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 Blacklight Retribution

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PostSubject: Blacklight Retribution    Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:08 pm

Blacklight Retribution is a free to play sci-fi FPS game thats in open beta
It plays a lot like Modern Warfare 3 but with a twist, several twists actually

In the game everything is digital, even the armor your wearing so you have a few abilities
You have access to something called the HRV, when activated it allows you to see people and important information through walls for a short time
Since everyone's suit and HRV are digital/electronic you can use EMP grenades to temporarily blind enemies, like a flashbang, but even more devastating
You also have the ability to, with enough credits, call in a hardsuit, the hardsuit is a small 1 man mech that you can pilot, it is pretty much invulnerable except for the 1 weak spot where it takes extra damage, but the weak spot isnt always in the same place, so in order to find it youll need to use the HRV
You can hack terminals using the suit, theres only 2 things to hack, doors and objectives

Now from that short description of some of the unique features this game has you might be thinking "well that sound pretty cool, i should give it a try"
Well dont, because while the game has alot of cool ideas, it fails pretty hard

Before i go into why, i need to talk about free to play (f2p) games
Im not a big fan of LoL, but it does have an amazingly good free to play business model, and it was the first game to really get free to play right
Back when LoL was first posted about here i posted something like free to play sucks in response, because back then i hadnt seen a free to play game where you couldnt just spend a lot of money to have all the best stuff and then use that stuff to own, that kind of f2p is what people call pay to win
In LoL you cant pay to win, the things that directly effect your stats can only be bought with in game currency
You can buy heroes that may have advantages over other heroes but they are balanced in such a way that theres no 1 hero that mathematically beats all others
LoL's f2p model is the reason it is as popular as it is

Blacklight Retribution is pay to win, the worst kind of pay to win
The best guns/armor can only be bought with real money
Items have level requirements but purchasing them with real money bypasses all level requirements
All the prices that are listed are what the price is for a one day use of the item, yeah theres time limits on everything, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or permanently
The price to have the best gun for 30 days is $6.40, to have it permanently its $7.50, and thats just the base gun, theres 8 other things that go on the gun that further improves it, all of which can be bought with real money
The price of unlocking stuff with in game currency is incredibly high, it costs 5k GP (gp is the in game currency) to permanently unlock 1 of the other basic weapons (its 250 GP to unlock it for a single day) you get 183 GP per game, thats only if your in first place and your team wins, if you lose you get 80 GP
Gaining exp is very slow, after 10 games im level 2, so reaching the required level to use stuff without paying realy money will take awhile, each game lasts about 20 mins

I havent seen many people actually buy this crap, in those 10 games there were maybe 5 people that had super good stuff
But those that had it were almost unstoppable with K/D like 32/7
Eventually i realized you can pick up guns that were dropped when someone dies, so the rare times these guys would die i would just steal the uber gun that they paid for and start owning, but when you die you lose it
I would die more often then they would while using it because i didnt have the armor they had, so i would go on a kill spree of maybe 5-7 kills then get killed

In the games that didnt have those people it was pretty fun, even in games with level 25's (there is no match making system) since level 25 stuff you buy with in game currency isnt that much better then any of the other stuff
I like the core gameplay, its really not bad, but this pay to win system is crap and i wont be playing it
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PostSubject: Re: Blacklight Retribution    Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:18 pm

Quote :
Now from that short description of some of the unique features this game has you might be thinking "well that sound pretty cool, i should give it a try"
actually it didnt even sound cool up to that point
more my thing than MW but still super meh

the rest just adds to the suckage though
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Blacklight Retribution
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