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 Do they have a map like this on SC2?

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PostSubject: Do they have a map like this on SC2?   Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:45 pm

Yeah, so, I have no idea how to explain this. You likely will have no idea what I'm talking about, so hopefully you played one of these games on WC3. Did anyone ever play Fall of Lordaeron or Glory of the Horde? There were more than two games of that type, but I can only think of those two. They were both based off the lore (which isn't important), some people were on teams depending on the lore, and you had bases that could be either destroyed or taken over (once again, depending on the lore) that spawned units every minute or so. So like I said I'm not really sure how to describe this, but there were events that you could do involving the lore (though it doesn't matter if it involves lore) and you didn't buy units and make bases like in ladder, but they spawned from your bases. As I mentioned, you go and kill stuff and end up getting more bases that also spawn units. I kind of just hate building all the shit over and over in ladder, so I like this because you just spawn units and have to be strategic with how you use them, instead of having to build and use money. Reading this, I understand that I have completely failed at explaining it and I'm not sure how to describe hopefully someone has played one of those games Very Happy. Also, are there any games like Metastasis on SC2? I want to start playing it, but the last time I did, there were some really awful custom games. I also don't want to just maze all the time (if there even are those).... If there are any cool/fun games that aren't mazes, or are a unique maze (instead of all that garbage that was being made at the time we quit WC3 that just involved constant patrols), please let me know Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Do they have a map like this on SC2?   Wed May 01, 2013 1:02 pm

I dont think ive played that, but i have played something simillar with trolls and there were outposts that you could capture and you had an HQ that you could upgrade stuff from and units would spawn from the outposts

Theres probably something like that on sc2, i havent seen it though, but most of the wc3/sc1 games are being remade

There was a metastasis game, that i remember seeing a long time ago, i cant remember what its called, mal something
I cant find it now though, it might be dead

As for other sc2 custom maps, me and seren posted about cruiser command, thats a fun game
Theres also a 3rd person tron game (2 of them, the lightcycles, and the disc fighting) thats fun, and some others

All you have to do to find games is go to the arcade section in the menus to see all the custom games that are available, they updated the UI to display useful info about all the games there
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Do they have a map like this on SC2?
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