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 The Aether Mod

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PostSubject: The Aether Mod   Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:09 am

The Aether is a mod made by a couple of people that adds another world to minecraft:

Its similar to the Nether in that it is accessed with a portal
But unlike the Nether it has alot more to do and is alot more interesting

To make the portal you need glowstone, so you have to get to the nether first
The aether portal is made in the shape of the nether portal, but made of glowstone instead of obsidian
Its activated by pouring water into the portal

The Aether is high in the sky and is made up of many floating islands
If you fall off the islands you fall back down to the surface (the normal minecraft world), and since you fell you take fall damage when you land, unless you have special items, or get lucky and land in water
You come out from the sky to the surface in the same place you were when you fell, so if your 1000 blocks south west of the portal when you fall from the aether, youll end up 1000 blocks south west from the portal you built on the surface, which can make it difficult to find your way back on the surface if you survive the fall

Theres a bunch of new mobs, all of which can be out during the day, theres flying mobs that shoot you like ghasts, but the attack doesnt do damage, it knocks you back really far (which can cause you to fall from the aether and ends up being more dangerous then if it just did damage)
Theres a mob that poisons you, which also causes you to stumble around for awhile
And theres sky whales, which dont do anything except be retarded, and flying pigs, you can put a saddle on the pig and control it, it can jump really high 1 time then float slowly to the ground, you can bring it to the surface, but you cant bring it back to the aether if you do that

The mod adds a bunch of new items, tools, ores, blocks and a few features too

The tools are made from the same type of materials, so an axe is made from the trees, stone, or any ore that you find up there (except for the gold ore, which works like coal)
But these tools also have special properties, like the wood tool set mines twice as many blocks, so 1 stone becomes 2 (you cant use it to dupe items though), the stone tool set has a chance to give you sky coal (its not called sky coal, i cant remember the name, but its basically the same as coal)
Theres 4 tool sets (inluding the sky wood, and sky stone sets i was talking about above)

In the Nether water evaporates from your buckets and you cant place water
In the Aether fire is extinguished immediately, so you cant make fire, this includes your torches, so you need to use the sky coal you find there to make special torches that work up there

Theres dungeons, 3 tiers of dungeons, bronze, silver and gold
After beating the boss of each one (theres more then 1 of each tier) you get a key that opens a chest, the chest will have rare items (that cant be crafted) that have various different effects, including invisibility, a higher jump, more life, life regen, weapons that shoot magic (like fireballs), weapons with extended reach, weapons with lifesteal, etc
On the way to the boss there are chests as well, but the items they have are items you can get normally by crafting, and some arent even chests but are actually hostile mobs that come to life when you try to loot the chest
The bosses arent always just hitting it with your best sword until its dead, i fought a boss that could only be hurt by a pickaxe and moved in a pattern that required a bit of maneuvering to avoid, the more i hurt him the faster he became so the pattern changed during the fight (i went through at least a dozen holystone pickaxes before he died)

Theres a bunch of new block types, my favorites are:

Quicksoil, which looks like sand, when anything passes over it (walks on it, items, the player, or mobs) it gains speed over time very quickly becoming incredibly fast, you can make pathways with it for a sort of fast travel system instead of minecarts (its much faster then a minecart)

Cloud blocks, they look like clouds, but you can harvest them, they are soft, so you can fall on them from any height and not take damage, and you can craft them into parachutes, which you can activate manually (it activates automatically when you fall from the Aether back to the surface), theres 3 types of clouds, white, blue and gold, white are everywhere and make a 1 time use parachute, blue can only be gathered by killing blue slimes and act like trampolines when you jump on them, and gold can be crafted into a parachute that can be used 20 times, but i havent found any gold cloud yet

You can read about all the new stuff on the wiki:

Overall the mod is really well done
Its implemented into the game as if it was added in officially
It adds alot of interesting items, tool abilities, and block types
The dungeons are fun, interesting, and rewarding
It feels like an expansion to minecraft

But it does have problems
Since its new it has alot of bugs
Some of the stuff doesnt work, like the antidote for poison is impossible to make since all you get back is an empty bucket, and the 1 shield you can get doesnt block 1 enemies attack (even though according to the description, it should)
Some mobs are just derp, like the sky whales, they must use the same AI as the squids because they fly into the walls and spin around all the time, on top of that they are unkillable
Some mobs spawn too much, the sky whales, and the ghast like enemies
With more time

When it rains on the surface it gets darker in the aether, this makes sense, but mobs stop spawning/disappear when this happens, until it stops raining on the surface, i dont know if this is a bug, but it freaked me out the first time because everything went quiet, there was nothing around, and it got darker, which i had never seen happen until then
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PostSubject: Re: The Aether Mod   Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:46 am

Pat1487 wrote:
When it rains on the surface it gets darker in the aether, this makes sense, but mobs stop spawning/disappear when this happens, until it stops raining on the surface, i dont know if this is a bug, but it freaked me out the first time because everything went quiet, there was nothing around, and it got darker, which i had never seen happen until then

Try having Cd tell you that you can either one, drown yourself or two, your going to die. There is no third option.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aether Mod   Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:05 pm

ohh i love aether mod, you can spend like 5 hours in aether non-stop :3
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PostSubject: Re: The Aether Mod   

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The Aether Mod
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