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 Amusing Skyrim Bugs

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PostSubject: Amusing Skyrim Bugs   Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:31 am

Im still playing skyrim, a month after its release
Ive put about 60 hours into it so far and have barely made any progress on the main story or even the main side quest lines (like the companions or theives guild
Most of my time has been spent doing random encounter side quests that i come across as i try to get another random encounter side quest done

Along the way ive come across a couple of funny bugs, so i started to take screen shots of them recently

This bug happens when you equip 2 specific items together, 2 items that work well together so ive been using them for awhile
When in town people will sometimes say stuff like "You should get some rest, you dont look well", i guess missing a face only gets a mild reaction from the people of skyrim

I blew up the ground and sent corpses flying, this corpse got frozen in mid air for some reason, havent seen it happen again
Normally corpses dont fly this far in the air from spells either

You would think that someone would clean up these dragon corpses, it makes sense for them to persist in the wild, but in the middle of towns
Also these corpses fall from the sky when i fast travel to this town, which i couldnt take a screenshot of because it happens fast

Chairs, how do they work
This glitch is what made me start taking pics of glitches
Weird thing is, this is the only chair and hes the only character that this happens with
I watched others sit in this chair and it worked fine, i sat in it myself and it was fine
I saw this NPC sit in another chair and it was fine
But when that 1 NPC sits in that 1 chair this happens every time

Thats all i got so far, ill post more when i come across them
If you find any post them here
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Amusing Skyrim Bugs
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