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 Psycho Waluigi

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PostSubject: Psycho Waluigi   Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:38 pm

Psycho Waluigi is a fan made game staring the only mario character that hasnt had his own nintendo game (even peach had her own game)
This game takes the classic mario platforming formula and puts a bit of a twist on it, a twist that i think fits Waluigi perfectly

The game starts with Waluigi waking up in some sort of dream world and is given psychic powers by an odd cloud
These psychic powers add the ability to pick up and throw anything you want in the world along with the familiar 2d platforming style gameplay that classic mario games are known for

Pick up a brick

And throw it

You can throw coins, bricks, enemies, pretty much anything
The best part is that if what you threw hits an enemy it will kill it, so you can pick up an enemy and throw it at his friend to kill them both

You can even pick up pieces of bricks that youve broken

And if that wasnt enouch some enemies have special abilities that you can use while your holding them
You know those fire plants that jump out of pipes and throw fireballs around, well now you can catch them and use their fireball ability for yourself

You cant do this forever though, red and white bar on the top left is the amount of energy left to use the ability, this enemy can use the fireball ability 3 times before it cant anymore
Once it cant use the ability you can only throw it
There are many enemies with special abilities, so are cool like the ability to freeze enemies while others are just a projectile that shoots straight forward
Its kind of like kribys power, only as if kirby had a limited time to use the power he absorbed

Also the bar of red diamonds above the red and white energy bar is your health
1 diamond is taken away every time you get hit and if you get hit while you have no diamonds you die and have to restart the level
You lose coins when you get hit (coins are important in this as they are used as currency for the shop)
You can restore your hp by collecting hearts which can be found in boxes

The ability to throw stuff isnt just for killing enemies though

Those boxes are too high for me to jump and hit normally

So you can just throw a brick at it and collect the stuff once it falls

The game has a shop that you can by power ups from (some of these power ups can be found by breaking boxes)
Instead of mushrooms/flowers this game uses eggplants
When you collect an eggplant you get an eyefly that will grant you an ability and follow you around (i have a blue one in the 4th picture in this post)
When you get hit with an eyefly you will lose the eyefly (and the ability it grants) but wont lose any health

This is the shop

The blue eggplant gives you the ability to fall more slowly as well as swim faster
The purple eggplant lets you double jump
The orange eggplant combines the power of blue and purple
The blue eye looking thing will half the cost of energy it takes to use enemy abilities
The gray circle thing protects you from losing your eyefly when you get hit for a level, you just take damage and keep the eyefly when you get hit
The heart will restore 3 hp when you reach 0 hp allowing you to take 3 more hits before death
The money bag (which isnt pictured here) will prevent you from dropping coins when you get hit for 1 level
The kings crown (also not pictured here) doesnt say what it does, it only says that its to show that you're really rich (it costs 100,000 coins), so it either doesnt do anything or it does something amazing

The levels are really well designed, the game is really polished, it feels like a game from the SNES
You can get it for free from here:
I suggest you use a controller to play it, i tried it with keyboard at first, which was a mistake, its the kind of game that works better with a controller
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Psycho Waluigi
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