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 Portal 2 Review

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PostSubject: Portal 2 Review   Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:14 am

So Portal 2 has been out for awhile now
Ive been meaning to make a post like this for just about as long but havent really had time or the patience to sit down and write it
But here it is now

I finished the single-player in about 7 hours, it was shorter then i expected, i expected about 9 hours from it
Its not like i rushed through it either, i waited at all the times there was dialog so that i could hear all the dialog, and explored everywhere i could
Don't get me wrong, i wasnt disappointed in its length or anything, it was a really good 7 hours
And depending on the person it could take longer
I replayed the single player many times to get all of the achievements and to hear the developers commentary
All total i probably spent at least 20 hours playing single player
Even in my 3rd playthrough i still found new secret areas that i hadnt seen before

The story was presented well and the dialog was good and funny
There are some things that are never explained, but the things that arent explained are minor and unimportant (like why are the elevators different)
It works well as a squeal to Portal, expanding on GlaDOS's character and showing you more about the history of aperture science while still advancing the plot forward and introducing new and interesting characters

The gameplay adds alot of new puzzle elements, all of which are fun to use, though not all of which were used by the devs to their full potential
Some of the puzzle mechanics are stopped being used about 2/3rds of the way through the game
I think they added too many and couldnt fit them all in
Also the middle third of the game has alot of walking from point A to point B by using portals to traverse the distance, where most of the time you just look for a surface half way across the map that will let you place a portal, very rarely (i think once) are the puzzle mechanics used during this time
Overall though the puzzles/levels were well designed

Me and a friend finished the co-op in about the same amount of time, my friend isn't the best portal player, it took him like 13 hours to finish the single player
We got stuck on 2 puzzles for about 30 mins each, the very last puzzle, and the last puzzle of the hard light bridge area, those 2 are probably the hardest ones to do in the game because both require a fairly large leap in logic, and both have something that has never been done up until that point

The co-op has its own mini story, though it doesnt add characters or anything really new, it is interesting to play through though, especially as you advance through it
It takes place after the singleplayer campaign

The puzzle elements are better used here as each one has its own 6-8 level course
Theres a hub world which acts like a level select screen so you can pick any level you want once you beat it, once you unlock a level with someone that level can be played with anyone, even if they havent unlocked it yet, it could be confusing if you play with someone that beat the game and your just starting since all the areas will be unlocked

I replayed parts of the co-op many times, mainly to just watch random people solve the puzzles, sometimes its really funny when people kill themselves in a way that is obviously going to kill you, with these people i set up a portal that leads to death and another right next to them, they almost always blindly walk through to their death, and then i laugh, other times its just frustrating to watch when the solution is right in front of them

There is a cash shop in the game, where you can buy hats and other things to wear
Its over priced ($7.50 for a pair of goggles, its actually not even a pair, since the robot you play as only has 1 eye)
Because of this i think they will support co-op in the future by releasing many maps and DLC for it, so it should be good in the long run
Though i think the cash shop itself is a rip-off, but since nothing important is sold there (like characters with different abilities *cough*LoL*cough*) it doesnt bother me
Theres a chance they may sell important stuff their in the future though, so we will see

TL:DR - Portal 2 is awesome, and you suck for not reading

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PostSubject: Re: Portal 2 Review   Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:18 am


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PostSubject: Re: Portal 2 Review   Mon May 02, 2011 6:59 pm

i skipped down to the co-op part

sounds like i'd hate to play co-op with you
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PostSubject: Re: Portal 2 Review   Thu May 05, 2011 11:19 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Portal 2 Review   

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Portal 2 Review
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