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 new units for campaign

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PostSubject: new units for campaign   Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:13 pm

its not explicit but i think its pretty definitely reasonable to assume theyre just for campaign
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PostSubject: Re: new units for campaign   Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:35 pm

The beginning of that video said "Multiplayer Update" so im pretty sure all of those units are for multiplayer

Terran seems to have the most useful units in the majority of situations
The warhound is basically an improved goliath
The widow mine is basically a less effective but more annoying spider mine, it pretty much does the same thing the seeker missile does though, just in a more passive way
I dont really understand the battle hellion, it seems to be exactly the same, just more armored, why would you even bother using the hellion without turning it into battle mode, the hellion is more maneuverable but your only go to use that to get into range or to retreat, maybe to kite if you're using a small number to harass

The Swarmhost/Locust is a weird version of the lurker, somehow it looks more and less powerful then the lurker
More powerful in that it spawns a bunch of units that can take hits with the rest of your army, less powerful in that it doesnt output as much damage, overall it looks less effective as a siege weapon
The viper is sortve like the defiler, i like the range reducing cloud, but abduct looks like it has 1 use, moving siege tanks
The evolved ultralisk looks OP with burrowed rush, they could just rush past the enemies front line of units and surround half of their army with ling support, or even worse get a full surround with lings and rush ultras into the center of the army

Toss looks like they adapted a new philosophy, one that states they must troll to victory
"You took a gold base, teehee, Entomb, no mining for you, trololol"
"You caught my army out of position with a surround, silly enemy, Nexus core mass recall, trololol"
"You attack my front, mass cloak, forcefield only escape route, trololol"
Seriously though, i like the nexus core thing, the mothership is useless, the nexus core might be less useless
The oracle really is a troll unit, everything it can do is just annoying, pre-ordain will replace observers and is like a super 2 min scan
I like the tempest, toss air has sucked for awhile, this might fix it, it might be a bit too powerful though
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PostSubject: Re: new units for campaign   Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:51 pm

It is for multiplayer, they released units in the last blizzcon and scraped like 40% of them because they were unbalanced. Looks like they made as many anti siege tank units as possible.

I really don't like the swarmhost, you can't see in the video, but it takes a really long time to recharge.

I think there ganna make the tempest like incredibly expensive, thus making it impossible to use in the game like the battlecruiser or the broodlord. (BTW they removed carrier)

Apparantly there is suppose to be a burrow-move thing for the banelings (like for roaches) but maybe they removed it.
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PostSubject: Re: new units for campaign   Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:01 am

Oh the tempest is a replacement for the carrier, thats just stupid
And moving burrowed banelings is stupid to, can go right into mineral line and explode all workers
Even if they are detected they could still do a large amount of damage
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PostSubject: Re: new units for campaign   Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:59 pm

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PostSubject: Re: new units for campaign   Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:45 pm

I watched those games

The window mine is far more effective then the spider mine and seeker missile, i didnt know it could kill a unit in 1 hit, its even more effective than banelings
It looks like they wanted people to use terran mech more, since bio has been so popular, so they buffed mech to be as effective as bio, where bio was already really effective

I like the new zerg stuff, except abduct, but i like the viper overall
I didnt think abduct would work on massive units, it seems weird that it does, but it has more uses then i thought it would because of that, i still dont like it though
Hydra speed upgrade shouldve been patched in years ago
I think the swarmhost's cooldown makes sense, if it was any faster it would be OP, but at that speed its not
I still think ultra's burrow charge is OP

I hate everything they did to toss, if i get HotS ill probably play zerg rather then toss
The tempest looks like crap, id rather have the carrier, and the carrier isnt all that great
The oracle's abilities are just annoying, both for the enemy and for the person using it, mainly entomb
The nexus core looks decent
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PostSubject: Re: new units for campaign   

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new units for campaign
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