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 Diablo 3

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PostSubject: Diablo 3   Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:25 pm

I couldve sworn we had a Diablo 3 topic before this but i couldnt find it

Diablo 3's beta will probably be releasing in about a month
So heres some info

You can have 6 active skills, and 3 passive
You can switch out skills at any time (you might have to be in town to do it , im not sure), so you can have more then 6/3 by switching quickly enough, but when you switch you lose the buff of the ability, for example you can cast frost armor on yourself then switch away from it without losing the frost armor
Only 6/3 skills can be used at any 1 time (3 passives kind of sucks)
You dont start with 6/3 skill slots, you start with 2 actives and no passive and unlock more as you level
The last 4 active slots unlock at level 6, 12, 18, and 24, and the 3 passive slots unlock every 10 levels, until level 30
So you cant use any passive skills until level 10

Mana has been replaced by class specific energy resources for most classes

Barbarians need Fury to use their skills (instead of mana), they gain Fury by hitting stuff with their normal attack, and there are a few skills that cost no fury which increase fury faster
Fury drains while the barbarian isnt in combat until it reaches 0

Witch Doctors use Mana to fuel their spells, nothing special there

Monks use Spirit to use their skills, Spirit can be gained by performing combo attacks
Spirit never changes on its own, it doesnt regen and it doesnt drain unless you fill it by attacking or drain it by using skills

Wizards use Arcane Power to use their spells, which is basically just mana, but regens faster and can be restored and increased in different ways

Demon Hunters have 2 kinds of energy resource for using their spells, Hatred and Discipline
Hatred is for bows and dps
Discipline is for traps
I dont know how they work with each other, they may be linked together somehow (like using 1 causes they other to empty/fill), or They are 2 completely seperate resources giving you energy to use your bow and traps together at the same time, but you have half as much power for each currently

Heres a recent video of some gameplay showing off many different skills:

There are no skill points anymore
They took them out
Now your skills just unlock as you level (and your stats are allocated for you to)
Im not sure how much interaction you have with it, but it seems like you dont have alot
It appears to just give you all the skills as you go and you can put the ones you want in your active/passive slots
Spells will scale with levels, skills that rely on a weapon will scale to the weapon your using

There is a large crafting system
Theres a cube that can break items into crafting materials, so picking up crap items may actually be worth it

The inventory is no longer like trying to play tetris with your items, 1 item takes up 1 space now, and the stash is much much larger (and i think its shared between your characters, so no more needing a 2nd person to transfer items)
You can also sell items without going back to town

Quest items are green
Crap items are grey
Normal items are white
Magic items are blue
Rare items are yellow
Legendary items are orange (some can be used together to form a set)
Runes are purple (they arent like D2's runes, these are put into active skills to improve them)

Socketed items dont have a color, "socketed" is now an item property, so any blue, yellow, or orange item could have sockets, though blue will be the most common, socketed items will be more common in general

Runewords no longer exist
Gems are returning
Magic find is returning, but should be more balanced
Town portals are gone, and replaced by a return stone, the stone doesnt open a portal and only teleports you back and forth between where you are and the town, it has a 10 second casting time, and probably cant be used while your in combat, im not sure what happens when you die, you may have to walk back to where you were

You can dye your armor to change the way it looks

Battle.Net 2.0
Like SC2, D3 will use Bnet 2.0

It looks like it has chat rooms, maybe

See on the bottom left, it seems to work more like WoWs chat then an actual chat room

But you should expect the same kind of services
Quick play, automated match making for PvP, persistent parties, etc

You can read more here:

It has an auction house like WoW (and other MMOs)
It actually has 2 auction houses
One uses in game gold like a normal auction house
The other uses real life cash

From what i can tell the real cash can be tied to a 3rd party (something like paypal, but blizz hasnt named any names) and you can sell your items for real money and the money goes to an account which you can withdraw from and use where ever
You could also put money into that account and use it to buy items that others are selling
Blizz doesnt sell items, the auction house is said to be completely player driven

At first i hated this idea, but seeing as how it may be possible to make a bit of money by playing the game my greed began to consume me and i warmed up to it
The problem with this is that everyone will want to buy items from the gold auction house and will want to sell items on the cash auction house, so i really dont see how both can exist without one (the gold auction house) going unused
There more problems then just that, like how people can just buy all the items they need/want, but you can already do that with sites that sell items and sites that already act as a cash auction house (d2jsp)

Basically the cash auction house is the official version of d2jsp with everything automated, guaranteed item delivery, and a way to cash out
Do i think it will work perfectly, no, honestly i think it will be a disaster (especially if it turns out you cant cash out)

This post got much longer then i intended and i didnt even post everything
I might post more later

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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:50 pm

im not looking forward to d3 anymore, i have a feeling blizzard is gonna fail like theyve been doing for the past couple years now

who all is going to buy it? i probably wont
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:05 pm

I havent decided if ill buy it
Ill have to play the beta to decide
If i dont get into the beta ill have to resort to less legitimate means of deciding if i should buy it
But its definitely something ill have to play for a bit to decide wether or not ill like it

It has alot of stuff i like
Like the runes, the skills and spell themselves look fun to use, the story, the different energy resources for the different classes
But then theres decisions that are just stupid, like bnet 2.0 and 3 passive abilities over the course of 30 levels, and auto-stats

Heres some more stuff i forgot:

When your out in the world you leave a banner back in town, when people join the game they can use the banner to teleport to you, whereever you are (why did they replace town portals with this)

Runes are very different in D3
Currently theres 5 types of runes: Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Alabaster, and Golden
The runes have 7 ranks
Rank 1 runes are low level runes you get starting in act 2, they are very common, rank 7 runes are high level runes that are very rare

Runes are placed in skills to change or enhance the function of that skill
You can take them out of the skill, its not permanent
For example, if you put a crimson rune into the magic missile skill it will cause magic missile to fire 2 missiles, instead of 1

You can put any rune on any spell
The effect the rune has on the skill is somewhat unpredictable, but it will always have the same effect
Like if you took another crimson rune (exactly the same from the last example) and put it in whirlwind, it would cause bits of rock to fly up and do more aoe damage

From what i can tell, heres a rough list of what each rune does to a skill when applied:
Crimson = Damage
Indigo = AoE or Homing
Obsidian = Buff self (or pets)or Debuff enemies
Golden = Health or Energy regen or cost reduction on self or DoT on enemies
Alabaster = Stun or Knockback or Confusion

When i say "or" i mean the skill will be effected in 1 of the ways listed

But the runes dont really even follow those rules either, especially Obsidian
Obsidian has almost no consistency between skills at all, where as Crimson is almost always damage increasing in some way

Really the only way to find out what works for you is to try them all out yourself, or look up the effects once they are all categorized and decide which one you like most

They recently talked about changing the rune system though
But the changes they make arent any better
They want to make all the runes blank and then just have them do something random when you equip it to a skill
I really hope they dont change it to that

Really all they have to do is make Obsidian more consistent across spells
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:17 pm

I don't know if i will buy it.

The game looks pretty simple witch is what i found appealing with D2, but it also seems a little limited. So like you pat ill have to play the BETA to know.

I don't know if agree with you Kallock, because Sc2 was pretty awesome when it was released. The whole game went downhill for me when they released random patches that noobified the game.... like not showing the loses (who the fuck thought that was a good idea)
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:24 pm

SC2 is a good game
The problem is bnet 2.0 and many of the decisions (like the loses) made with that

More info about the cash auction house:

The auction house you use depends on the currency you use
So if you live in america and use the $ you can only buy and sell things on the auction house that uses $, so you wont see items being sold by people in other countries (if that country uses a different currency)

You can transfer money from a 3rd party (something like paypal) to your balance with blizz that will be used to buy in game items, bidding on items is like a normal auction house, if your outbid you lose no money and dont gain the item, if you win the bid the money for the item is subtracted from your balance and you get the item

When you sell an item you have to pay a listing fee (which goes to blizz), the listing fee is a set amount, so if you sell something for $5 the listing fee is $x and stays at $x even if you sell an item for $100
They havent released the listing fee price yet, but it will probably be $1 or less
The listing fee is taken from you even if the item doesnt sell
When the item does sell another fee is taken, the selling fee (which also goes to blizz, some will probably go to the 3rd party)
The selling fee is also a set amount, no matter how much the item sells for
Once cash goes into you balance with blizz you cant take it out, but you can (and should) have the 3rd party forward the cash you get from selling to you so you can spend it on whatever
By default it just goes back into your balance with blizz, so you should change it to give the cash to you (unless you only ever want to use it to buy items)

Youll be able to sell stuff without the listing fee from time to time, they havent really said when, possibly a few items a week can be listed for free,
So it should be possible to make money without spending anything (blizz still gets $ though since the selling fee is still apllied when the items sells)

There will be an exchange rate between cash and gold
It wont be a set rate and will fluctuate with the market
If you use the gold auction house to buy items you can the turn around and sell that item on the cash auction house
But the item (unless the person listing it put it up for a lower price will be worth the same on the cash auction house because the gold you lost used to buy the item could have been sold on the auction house for the same that your now selling the item
If the person did put the item up for a lower price you can play the system to make a profit

As an example (the numbers im going to use are all made up)

Lets say the current gold to cash exchange rate is
1000 gold = $1
Someone puts up an item on the gold auction house for 4500 gold
You buy the item with the gold you got from the game
The seller can then take that gold and sell it for $4.50 (thats if someone buys the gold)
You can take the item and sell it on the cash auction house for $5.00 (if its worth $5)

The opposite works as well
If you buy an item from the cash auction house for $3
You can sell it in the gold auction house for 4000 gold
Then you can sell the gold for $4

If blizz doesnt screw it up and the player base gets it going, it will be like a stock market
Like an economy of sorts
At least thats how it will be in theory (communism works in theory)

The problem with this is that gold is an unlimited resource where as cash is not
Everything gives gold in the game, so the price of gold will be forever decreasing, especially with farmers and botters
This means that the gold auction house will eventually become unusable unless you buy gold or farm yourself
Blizz probably wont come down to hard on botters either since they make money on every cash auction house sale
They will only do just enough to make sure items sell for more then the listing and sale fees, so that people can keep using the system
But all that is in the future
When this all first starts youll see items that sell for $300, maybe more
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:11 am

Kinda sounds a lot like runescape, except now you can actually make money off of it lol.

(my little brother plays runescape and bots and just gets tons of gold, he makes about 30$ a month selling the gold from runescape online, this is prolly something he'd love to do lol)
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:46 am

nooo blizzard

my favorite part of diablo 2 was how it wasn't super simplified

but now they're trying to make all their games more like WoW

the somewhat complicated skill trees took like 5 minutes to understand, so i really don't see why those were a problem, especially since they allowed an awesome amount of customization.

i really liked how gold wasn't the actual currency of diablo
you bartered and traded items and services which was superdy cool
i didn't really like runes at first because they became an endgame version of gold

but i liked runewords so much that i didn't really mind how runes replaced most of the item trading market
(ie most trades are items for runes or runes for items)

either way, runes were a lot more interesting then gold since they inherently had multiple purposes.

but i guess ruining the barter system wasn't enough... runes had to go too... seriously wtf blizzard. runes -> runewords was one of the coolest ideas ive seen in a game. why on earth would you get rid of it?

i like the ingame auction house
i don't like the money auction house, but i like it more than the online sites that sell items.
i hope that the premium to list any item in the money house will allow the ingame one to actually work at all.
but i still think the diablo 2 version was better, because you could become rich by being a merchant. since trading in d2 was incredibly unsophisticated, there are tons of games where ppl are looking for items/trying to trade away items. the value of an item is higher when a person is looking for it and lower when a person is looking to trade it. once you started getting good items, it was really easy to keep getting better ones and was entirely possible to become rich and hardly ever mf

does this sound like this is an exact mashup of diablo 2 and WoW to anyone else?
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:07 pm

i was sad when they announced that there was going to be no offline mode
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:27 am

Diablo 3 Beta started
You can dl it from here: PC or MAC

You need a beta key to actually login in and play though, but if your internet is slow you can start dling it now so that when you get a key in the future you can play right away
Currently the only people with keys are friends and family of blizzard staff

You can see beta gameplay footage of the wizard, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor, and crafting all in 1080p at this guys channel:
And hes still uploading more
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:40 pm

downloader doesn't work for me
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:46 pm

People got confused so they took it down

They updated the diablo 3 page, it even has a skill calculator
Theres still alot that needs to be added though

I was messing with the skill calculator and made a monk:!YdZ!YccaZZ

This is the monk i would want to play

Hes got 70% evasion (if dashing kick is used regularly), and everyone around him has 30%
When he (or anyone around him) evades, 120% weapon damage is dealt to the attacker (as fire damage)
He can cause enemies to miss 30% of the time for 5 seconds, and they will also attack each other, im not sure if blindness stacks with your evasion or if its treated as a separate thing, but either way its almost like the monk has 100% evasion while enemies are blind
He deals 108% weapon damage (as fire) to all enemies within 14 yards every second, on top of his normal attacks, as long as he attacks constantly
Every time he spends spirit energy he gets healed
If he dies he can be resurrected to 100% hp if decoy was used properly

He has base armor, resistance, and hp so evasion is his only hope at avoiding damage, otherwise hes very vulnerable
He is very effective against large groups, but not so much against 1 monster (im not sure if seven sided strike will hit 1 enemy 7 times if no other enemies are around, if it can hit the same enemy 7 times then hes awesome vs 1 enemy since it would deal 1600% weapon damage, but that seems op so im assuming you cant do that)
Im also not sure how long seven sided strike takes to hit 7 enemies, if it takes longer then 5 seconds it wont work out well because you loose the 108% weapon damage every second
He is weaker to things that are resistant to fire
He generates spirit energy very slowly, at 6 per standard attack, he can use blind or seven sided strike once every 9 attacks, or dash every 2 attacks, but since the evasion effect of dash lasts 12 seconds you wouldnt need to use it every 2 attacks

Even though they simplified the skill system there still alot of choice because of the runes
The runes change how the skills work completely
You could pick the same skills as i did here, but put in different runes, and have a completely different outcome
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:39 pm

Beta invites were sent out to people who opted in to testing
Log into your bnet account through the bnet website to check if the Diablo 3 beta is listed in your games list

I didnt get an invite
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:22 pm

There has been some changes since the last time i posted

The release date is set to May 15th

Runes are no longer items that drop that you slot into skills, they just automatically unlock based on your level like skills do

Skills have been broken up into categories to tell you how you should pick them, you cant really turn this function off but you can turn on something like advanced skill management which lets you pick any skill for any category (which isnt what i would call "advanced")

Your magic and gold find is shared with the party and averaged, so if you have 50% magic find and your grouped with someone that has 0% magic find, the parties total magic find will be 25% no matter who kills what, basically your magic/gold find is dragged down by whoever has the lowest in the group

Monks and Barbarians have 30% damage reduction to all types of damage, its added to armor

The new diablo 3 stat names were removed and replaced by the old diablo 2 names (they are still automatically allocated as you level up though)

Every point of int gives 0.1 to all resistances, so every 10 int gives 1% to all resistances

Scrolls of identification have been removed, you just right-click an unidentified item to identify it (why it doesnt just identify automatically once its in your inventory i dont know, i guess they want you to feel like your still doing something)

The nephalem cube was removed, the salvage ability was moved to the blacksmith (as a result white/gray items cant really be salvaged without returning to town 100s of times, which means they are now completely worthless)

The cauldron of jordan was removed, you have to go back to town to sell items

All items take up either 1 or 2 spots of inventory space, so inventory management is pretty much handled for you

The stone of recall was renamed to town portal, but it still works exactly the same way as it did when it was called the stone of recall

The rune changes, the inventory changes, the scroll of identification removal, and the skill category addition seems like they are trying to simplify as much as possible
I really dont see what else you can do in the game now other then kill stuff and experience the story (which only works the first time playing it)
The game does everything for you at this point
The party wide average for magic find looks annoying and will promote playing solo for a lot of people

I probably wont buy it at release
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:32 pm


Pure genius
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:01 pm

comes out may 15th
who's going to get it
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:17 pm

i probably definitely will
idk if right away though

Quote :
The party wide average for magic find looks annoying and will promote playing solo for a lot of people
i think this'll be really cool
idk how comparable to d2 gameplay will be, but pretty much public games were for trading, leveling and advancing through the story. you only ever really did mf in private games and that was always between groups of friends or by yourself. i wonder if people will start getting dummy mf characters in game just to up the mf for chars who are actually equipped to do shit
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:25 pm


not exactly gameplay, but definitely cool
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:30 pm

omg just realized it's the day after my ap exam
that means i can play it without worrying about any more bio
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:50 pm

If it's supported for mac ill play, if not well I can't hate on them for not supporting mac.
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:58 am

It will be for mac

But once you install boot camp, if you ever do, since you said you would for tribes but never did
You should be able to play windows games without a problem
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:00 am

i came here to post this and hlw already posted it in chat
idk why he didnt put it here as well
anyways, diablo 3 is doing a open beta over this weekend!
everything you need to know is here
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:37 pm

what seren said
posted in chat yesterday and forgot to submit post
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:32 am

Played a monk to the end of the beta, finished at level 9
Game was entertaining to play only because when you hit enemies they go flying, and also because most of the stuff in the environment is destructible
But it was far too easy, you get all your skills automatically, you never need to worry about your inventory or stats
Basically all you do is equip the best armor/weapons you find (it tells you what is best with white outlines on the item), feed gold to the blacksmith to craft better stuff in case you cant find good items, and click enemies to kill everything
Skills unlock automatically as you level, and the game breaks skill slots into categories which wont let you select skills from a different category for that slot, unless you go into the options and turn elective mode on, but the categories it breaks the skills into is the optimal way to use the skills it gives you, so skill customization is pretty much completely handled for you by the game

The story seems like it will be interesting, and the random event quests are cool, i got jar of souls which was pretty fun
I just wish they didnt make it so easy to play
I probably wont be buying it at release
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:31 pm

i finally did get around to playing diablo 3. its funny reading through all these earlier posts since the game has almost no resemblance to what it once was. through events not completely my fault i own it for both pc and console

the game is very much meant to give the best action dungeon crawl experience possible. this frequently comes at the cost of things making 0 sense -- at one point you're standing on top of a huuuge battering ram fighting off waves of enemies. the catch is that the battering ram is currently, you know, battering down an equally giant gate. i have no idea why youre standing on top of the ram, since you could just be off to the side of the ram, but i guess its okay since every time it slams into the gate it just makes your character do a cute little jump
in fact, the game as a whole is way more enjoyable if you just put aside the story and focus on the visuals and the actual gameplay. combat is always fun, but you can definitely tell the attention to playability in dungeons drops off as the game goes on. not to say the dungeons are at all bad, but the fact that the first big one is above the rest really highlights it. the boss fights are very well scripted and are fun but hard. individual mobs are also more interesting than d2, many have behaviors and a more complex set of moves than i was expecting out of fodder

a little different from d2, your first play through can be on normal or hard but you might as well do hard. the level requirement for each area is higher in hard, but the bonus xp from the difficulty puts you exactly on par. advancing into even harder difficulties makes the game waaaay more difficult, but you dont need to be perfectly geared and spec'd the way you did in d2 (except for the harder torments). skill with your abilities as well as which abilities you chose (as in how well they work with eachother / other players abils / against what you're fighting) play a much greater role in your success than your items. think of normal difficulty as "none of you have ever played a game before"

like d2, the world is fairly open with lots of little side dungeons that you can explore. many of these dungeons had fun little mini quests in them

the characters themselves are constrained into roles. in d2 you could make a pretty solid pvp melee sorc if you spec'd your stats, skills and items for it, but its much harder to make a character have a different role than intended in d3. this is mostly due to how much more simplified the various systems are. not necessarily a bad thing, but i like it a lot less. on the other hand, how you fulfill your role has a lot more room for choice than it did in d2. the rune system alters skills in an interesting and often meaningful way, and the fact that you have so many more skills going at once is huge and offers way more complexity than d2 active skill combo's

items are still a huge part of the game, but the way loot is rolled is completely different. the game rolls ~90% of drops based on what your character archetype uses as its primary stat. i thought i wouldnt like this, but i ended up loving it just bc of how the game is. the only drawback is that you cant really twink out your other characters. i liked how in d2 you could get one bamf char and then quickly have 3 more pretty good chars just off of that alone. there's a way around this suited loot (horadric caches) but its much slower than completely random loot

d3 makes a distinction between story mode and adventure mode. story mode is exactly what it sounds like. adventure mode is a good addition and pretty much just represents the idea of item farming / power leveling. instead of just replaying the same dungeons over and over you are given (fairly vanilla) quests, called bounties, that innately grant xp/loot rewards just for completing them. adventure mode also adds rifts, which are sort of like mega dungeons, that you can access after completing enough of these bounties

the game is way better on console, so much so that its almost a pity the skills werent designed for a gamepad
same console co-op is amazing. the screen is shared, which might make you run for the hills remembering old dnd type games like that, but they really nailed the idea of a shared screen game:
if a player stops doing anything for ~10s then their character will start auto following w/e active char is closest. if they get stuck following them, theyll just tele over. experience and gold is completely shared which really cuts down on that competitive feeling. building on the smart loot thing, the game auto assigns drops to whoever its best for, and then when you pick up the item it just goes to that player. this might sound bad, but if you give it a try youll almost definitely love it. im also simplifying it a lot, the point is that finding relevant items is fun, frequent and even. the ui is completely unintrusive but manages to also fit the only minimap youd want on screen. as i see it, there are 3 downsides to same console coop: going into your inventory to change items / skills is a one at a time deal and stops the game. same console coop is perfect for the story line, but less ideal/efficient for farming since youre constricted to the same area. the way gamepad targeting works is based off the left thumbstick, selecting w/e enemy is in that direction. this might seem way worse than it is (its actually perfect to me) since the game is so simple thats all you really ever want anyways. the only time it's actually bad is for skills that are highly delayed between cast and activation (the wizard's meteor is basically the whole list). every character has the ability to roll (only on console) by pushing the right thumbstick in a direction. i think rolling is a really fun addition to the game and it made me pay more attention in a good way -- skill has a much greater role in survivability than it otherwise would

essentially think of diablo 3 as a way updated, way improved Gauntlet game set in the diablo universe. it's especially perfect for parties with people who dont really play games. you all will enjoy it equally and them being bad wont be frustrating for either them or you
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PostSubject: Re: Diablo 3   

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Diablo 3
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