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 Improve minecraft performance considerably

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PostSubject: Improve minecraft performance considerably   Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:23 am

Minecrafts performance is far worse then it should be

But theres a way to fix it

First download this:
It is an updated version of the libraries that java (minecraft) uses for graphics
To install it:

Open the lwjgl-2.8.3 folder thats in the zip, and go into the jar folder
From that jar folder unzip:
Into your .minecraft/bin
In windows you can get to your minecraft folder by opening a folder, type %appdata% into the location bar, hit enter, and the .minecraft folder should be in there

Then go to the natives folder in the zip, pick you operating system, and unzip all the files in there to .minecraft/bin/natives/
Overwrite any files that it warns you about

Ignore the rest of the stuff in the file
This will drastically improve performance
If you dont feel like taking the 3-5mins it takes to do this you can just wait till minecraft 1.2 is released, ive heard the newest version of lwjgl will be included with the update

Next youll want to download and install a mod for minecraft called Optifine:
It will increase performance without you having to do anything, but it also adds a bunch of new options that you can change to your liking to increase performance even more, or just make the game look better
It also will enable you to use any texture pack you want, so you wont need an hd texture patcher if you want to use hd textures
Follow the install instruction in that thread if you dont know how to install it, or just use magic launcher
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Improve minecraft performance considerably
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