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 Torchlight 2

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PostSubject: Torchlight 2   Wed May 23, 2012 5:56 pm

Torchlight 2 is the sequel to Torchlight which i posted about here:
It changes a lot from Torchlight though, mainly for the better
Most of Torchlight 1 takes place in a mine which can get boring
But Torchlight 2 takes place in many more locations

You get a pet which can hold items for you, like in the first torchlight

You can pick from more than just 2 types of pet now, I picked a hawk, you can name it to, Maxwell was randomly generated and i thought it was a good name for a mage's hawk so i used that

As you can see all items take only 1 space in the inventory and you have a ton of inventory space
The pet can be told to sell things that it has in its inventory so you dont have to go back to town to do it
This inventory is simpler then the traditional tetris like one from D2 but items drop like crazy and it would just be a pain in the ass to deal with it all if it wasnt made like this
20-30 items per mini boss fight is common
Green items are magical and blue items are rare

Rare items can also be set pieces, and may even have sockets
This helmet for example has a socket, is rare, and is part of a set

You may have noticed the requiremets on that helmet say Level 12 OR Focus and Vitality
The "Or" means exactly what "or" means, if your level 12 you can use the item (even if you dont meet the stat requirements), or if you meet those stat requirements (even if you arent level 12) you can use the item which i really love since it makes stats important without forcing you to have specific stats

Consumables like town portal scrolls, identity scrolls, hp and mp pots have there own tab in the inventory
Spells also have their own tab

You can find spells from random drops off mobs that you kill, they seem pretty rare as ive only found 12 total in my entire time in the beta (2 characters at level 21, the highest level you can get in beta, and 2 other characters at level 12)
Spells can be equipped by any class but you can only have 4 at a time, once you know 4 if you want to learn another spell you need to forget 1 you already know, forgetting the spell destroys it completely so if you want it back you would have to find it from a drop again
The interesting thing about this is that the pet can also learn 4 spells (there is no difference between the type of spells you can learn and the type it can learn), it will auto cast the spells if it has enough mana and usually does a decent job of it
You cant manually cast the spells you teach to your pet

But those spells arent your main abilities, your main abilities come from a skill tree like system

On the right of that picture you can see 1 of the skill trees for the embermage, the fire one (called inferno)
Each class has 3 skill trees and they all are different types of stuff
The embermage just has different elements so the differences in trees are minor but still there, but the engineer for example has trees that significantly change how you play depending on which tree you go with
Youll also notice that half the tree is "?", thats because the game is in beta and those skills either arent finished or arent revealed yet
Unlike a normal skill tree this type doesnt require you to get something higher up to get the next thing down
For example, in that pic i couldve gotten the skill that has 5/15 without getting the skill that has 8/15, even though it looks like you need to get 1 before the other

There are 4 classes, ive only been showing the embermage here
The embermage is a mage type class, pretty straightforward
The outlander is a ranged dps class using bows or guns, you can also get hex's and play it as a magic/range hybrid
The engineer is a melee hybrid, depending on what skill tree you go with you can be a heavy hitting 2 handed weapon user, a summoner with a bunch of bots, or a sword and shield tank, or some combination of those that uses bots as support
The beserker is a melee dps class, hes incredibly quick and has a lot of lifesteal

Also on the left of the pic above you can see the pet has a shopping list
You can tell it to go to town to buy portal scrolls, identify scrolls, and hp and mana pots for you

At the bottom of each of these pics youve seen the health and mana orbs and the hotbar, but above the hotbar is another weird looking bar with an eye

Each class has a bar like this that fills up when you do damage

The embermage can cast spells for no mana once his bar is full (lasts for 12 seconds and depletes the bar to nothing when it ends)
The engineer has skills that spend charges of his bar which makes those skills more powerful or adds new effects to them
The outlander gains stats and attack speed as his bar fills (the bar depletes rapidly when out of combat)
The beserker goes into frenzy mode once his bar is full, while in frenzy mode every attack you make is a crit and you run and attack much faster(frenzy lasts 5 seconds and starts once you make the first attack while frenzy is active)

Each class benefits from any of the stats, even if you wouldnt think they would
Theres 4 different stats:

Like focus would be good for a beserker, even though it seems like it wouldnt, because it increases the chance to attack with both weapons

Also theres fumble in dexterity, i really have no idea what fumble does, ive never seen a fumbled attack
But im pretty sure i have fumbled an attack, it just isnt apparent with what happens when you do

Theres also a detailed list of all your statistics

You can enchant items with more properties for a gold cost

The enchanter in town isnt there when you start the game, you have to rescue him during a quest, and he kindve sucks, he is an apprentice enchanter and can only put 1 enchantment on an item, you can find master enchanters in dungeons that can add 3 or 4 enchantments
The town grows a bit while you play
This is basically the crafting system, i like it because you cant just make the item, you still have to find it

And you can fish, but i hate the fishing system so i almost never use it

You feed the fish to your pet and change it into other stuff temporarily, the stuff it changes into really doesnt make it stronger most of the time

Heres some of the skills i was using:

This ball of lightning is from the storm skill tree, you summon it to a spot and anything that comes near it is struck with lightning damamge
It periodically attacks 3 targets at a time and as you level the skill it gains damage and can attack more targets at a time

This skill created 4 pillars of fire that move around and search out enemies to burn

This is the skill i use the most, it fires out small balls of magma that deal damage over time as well as a small amount of initial damage

The shattered thing is because some enemies have shields and will block all of your attacks until you can break the shield, when you break the shield it says shattered

I was only using 5 skills by level 21
The 3 i showed there, a spell i found which adds 25% elemental damage for 6 seconds, and a hex that steals life and mana of the mobs that die while under its effect (which i didnt use in the pics because the stuff i was fighting was level 5, i had to fight level 5's because this was the only area i didnt clear out)

The game is looking to be a lot of fun
The only problem right now with it is balance
The outlander can deal out way more damage then the other classes because of dexterity and critical strike chance skill passives, i was able to get to 45% critical strike chance at level 21 with about 1k damage per crit
Combine that with skills that hit multiple enemies (or that hit the same enemy multiple times) and crit for each of those hits and your dps output is insanely OP (in normal and even veteran)
There are different difficulties but you can switch between them at any time

There is no release date set but it will probably be out in a month or 2 based on what they have said so far
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Torchlight 2
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