood imp, i mainly use it for quests and for going from rank 20-15 quickly (prior to this season i would use it to go from 25-15 quickly), ill also use it if i drop a rank because i messed around with another deck (i use like little buffs or combo rogue or my preist deck in ranked occasionally either for fun or to check how well they do at that particular rank)
Its not as aggro as zoolock but if the rush fails i still have a chance after turn 10, as long as im not against a druid
Thalnos is in there mainly for card draw but it can potentially buff mortal coil to 2 to remove something or soulfire to 5 for more damage to the face (or for getting through a watcher or yeti that got taunt)

Typical Priest:
I made this deck just for fun and to do a quest, but it turned out to be significantly better than i thought it would be, i actually won a few games at rank 9 with this which was unexpected
Its really fun though, inner fire can get me a 5/5 that heals itself for 3 every turn on turn 2 (with the coin) which is just funny, it can also bring a silenced lightspawn back up to a 5/5, its especially good vs control warrior or control palladin becuase both of those decks have a high number of legendaries and thought steal generally steals 1 of those, there was 1 game against a warrior where i pulled alex and gorehowl in 1 thought steal and did his kill combo to win, it was hilarious
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:38 pm

*clicks on latest Hearthstone post*
"This might be my longest post, i didnt intend it to be this long but..."
*looks over at scroll bar, it's not even halfway down the page*
i guess if we ever want to destroy the site we'll just quote that post 3-4 times

i stopped playing hearthstone partially because of what you said relating to mass legendaries but also partially because the game wasnt quite fun enough to warrant the amount of work needed to play it (i have to lug my work laptop home). after reading this, though, i guess there's more depth & strategy than i gave the game credit for. it's a different kind from most card games that i'm used too but that's not bad at all

i think once i get my computer back ill try picking it up again. i have to play at least once more to justify spending like an hour just reading this
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:49 pm

Serenity09 wrote:
i stopped playing hearthstone partially because of what you said relating to mass legendaries but also partially because the game wasnt quite fun enough to warrant the amount of work needed to play it (i have to lug my work laptop home). after reading this, though, i guess there's more depth & strategy than i gave the game credit for. it's a different kind from most card games that i'm used too but that's not bad at all

Yeah, there arent as many card mechanics as in other games, but its only been around for a few months im sure they will add more card mechanics as time goes on
But it has a different kind of strategy that doesnt look strategic at first glance, the ability to attack anything on the board unless taunt is involved

They are actually adding the first expansion set, called Curse of Naxrammus:

It adds a single player campaign that allows you to unlock 30 new cards, including new legendaries, the first part of the campaign is free, the other 4 parts cost either gold or real money, but they havent said any prices yet, im hoping each part is only like 300 gold at most

The cards theyve shown are deathrattle themed

This is basically the same as a secret keeper, but with deathrattle cards instead

Its like a smaller version of gruul, i could see this being amazing in a priest deck where you buff its hp so it cant die to aoe (not counting equality), but i dont think it will be in many normal decks

This is a weird one, youd have to buff it to get it too attack so it dies, or give it taunt, i guess you could use a 2 dmg battle cry to kill it too, like on turn 5 with rogue, play this then SI-7 agent to kill it and have a 4/4 and a 3/3, you could also backstab it on turn 2 for a really early 4/4, you could even coin egg, backstab on turn 1 for a turn 1 4/4

I dont think it will be used in normal decks though, maybe in zoolock since they can buff it to attack but even then its not great since it messes with the tempo of that deck

I could see this in aggro decks, but its stopped fairly easily so idk if people will actaully use it

I want this card, i want to make a shaman deck that uses cairne and ancestral spirit with this card, play cairne in 1 turn, then when there is something on the board that can kill cairne, play this card and put ancestral spirit on cairne then send carine into that minion to kill him to get a fresh cairne and 2 banes, its probably really impractical but i dont care, im doing it

Also i can see now why they made secrets trigger only on the enemy's turn, cause using redemption on the egg after it gets buffed by sword of justice would be OP. youd get a 1/3, kill it on your turn for a 5/5 and a 1/2, and a 2nd redemption would let you do it again for 2 5/5s and a 4/4 and it would be pretty easy to pull off
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Some news about hearthstone

The season reset and everyone that got to rank 20 was given this card back:

The middle white part is animated in game, its bright colors and slight animation makes it a bit distracting, and everyone is using it so its kindve annoying, but i do like it

Getting to rank 20 this season will get you this card back on june 1st:

It looks ok, if the green window part lights up like the fireside back then id like it more

You can also get the fireside card back for a limited time by playing on a lan with 3 or more people:

The glowing animation in game makes it look much better than a static image, you never actually get to see the animation while youre using it though

I dont really understand the point of card backs, since you cant really see your own card backs, it makes sense for the legend card back, since thats difficult to get, its a show of status rather then an atheistic thing (i actually really dislike the legend card back design), but the others are basically handed out and while they look good you cant see your own so whats the point
It makes more sense to have the ability to set the other persons card back since thats the one youll be seeing and if they have a legend back or something that was hard to obtain it overrides your setting

2 more cards from naxxramas were announced

A paladin secret:

The minion that receives the buff is random, it caused some confusion and the someone from blizz said that it is random, they shouldve put that in the text cause i assumed you could target it
And its a pretty crappy card, +3/+2 is powerful, but the concept of the card conflicts with the pallies hero ability, since its likely to give +3/+2 to one of your 1/1s, so its like summoning a 4/3 on your enemies turn which is fairly easy for most classes to deal with, i guess it is annoying though especially since theres no way to remove secrets unless you play hunter and use flare (im hoping this expansion adds a neutral way to remove secrets without triggering them)
I think it would be better to just deal 3 dmg to the character that killed the minion that caused this secret to trigger (the hero would take 3 damage if the secret was triggered by a spell or hero power)

And a druid spell:

This has some crazy synergy with the new deathrattle stuff but i dont see it being used at high ranks like that, i would actually want to use it as single target removal, like a worse version of polymoph, only because druid removal kindve sucks, use it on a rag after it clears your last minion for example, or as a massive insta board clear with thalnos and swipe to the face, i will definitely try it out in my druid deck
This doesnt fit in my deck but something like violet teacher, innervate, innervate, coin, claw, claw, wrath, wrath, poison seeds, power of the wild would be fun for a token druid, fill the board with 3/3s (and then cry when your awesome 10 card combo is burned by a single flamestrike)
If the treants from this had charge it would be useful in any druid deck imo (you could deal 20 dmg in 1 turn with force of nature, savage roar, innervate, coin (or your other innervate if you didnt go second), poison seeds, which sounds OP but it does take 5 cards to pull off and is actually the same as doing force of nature, innervate, innervate, druid of the claw (charge form), savage roar)

And all the other cards i talked about in my last post are neutral cards, any class can use them, slayer was saying they are probably for a new class, but there is no new class
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The effect of Ancestral Spirit stacks apparently. i was playing a priest deck and earlier in the game i stole 1 of his spirits, on turn 10 i played my rag and put spirit on the rag (he had 3 cards in hand and had just used a hex so i was pretty confident everything would be great), the 3 cards in his hand were faceless and 2 spirits and he top decked an earthshock, so he copied my rag, put 2 more spirits on it (which at the time i didnt understand why he would do that since i didnt think it would stack) then silenced my rag

I had shadow word death so i attacked with my rag to kill his first rag (again i thought it would just bring 1 rag back like how it works with cairne) and the plan was to use death to finish 2nd rag, but when his rag died it brought 3 rags back and i was like oh shit im screwed and we both used the "that was a mistake" emote at the same time, was hilarious

Needless to say i lost that game, after the game he added me and we laughed about it, he said that trick works all the time since no one realizes that the effect stacks, he normally does it with cairne

Also Ive made 2 more decks since the last time i posted about decks

Cold Hands:
This is a handlock deck without molten giants since i dont have those yet, its really fun and very effective against control and aggro, it can actually be more aggro than zoo if i get the right cards in the right order
Ill probably take out the shadowbolt for a molten (the bolt is replacing a hellfire since i never needed 2 hellfires), and maybe 1 owl for the other molten, i rarely need 2 of those
Argent commander is subbing for leeroy, and if i had jaraxxus id probably take thalnos out for him
If i had the molten giants i feel like this deck would outperform my druid deck

Free Tirion:
I opened tirion in a pack so i made a pally control deck, it has gone through many changes but i settled on this
The main problem with this deck is its not reliable enough, it needs to draw cards in the right order to work properly, when it works it owns, when it doesnt draw the cards right i lose miserably
Blessing of wisdom is amazing btw, especially against zoo since they cant afford to slow their damage, wisdom will guarantee you draw into the stuff you need to win against most aggro decks, and if they dont attack with it they lose so much dmg, you need to put it on something like a flame imp or some unimportant minion with at least 3 dmg, against control i can put it on my giants or some other big minion of mine for a decent amount of card draw, it also activates the pyro
My old version of this deck:
was more reliable all around but lost to zoo most of the time, and zoo is like 80% of what ive been seeing
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3 more cards from the expansion where announced


This card may replace 1 fiery war axe in warrior control (i would use this in place of 1 of them) since dealing 1 dmg to your own stuff is great for that deck, im pretty sure the 1 dmg would go off when the opponent plays ooze too, im not sure what would happen if they use harrison though, i guess it would still trigger since the card text says "destroy"


A 5/5 for 4 mana is ridiculous, i know a light spawn is a 5/5 for 4 but it can be silenced/dmged to be made weaker so its not that bad, but a 5/5 thats just a 5/5 is really strong, it can kill a yeti in 1 shot and stay alive, its only downside is its death rattle, which isnt even really a downside, this card could be amazing in tempo rogue (im assuming you can pick the minion that gets returned, if its random then maybe not so much, it also needs to live for a turn or it could slow your tempo, but it has 5hp so it will probably live)


Ok this card is just OP, i was just talking about Ancestral Spirit, which does something similar (Rebirth was announced after my post about Ancestral Spirit
For comparison heres spirit:

The new card does the same thing for the same mana cost but gets results instantly while you have to kill the guy with spirit manually, so rebirth is just flat out better
The worst part is you can combo them together to legitimately make 3 rags without needing to be against a priest with thoughtsteal or any other random set of circumstances
Imagine it on sylvanas, turn 10 you can do sylvanas, spirit, rebirth for a 10 mana mind control and 2 5/5s that will steal more minions when they die
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Its time for another hearthstone post, so get ready for a wall of text
Mark has started playing hearthstone, i got 12 wins in arena the other day, and the expansion should be released in july (probably)

New Naxxramas cards

3/4 for 4 mana is pretty bad, and pulling a demon from your hand isnt that great, the best thing it could pull is doomguard, i could see it being used in zoo, maybe, the main problem is that it doesnt really fit the mana curve for zoo, other than zoo though i dont see any potential use for it, its not like it makes a demon warlock viable, i mean sure you can do cute things like power over whelming on the void caller attack with it then play void terror to absorb it and get another demon out, but i dont think thats a viable combo, maybe shadowflame instead of void terror, but still the demon cards are just so bad that a demon deck is probably still not going to be viable

This is the kind of card that looks amazing on paper, but i dont think it is, you cant control which minion dies since it happens on the enemy turn, so its too inconsistent, it might have a place in some decks though so i wont say its useless, and those times where it works out like you want would be amazing (like if it gives you 2 sylvanas's or something and steals a minion when the first sylvanas dies)

This card might be amazing, a 3/4 for 3 mana is good, and its ability is decent enough, the minion it gives hp to is random even though it doesnt say its random (all deathrattle effects are random when targeting is involved), but even then its still not bad, i think this could help priest a lot

At first i thought this just drew a random beast from your deck and was like, well thats crap, maybe the worst card in the expansion so far
But then i found out that its ANY random beast in the game, not from your deck, it works like ysera where it gives you a card from no where, any beast includes king krush and highmane
So its much better than i first thought, i could see it being used in beast synergy decks, though i dont think it will be consistent enough to be used in high level decks, you could get king krush or you could get captain's parrot, random is random

Meta Update
The meta in hearthstone is still aggro focused, the nerf to hunters has reduced the number of people playing hunter, most of those people are playing a new aggro deck called the shockadin

This is a hyper aggro paladin deck with a large amount of board clear, its goal is to overwhelm your with little minions, it relies on divine favor to draw cards, 90% of paladins are playing this, you can tell that its a shockadin when they play leper gnome, worgen infiltrator, elven archer, or a secret on turn 1/2
Playing with a control deck against the shockadin you want to always muligian for your early minions or your early removal, w/e anti aggro your deck has, right now you have to assume a pally is shockadin when you see 1, but dont go wasting your spells until your certain its aggro pally, argent squire is something control pally might have too so thats not a good enough way to tell if they are shockadin, once you are sure its a shockadin you want to blow all your cards as fast as possible while removing as much as you can and avoid drawing cards when you can (try to only keep 2 (3 max) cards in your hand at any 1 time), this accomplishes 2 things, it stops them from getting a good divine favor and youll be keeping their board under control, dont be afraid to use your best removal against a 3/1 or something you would never use that quality of removal on, this deck has nothing worth saving that kind of removal for, also burning the coin to use your hero power on turn 1 after they play gnome/archer is perfectly fine for every class but priest and warlock, once you are both top decking your deck should win out since it has higher quality cards, as long as you draw stuff that you can afford to cast and as long as you arent handlock/miracle rogue, also dont be afraid to burn combo cards that you normally wouldnt use without some sort of combo (except equality, if you draw equality as control pally you probably lost as its almost completely worthless in this matchup)
Playing with an aggro deck against the shockadin you just do what you always do, you actually have an advantage (unless your playing mirror) because they wont be able to divine favor to draw cards, so as long as your card draw mechanic comes through (and you dump those cards right after drawing them) you can win even with a moderate or sometimes bad start, consecration can be devastating so you should try to keep their board under control, if they dont use it on turn 4 (and you have at least 2 guys on board with 2hp) they probably dont have it in hand, its important to watch what they do on turn 4, if they hero power pass they probably do have consecration and they are baiting you to play more stuff so you should avoid playing 2hp minions on your turn after their hero power pass of a turn 4, if they play normally you should assume they dont have consecration and play w/e, if they still dont consecrate you on their turn 5 they 100% dont have it in both cases and you should assume the card(s) they are holding back (if they held back) are equality and/or avenging wrath

Mage has seen some more play, theres been 2 new mage decks since the last time i posted about meta decks like this (the old mage decks in my long post arent used anymore)

Aggro Mage (Ice Queen):
This is an aggro mage deck with huge amounts of burst damage in the form of spells, it deals a pretty good amount of early game damage with minions and finishes you with various spell combos (you can see the burst potential in that deck strategy), you can tell its this type of mage when they play knife juggler/lepergnome/coldlight oracle
With control, getting board control should be fairly easy, they dont have much in the way of taking the board, they want to save their spells for your face so if you can pressure them enough to force a fireball on 1 of your guys you are in good shape, all you really need to do is keep up the pressure with minions and eventually they will be forced to use spells just to survive and every spell they use puts them farther away from being able to kill you, use aoe on mirror image and any other card that the aoe will kill, even if your aoe will only get 2 for 1 you should still do it to clear the images, you need them dead to preassure him, you can also use your low dmg spells on the images too if you dont need them for knife juggler/wyrm, use instant removal on water elementals, the deck strategy claims to have a 100% winrate against handlock, which i dont actually believe because ive faced this deck with my handlock deck many times and i usually win as long as i identify what it is before turn 4, i just dont see how handlock isnt favored, the only thing i can think of is that every handlock he played didnt understand the burst potential and tapped themselves down too far
With aggro, you should win pretty easily, he will have to use spells to respond to your rush of minions and wont be able to finish you, mirror image can be a real problem if its used at the right time, and turn 1 mana wyrm coin mirror image will probably cause you to lose, that 3/3 and those 0/2 taunts are too good of a start, especially if he can follow up with arcane missiles, but that kind of god hand doesnt happen often so it should be fine

Modern Freeze Mage (otter pops):
This is a control mage deck that focuses on freezing and clearing the board to delay the game until they can kill within 2 turns, you can tell that its this type of mage when they play doomsayer, frost nova, or novice engineer (novice is the best way to know)
With control, this is a really tough matchup, youll notice that in the aggro mage part above i didnt mention what you should try to get in your opening hand or which type of mage you should expect, and thats because i see 50/50 aggro mage and this mage so theres really no telling, silence is amazing against doomsayer, it will save your minions with little investment from you, but you cant mulligan for silence unless your playing druid or shaman (keeper of the grove and earthshock are good against doomsayer and against aggro so try to get those against mage if you play that class), if you manage to silence the doomsayers and save your guys you have a high chance of winning, if you dont he might be able to delay you too much, once you identify that its this type of mage any hp you have above 16 doesnt matter, feel free to use weapons to spend your hp as much as you want until about 17 ish (warrior can go lower as long as its not turn 10 yet, miracle rogue should be more careful, i wouldnt go below 22, tempo rogue can go to 16ish), alex will drop you to 15 anyway so theres very little benefit to conserving your hp before your near 15, once your near 15 you should just assume he has pyroblast in hand and subtract 10 from w/e hp you have once turn 10 comes up, at that point you should heal, if you cant heal youre probably dead within 2 or 3 turns after turn 10, theres really not much you can do against back to back ice blocks, poping the block asap before or on turn 9 is your best chance, if you didnt need to silence the doomsayers you can silence your own guys while they are frozen to make popping ice block quicker, if he plays alexstraza with ice block up you are almost certainly dead unless he got really unlucky with his draws or was forced to use both fireballs which never happens
With aggro, this deck is surprisingly good vs aggro, aggro has a better chance than control does, theres nothing special that you can do to help you win, you can do literally anything, none of it matters as long as you get damage in, you are at the mercy of his draws, but hes also more likely to be screwed by his draws since he has less time to draw what he needs, make sure you kill his acoylyte in 1 shot (unless that shot is way overkill, then just ignore the acolyte and hit face), and ignore his engineers, kill the azure drakes unless your close to poping his ice block and need the dmg to pop it, if he didnt use flamestrike yet you probably should just kill the drake just in case, its a call youll have to make
This deck is 1 of the strongest in the current meta imo
Also some variations of this deck have 1 poly (just 1) so poly is a possibility but you shouldnt play around it

Priest is actually starting to come back as well, people arent just using joke decks anymore
Ive seen 3 types that are all pretty much the same
Mercanary Mind:
Amaz's Priest (A wish for death):
Pretty much any time you see a priest at rank 20 or higher it will be one of these
They can use wildpyro to clear everything very efficiently, even big guys, its surprising what you can do with pyro and power word shield and some other random spells, so you need to kill the pyro no matter what, you should also clear the soulpriest too as that 2 dmg hero power that it lets them use is really good
Other than that theres noting special that you can do to win, just save removal for the big guys, and aggro just does what aggro normally does if he has the clears then he has the clears nothing you can do about it
Also i didnt realize amaz's priest had the senjin in there, i made more or less the same deck with ooze instead of harrison and cairne instead of sylvanas, and 2 azure drakes originally, but i was finding that i needed taunt and defender of argus didnt really fit so i threw in senjin (my go to taunt minion) for 1 azure and it turns out amaz has the same thing, i was using mercenary mind as a guide for my deck so i didnt know amaz's full deck list until now when i looked it up, just that it was pretty much what i ended up with by using mercenary mind as a guide (in fact if i had sylvanas i wouldve put sylvanas in instead of cairne too, same with harrison instead of ooze), so my idea by using someones idea ended up being the same idea that a another person had which is really weird

Shaman has also made a return now that hunter is more or less gone, the shaman deck is the same as it always has been though

Other than that everything else has been pretty much the same, the decks i listed before in my long post have had minor changes, but the strategy i wrote about before is still the same now to beat them
The biggest difference is that burst is used a lot more now, people saw the burst that miracle could do and decided to try to put it in every deck (even that priest deck above can deal 14 in 1 turn with 4 cards and 10 mana, though it is unlikely to happen)
Some of the notable minor changes are
Argent Commander has made a big comeback, many people are using it now, i think because azure drake is so popular (its always been popular, but even more so now) and argent kills it almost for free
Azure Drake is being included in most decks now
Handlock: They dropped lord jaraxxus, and now have leeroy/faceless/poweroverwhelming for a 20 dmg 3 card combo for 10 mana, with soulfire at the end it deals 24 dmg, and if they dont discard the other soulfire they can potentially deal 26 damage in 1 turn with 5 cards and 10 mana (20 damage is very likely to happen, 24 damage is fairly likely to happen, 26 is not likely to happen)
Druid: The ramp version added more taunts like sunwalker to try to counter the burst that so many people can do now, and the more midrange-y ramp (no ancient of war) added 2 copies of force of nature for more burst potential (instead of the taunts), watcher druid is rarely played anymore too

Arena Tips
So i went 12-2 in arena a while back with this deck:

So i feel like i can talk about the arena now

Arena is very different from constructed, it has a completely different meta, its not about getting combos or synergy, its just about getting good minions out and trading well with them
Mage and palladin are the best classes in arena imo, the have the best basic class cards and the strongest hero powers for arena

Making an arena deck
Building the deck is probably the most important part of arena, no matter how well you play a bad deck just wont get you to 12 wins
You can use this as a guide for what cards you should pick:
However you shouldnt always pick the card that that list says is the best, if you do youll probably only be able to get 6-8 wins at max, probably less then that
Your mana curve is more important than picking the best card every time and you shouldnt go over 2 copies of the same card unless that card is in the best or excellent category AND picking it fits your mana curve
You want mostly 2-4 cost minions (5's are fine too, but dont stack the 5s) with a few removal spells and a couple big hitters for the end game
2 cost minions are really important as a lot of the time matches are decided by who has the better board presence within the first couple turns, 3 is also important for the same reason (you can use the deck i got 12 wins with for a guide to mana curve and how many 2-4 cost minions are good, the curve on that deck is almost ideal, it might have too much early game
At first you pick the best cards, and as you go you start making the mana curve work by picking the 2nd (sometimes 3rd) best card that fits the curve (you should avoid picking stuff from the terrible category even if it fits your curve, nightblade, windfurry harpy, and thralmar farseer are the only 3 from the terrible category that i would consider picking if i was desperate to fix my curve and the other 2 choices were meh)
If youre lucky the best card will fit your curve every time and youll end up with an amazing deck, but that rarely happens (its never happened for me)

Playing an arena deck
Unlike constructed you shouldnt hold back cards for bigger plays later, youll see that the deck i got 12 wins with has big game hunter which is a situational card that can be amazing, however holding it back for the potential that they play an 8/8 is wrong, you should try to save it, play it last, but if you have no turn 3 play you should just play it to get something out there, holding it back will cause you to lose in the long run
Ooze is the same way, if it ends up being your only turn 2 play against a shaman you should just play it even though he could play axe and kill it, but playing around that possibility in arena is usually bad, again you should try to save it, if you have another turn 2 play then you should do that instead
The exception to this is when your already ahead, if you already have stuff on the board and you have 3 extra mana you could send out the big game hunter, but theres no reason to at that point since you already have stuff out, same with the ooze and the other situational minions
Also playing around flamestike (or any aoe) when you already have a prime flamestike board is a good idea too, even if it means basically skipping a turn because if he doesnt flamestike you know he doesnt have it and you can keep playing stuff the next turn (unless he played nothing on his aoe turn, then hes probably baiting you to play more stuff, in that case you skip again or play stuff that will survive the aoe)
You also want to go to the face more often than you would in constructed, theres a lot less things to punish you for not killing a minion so leaving a minion up usually wont result in disaster like it could in constructed, once you get initiative and a good board presence you can hit face every turn without having to worry about too much as he will want to use his minions to kill yours to stop taking damage, the only time you should trade for sure is the turn before they can use a big aoe spell, so like against pally turn 3 or against mage turn 6, of course you should still kill minions if you can do it without your minion dieing and it prevents the minion you killed from killing another 1 of your minions
The most important thing to know is when to save spells for enemy face and when to use those spells to clear minions, the deck i got 12 wins with had 2 fireballs, so if i was able to keep both of those i could deal 12 burst damage to his face, there were 2 games that i won because i saved those fireballs for his face and managed to come back from a definite loss, i was able to see that using them wouldnt stop me from losing, it would just prolong my death, but saving them gave me a chance at winning and i was able to get the win, there was 1 game that i lost because i didnt use my hero ability on his face when i shouldve, he played ancient of war and my only hope was double fireball (which i didnt even have in hand at the time, i only had 1 in hand) i pinged his ancient with the plan to kill it with 1 fireball and a 3 attack guy, but then i drew the 2nd fireball and realized if i had just pinged his face the turn where i hit his ancient instead i wouldve had the win (he removed my 3 attack guy with a spell from the top of his deck too so it was impossible for me to win after that)
So think of your damage spells as "will this let me win" rather than "will this let me survive" unless youre desperate and have no choice (like you are about to lose if you dont use it)

My Current Decks
I have way more cards now then i did the last time i posted about my decks so i can make most deck types, proper ramp druid, miracle rogue, and control warrior are the only ones that i cant make really since those require key unreplaceable epics/legendaries that i dont have
The ones below arent all the decks i have (ive been using hearthhead to save all of them since hearthstone annoyingly only lets you have 9) but they are the ones i like the most right now

As much as i enjoy ysera and my other legendaries they dont really work in the current meta, so i scaled the deck back to be standard handlock with bgh to help with mirror match ups and arcane golem standing in for leeroy for a 16 dmg 3 card butst combo, i want to fit ysera back in, but theres really nothing i can take out for it (alex isnt an option)
Power overwhelming, arcane golem, and faceless are the 3 cards that go into that 16 dmg combo (leeroy instead of golem would make it 20 dmg), but i dont need to use the combo, each of those cards are good on their own, arcane golem can act like shadow bolt after turn 10 (this is the weakest of the 3), power overwhelming can help clear the board with shadow flame, and faceless is just good in general so a lot of the time i wont hold onto the combo cards, certain match ups do need the combo though, like control pally (cause of infinite damage equality combos) and freeze mage (to instantly pop ice block) so i will hold it for those

Big Blind Savages:
So like i said, i enjoy ysera and my other legendaries, and druid can kind of get away with it with stuff like innervate and wild growth, this is kindve like ramp druid, but has legendaries instead of ancient of war and sunwalkers, standard ramp druid is probably better but this deck is still pretty good
Naturalize is there for unconditional removal, its also pretty good vs handlock and sometimes miracle rogue as you can cause them to burn cards by making them overdraw, its also good to use if the game goes into fatigue, its also not that bad if you use it in the same turn that you play ancient of lore, because you both draw 2 cards and its all even but you removed a huge threat and put a threat of your own up
Claw is there for anti aggro, but if im against control i can use it with force of nature and savage roar to deal 16 damage which people never expect (everyone expects 14 so they will try to stay at 15 against druid so that 2 extra damage can make a huge difference sometimes, it also lets me 2 turn kill with alex 1 turn then the force/roar/claw combo the next) though i wont save claw for that if i can use it efficiently earlier

Free Tirion:
I tried a scaled back version of control pally, without ysera and the other high cost legendaries, but it didnt work any better than just having the high cost legendaries, so i said screw it and put them back in since its more fun when you actually manage to get to the late game, i still dont have lay on hands (that holy light would be lay on hands if i had it) or avenging wrath (i dont know what id replace for avenging, but i would def put 1 avenging in there, maybe get rid of 1 argus for it)
This deck isnt actually that bad, but i need to draw sunfury and either molten giant or ancient watcher, ill usually win with either of those draws near the start of the game, it wouldnt work past rank 10 though
Blessing of wisdom can be really good card draw, as long as it draws at least 1 card it was worth it, ive had games where i was able to draw 6+ cards from it though

Zookeeper Cho:
So i opened lorewalker cho in a pack, a very gimmicky legendary, and started making different decks that used him, 1 of those decks was a shaman totem power deck ( i was able to get 3 chos out with that and spam the other guys hand with useless totemic mights while buffing my totems up a bunch, it was glorious, but most games i just died without even really doing anything
This one is the only one that is viable, a standard zoo deck but i replaced the harvest golems with cho and 1 bloodknight since the golems felt like the only thing that you could replace with those 2 cards, and i also replaced the shield bearers with scarlet crusaders (shield bearers are boring)
Zoo is a very boring deck to play but its pretty effective at getting gold quickly so i do sometimes play it, cho makes it much less boring and doesnt really effect the decks power, in fact i think its better than standard zoo
After playing this for awhile i started wondering why cho wasnt just part of standard zoo because everything was so much better with him, then i realized that in zoo mirror you end up screwing yourself with cho because you cant cast soulfire (as it will give a copy to the other guy then they just kill cho with 1 of their minions) until cho is dead and people rarely kill cho in the mirror matchup (they only kill him when they want to cast their soulfire) and manually killing him can be a pain sometimes, the same thing can happen against aggro mage, where you have frostbolt to remove their mana wyrm that is behind 4 mirror images but you cant use it cause they get frost bolt back but of course you have to use it you cant just leave the mana wyrm so now they can remove something else of yours or have 3 dmg for your face later, so i can see why people wouldnt want cho in zoo, i still do cause even with those issues its still better than boring standard zoo

This ended up being amaz's priest with cairne instead of sylvanas and ooze instead of harrison, both of which i would put in my deck if i had them, though with harrison i might just keep cairne and add sylvanas instead of harrison
Wild pyro can do some amazing things when comboed with power word shield and like any other spells, its really fun to play with, though i keep forgetting that the pyro triggers on every spell, not just when i want him to trigger, so like ill thoughtsteal or something just to spend mana efficiently and hit all my own stuff for no reason
Even without power word shield its pretty good as you can trigger it at least twice with your hero power, 3 times in 1 turn with farseer and hero power
And its really good in the current meta, with all the aggro the constant 1 damage aoe shuts aggro down hard, it cant lose to shockadin (unless you dont draw the pyro soon enough), circle of healing with soul pries out is a 4 damage aoe too and leaves a 3/1 left on the board so it can counter aggro really well
Its kindve lacking vs control though, its not bad vs control but its not good either, if you get a good thoughtsteal it could be amazing though
And it struggles vs druid, with all their high hp minions and 4 attack guys its really hard

This is what my "Combo" deck turned into, since that deck was already basically a tempo deck, this is just a better version of it
I use it for rogue quests mostly, if i had black knight i would replace assassinate with black knight, this is one of the few decks where i would prefer black knight over standard removal as it keeps the tempo going where as assassinate halts your tempo (and i only ever really use assassinate on taunt minions anyway)
Bloodknight is a really good tempo card, even as a 3/3 its still good, but its really good if played after argent squire as a 6/6, or against zoo/shockadin to remove that pesky divine shield

Board Control 5.0:
Now that hunter is pretty much gone shaman is viable again, ive been going back and forth between hating bloodlust and liking it, ive replaced it with doomhammer and a 2nd argus but in the current meta i think bloodlust works best, only because control pally isnt around anymore, i have doomhammer in the current version just because i feel like using it
It still functions pretty much the same as the old version i posted about in my first long post in this topic

So ive tried many hunter decks and i havent liked any of them, facehunter is dumb, midrange beasts is meh mainly because most of the beasts are meh, same goes for any beast synergy deck, and the slightly less aggro version of facehunter is the same as facehunter, and i really dont like the unleash the hounds mechanic
So screw beasts (except highmane since highmane is great), screw unleash the hounds, im all in on pyromancer and eaglehorn bow
This deck answers everything in the current meta (except priest and other hunters, luckily they are barely played), the traps and deadly shot destroy miracle rogue handlock and ramp druid, pyro in combo with arcane shot (or any cheap spells, even a trap) can wreck aggro, explosive trap stops aggro, pyro and hunters mark combo can take out anything while potentially clearing other things, hunters mark + elven archer is removal, flare counters conceal and freeze mage's ice block, snipe can take out azure drakes and auctioneers if played at the right turn
And while all that is happening you constantly hit face for 5 dmg with your bow and hero power almost every turn, you can use the bow to clear too if anything actually survives all that, acolyte of pain can draw tons of cards with pyro out (while pyro clears board with hunters mark for example) its great
Abomination is in there to help with aggro and can prevent you from dieing to miracle rogue when in a tough spot, baron is probably better though, rag is usually 8 damage to enemy face since the board should be clear but it can help clear if im behind
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:31 pm

i started to play hearthstone again and i don't have anyone's battle tag so i'll just leave mine her
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:30 pm

The season reset and everyone that reached rank 20 or above got this cardback

I really dislike this cardback, it has no animation and when the opponents hand has a lot of cards in it the cardback reminds me of glitchy graphics from gameboy color, you know where you dont put the cartridge in all the way and turn it on how it looks like the game just puked itself onto the screen
Its terrible

Getting rank 20 or above this season gives you this card back

It seems like the green swirl in the middle will have some sort of animation, i think it would look much better if the purple was black instead, black makes more sense for the deathrattle theme of this month too, but this looks fine

The expansion is definitely coming out this month, but they still havent released info about the pricing for it
They were supposed to release info about it yesterday but delayed it, which means they are still debating it
It makes me feel like they are deciding to raise it from w/e it is now, im hoping its 500 gold per wing

I also got 2 legendaries in 1 pack

Ill probably never open another legendary again now because i used all my luck

I made a new shaman deck that uses both of them but i havent actually used it in a game yet:

I played a couple games with that shaman deck, and harrison is almost always a dead card, i put harrison in my priest deck too and hes almost always a dead card there as well, at least ooze only costs 2 and isnt that big of a mana investment when you play it without using its ability
Alakir on the other hand is amazing, it makes shaman significantly better in the current meta

Also the more i play hearthstone the more i want instants to be in the game
Instants are from MTG, they are spells you can play at any time, even on the enemies turn, having that in hearthstone would fix a lot of the problems that the game has with stuff like auctioneer drawing 6 cards in 1 turn and being hidden to draw more cards next turn, or any of the various leeroy burst combos that many classes have, it would balance out charge in general

Maybe even have minions that have flash (same as instants but for creatures (minions))
Imagine a taunt minion with flash, they play leeroy and you play your taunt minion and now they are stuck with leeroy that cant hit your face and w/e combo they have is ruined, that might be OP though, at least with the way leeroy currently works

If they added this they could also make deathrattle a targetable thing rather than being random, it would make everything so much better

Its actually starting to make me miss instants and flash from MTG and is making me want to play MTG
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:51 am

that's insane that you got 2 legendaries. i wonder what the chances of that are… i know awhile back i looked online to see what people pulled from packs and there were spreadsheets collating huge data dumps. the best anyone did (out of thousands) was a legendary and an epic -- i think 10 or so got this.
i wonder if 2 legendaries is a new possible roll or if you're just jesus

i figured they didn't add instants to try and keep their game theirs. i don't really play hearthstone but i was okay that it didn't have instants. that's also why i thought deathrattles weren't target-able. it made a really fun experience composed of really fast, simple, sloppy mechanics

they'd be kinda hard to do well. because of the action queueing system, the window for an instant would be pretty small (although manageable if you're waiting for it, which you would be) but more importantly the general flow of the game would be different. it's cool how the game feels like an action strategy game even though its a turn based card game. not in a better way, just in a unique way. adding instants would take some of the action out of it, slow everything down. again this isn't bad, i loved magic but that's not their game

that said, i don't think creatures with flash would be as game-changing
this was my favorite mtg card (and it had flash) but it's not at all the kind of card i'd envision for hearthstone flash creatures
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I just dont see how else you can fix miracle rogue or freeze mage, or any burst combo that involves leeroy or arcane golem
Blizzard has said they dont want to make changes to the existing cards anymore and they havent made changes for a long time
The addition of instants would fix everything without changing the old cards (in the case of freeze mage you cant really change the cards so instants would be ideal)
My thing about flash was just after playing against 4 miracle rogues in a row, 3 of them using leeroy 3 times in 1 turn with 2 cold bloods (hence why my example involved a flash minion with taunt lol)

And it wouldnt really disrupt the flow of the game, when you see something being cast you just hit space or some key to pause the game to play your instant like in magic DotP and w/e your instant happens at the same time as w/e they did and any actions queued up after the other person used their instant are canceled

In dotp you rarely wait for the stack timer, people always hit that pause button as soon as they see the opportunity to use their instant as they already have it planned, so you dont need that timer, plus the animations of cards in hearthstone take long enough that it basically acts as that timer for you anyway so theirs plenty of time to use an instant

You mentioned it would slow the game down because people would play around instants when they see you have a bunch of mana left over, but people already play around stuff that slows the game down so it wouldnt change anything
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News about naxxramas came out yesterday you can read it here:

Basically it will cost a total of 2800 gold to unlock the full expansion, you can get that gold over the course of 4 weeks though

I did the math and you actually only need 1200 gold by july 15th and then, as long as you dont spend any gold, you can coast along on daily quests for the rest of the gold until August 12th where youll have about enough gold left over for an arena after unlocking all the wings
So if you have 600 gold right now you can coast on dailies as long as you dont spend any on anything until you reach more than 700 after you unlocked the 4th wing (which will be around august 10-12)
I averaged out the daily quest reward to 50 gold since sometimes you get 40, and sometimes you get 60, i also just ignored the 100 gold quest in my math

They havent announced the release date, im basing my dates on when i think nax will start
I think it will start on july 15th because magic duels of the planeswalkers 2015 releases on july 16th and im 99% certain they will release it around the same time (and the 15th is also a tuesday when they normally do patches)

If you want to do arena you need to never get less than 6 wins in any of the arenas you do or else you will lose gold and it will set you back, it balances out if you get 10+ a couple times after a few less than 6 runs, but i dont think its a reliable way to do it, its too easy to go 3-3 due to rng or just a bad card selection and get set back a bunch and then you need the 10+ run just to get back on track

After figuring that out i realized that the $20 price of nax might actually be worth it, even though im only 100 gold short of what i need to be able to just do dailies for the next month (i need 30 extra wins by the end of the month and im set) its 2800 gold i cant spend on packs or arena, so its taking at least 28 packs away from people that use gold, thats probably 1 legendary and like 1000ish dust, maybe an epic or 2

So spending the $20 frees up that 2800 gold for that potential legendary and a good amount of dust while also getting the nax content, its pretty tempting to spend the $20 when you think of it like that, if the first wing is really fun i might
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It seems like Naxx wont be released tomorrow like i thought, they wouldve announced the date by now, im really surprised they dont want to get out before magic 2015, my new prediction is july 22nd

Seren started playing this a lot more, so ill put some more info up as there isnt really enough time to explain some stuff when seren and i play

Making a play
Making a play is just deciding what cards to play and in what order to play them on your turn, whenever i decide what to do and make my play i consider 5 things

1. Do I have lethal already?
Doing a lethal check before you commit to anything is helpful, even if they are at 20 hp the damage you have on board and the damage in your hand can potentially add up to amounts that you wouldnt expect like 20 damage

2. Is the play i came up with the best play?
Its good to go over your other options before doing anything, the first play you think of isnt always the best even if it seems like it, a lot of the time theirs an obvious play that puts you in a good spot, but you also have another option which is harder to see that puts you in an amazing spot so go through every play you have with the cards in your hand before committing to anything, try to get as much value from all your cards as you possibly can

3. Whats my next play?
Whenever you come up with a play you should consider what the next step is, this can allow you to make plays that set you up for the next turn or prevent your next turn from being weak, for example if you have 1 2 cost minion in hand you could coin into it on turn 1, but then what do you do on turn 2, hero power?, that play is weak and the coin can get more value later, the only time you should do something like that is if your being rushed
Or on the setting up side of things, if you have flamestrike in hand you can use frost bolt on something like an ogre then ignore the ogre play out stuff other than the flamestrike, then flamestrike the next turn after he plays more stuff to catch the ogre and w/e else he played in the flames
You can also set up lethal for next turn if you do your lethal check and realize your only a bit short you can use the current turn to get that bit that your missing in on his face to set up your lethal for next turn (the best way to do it is to have lethal from your hand so that even if he clears the minions you have you still win after the set up)

4. What will my opponent do in response to this play?
After i decide on my play i think about what can go wrong with this play before i do it, if i was my opponent what would i do in response and whats his best possible response to my play, if he hasnt played aoe yet i might decide to hold back on the play i want to make
Reading your opponent is important for this and ill talk about that in a section below

5. What can i draw into that will save me here?
Sometimes you will end up behind and need a topdeck to come back, for example if aoe is the only thing that can salvage the game for you play as though you will draw that aoe as it gives you the best chance of winning since your going to lose anyway, its the same for using your draw to try to draw into a solution, like you can use power word shield on an 8/8 enemy minion in the hopes to draw shadow word death, these are desperate plays but they can cause the game to swing back around from a certain loss if you end up drawing what you need

Reading your opponent and bluffing
Before you can read your opponent you need to know how to bluff, theres 5 types of bluffs

1. Secrets
This is the obvious way to bluff, playing a secret and doing something to make it look like its that type of secret will cause your opponent to think its that secret, even if he thinks your bluffing he still cant risk it and will play the way you want him to depending on your bluff even if its not the secret you want it to be

2. My minion is better than yours
This is the bluff youll see the most of in arena (and it really only works in arena), this bluff is when you both have minions of equal power but you dont trade your minion into his and you hit his face instead, like a 3/2 vs a 2/3, your basically saying i have a way to either remove your minion without using my minion so im not worried or i can buff my minion so that your minion cant kill mine even when you cant do either of those things

3. I have X card(s)
Making them think you have certain cards when you dont can make them do things that allow you to not need that card when you otherwise would require it
You can set the hp of minions to 4hp to make them think you have flamestrike or 2hp to make them think you have other aoe even if you dont have aoe in your deck, most of the time it will prevent them from playing more minions for a turn and make them trade into your guys, so you end up clearing their board without flamestrike, you could also hold a card and set them to 10 hp as a mage to make them think you have pyroblast even if that card isnt pyro, or hit them in the face more aggressively to bluff that you have a hand full of burst damage
Based on what you do people will conclude that you have certain cards as thats the only way your play makes sense, so a lot of the time they will play into your bluff and you end up not needing the card that you dont have

4. I dont have aoe
Making them think you dont have aoe when you do can set you very far ahead, doing desperate things can make them think you dont have aoe or that your hand is ass so they will start playing more things that your aoe can kill, they end up feeling safe and will over extend, taking a bit of extra damage to the face is fine if your aoe gives you a massive card advantage after they over extend

5. I have lethal no matter what you do
Hitting everything to the face and setting their hp low will make them think you have lethal in your hand for next turn and will usually cause them to go into desperation mode trying to draw something to save them and/or clearing your board at all costs to try to give themselves the best chance of winning, even if they manage to clear your board they will usually do it inefficiently and you will eventually win
This only works if your hp is high enough to be out of lethal range, if you have at least equal board control with your opponent and if you have a card or 2 in hand left after you threw spells at his face, this bluff usually ends the game a turn or 2 sooner than if you played normally and can prevent huge out of no where comebacks from your opponent, i usually only do it when my opponent only has 1 card in hand as theirs not much risk in it

Reading your opponent to find out whats in their hand is incredibly useful and not all that hard, but you do need to know what every card in the game does first (there arent that many cards so its easy after awhile)

If your opponent is trading minions in an inefficient way it probably means he doesnt have his aoe as if he did he could just skip past your guys and hit you in the face and make you trade into him is just 1 of many many examples that are possible, its impossible to go over everything that you can do to read your opponent, its something youll learn through playing a bunch, the stuff i said about how to bluff should be helpful in reading your opponent as well since they will do those things normally (without it being a bluff)

The important thing about reading your opponent is to know when hes bluffing or not, seren and i lost a game because i read our opponent as bluffing a pyroblast and it turned out he actually had that pyroblast, i think that was more of my misread than it was from good bluffing by our opponent, which happens sometimes
The only time i will read something as a bluff is when they dont make it obvious that they have the thing they are bluffing about, so like there was a game me and seren played where it was turn 7 and i told seren to play a bunch of things against a mage who could have flamestrike and seren was probably thinking "are you insane" but he didnt say anything, then he said "no flamestrike" and i was like "i know" i knew that he didnt have it because he was bluffing by being subtle about having it while he was behind, if he actually had it he wouldve committed to it more because it wouldve put him so far ahead to actually have it since he was super safe, but not having it meant that committing to it would end up putting him behind still, but if we had fallen for it we wouldve ended up even (possibly ahead depending on what he did have in his hand) which was his plan
He couldve been doing the "i dont have aoe" bluff but his plays were too inconsistent for it to be that

RNG and forcing it to work in your favor
RNG is RNG, but you can stack the odds in your favor by having back up plans when the RNG doesnt go your way and/or by literally changing the odds by changing the board state before you use your rng

Generally i take 50/50 odds as being an acceptable risk, so killing minions until theres a 50/50 chance of what i want is when i would play my RNG, 33% chance is way too low

A back up plan just means you spend a bit more to do what you want when the RNG fails, having a backup plan is required for shaman as a lot of their stuff is RNG, if the RNG works out for shammy they will be very very far ahead as they didnt need to use the back up plan and their plan B solutions happen to be very powerful as plan A solutions too

You can also stack the enemies RNG against them, like if they play ysera and you know that ysera awakens will end up potentially killing you, you can set them to 5 hp and ideally kill ysera so that if they got lucky on the dream card draw and got ysera awakens they cant play it without killing themselves too
Or flood the board against ragnaros so his 8 damage at the end of turn doesnt hit you in the face
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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:49 am

how do you decide when to spell and when to trade minions? i feel like i make the opposite decision every time

pat1487 wrote:
As much as i enjoy ysera and my other legendaries they dont really work in the current meta, so i scaled the deck back to be standard handlock with bgh to help with mirror match ups and arcane golem standing in for leeroy for a 16 dmg 3 card butst combo, i want to fit ysera back in, but theres really nothing i can take out for it (alex isnt an option)
*highly relevant
that was a terrible game. you had the worst luck and i had great luck. your deck looked fun though -- i  didnt realize it had that much insane removal
is it so heavy on spells bc they work well with giants?

the other day i made a crazy arena deck. it was card draw sorc and it actually worked
it was funny, i knew as soon as i decided to go for a card draw heavy strat itd either be great or terrible. i top decked mountain giant on pick #30
i think this deck woulda gone further (went 9-3) but i ran into 2 even more insane decks early and then fucked game #10 up

i also made a new deck

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PostSubject: Re: HearthStone?   Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:45 am

Yeah using soulfire has that risk, but that hasnt happened to me in awhile (it has happened to me in ranked before though lol), i had another soulfire in my hand and maybe i shouldve used it after losing the coil but it was far too costly at that point (basically wouldve been 4 for 1) and i just decided you wouldnt have savage roar and that i could aoe the board to fix everything later, but you did have roar so that didnt work out
I couldve used coil first to make sure everything worked out but then i dont draw a card and a 1 in 7 is a more than acceptable risk to me

I made an alteration to that deck as a test as well, i took out an owl and put in void terror, im trying to make cards that no one uses work in some way, void terror actually isnt bad as i can absorb an ancient watcher for a 7/8 on turn 3 which will take a silence or some removal and protect my drake/giant later, i can also use it to absorb something that has power overwhelming on it like power overwhelming on an owl, use the owl to kill something and the owl live with 1 hp or something, absorb it with terror for a 9/4
I find that just having a 2nd owl is usually better though

When you called your deck "aggrolock" i expected a warlock deck with a lot of 1-3 cost minions lol

But Id say that deck is 10 wins, if you had more 2 costs instead of stuff like voodoo, murloc raider, ancestral spirit and maybe bloodlust, and if that forked was lightning bolt id say 12 for sure
The axe might be able to carry your through the early game so it could go to 12 if you get axe in most of the games
Might be hard without the axe or if the axe gets oozed though

Some tips about some of your cards

If you have unbound and feral in your hand at turn 1 with the coin you can do coin unbound on turn 2 and then turn 3 feral for a very powerful start

Ysera can draw nightmare for you, which can be used on a charge minion to deal a good amount of burst damage, blugil+nightmare+bloodlust=10 dmg from just the blugil from your hand, add that to w/e is still alive on board and its easy lethal (if you happen to draw blugil late)

Sylvanas wont steal minions that are summoned by death rattle when they both die at the same time, so like if your sylvanas kills a cairne and dies while doing it she wont steal bane

Forked lightning has a massive overload cost in proportion to its normal cost, so make sure you count how much mana youll have next turn when you use it so you can still play something, same goes for earth ele but to a lesser extent

Coin feral on turn 2 is rarely good, only time i would do it is if my hand was flooded with 1's, even then it isnt great

Healing totem will cancel the enrage on raging worgen if it gets back to full hp, enrange stops when a minion is at full hp (using raging worgen on shaman is annoying cause of healing totem, idk what your other choices were for that pick but id still prob pick worgen there anyway its just almost always going to be a 3/3 though)

Sylvanas with spirit on it then using her to steal something and kill something is an amazing combo as im sure you already thought of

Faceless will copy the effect of ancestral spirit, so watch out for your opponents doing that to your sylvanas with spirit on it lol

Bloodlust can be used as a kind of aoe when you have a few totems or crap minions out

Also if you are averaging 7 wins now, and it seems like you are, you dont need me anymore, salvaging a game from when youre behind is the only thing id be able to do better than you now as youve learned a lot recently but that deck is fairly straight forward on how to come back
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