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 Portal 1 Mods

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PostSubject: Re: Portal 1 Mods   Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:45 pm

While you wait for portal 2 you can play portal 1 mods

Some good ones are
Portal Prelude:
Gamma Energy:
Portal Pro:

They are all well made, challenging, and fairly long
Some re-use the stuff gladdos said in portal which gets annoying

I dont think mods work with the free version of portal that you get when you buy portal 2

2 more Portal mods:

Thinking with Portals 2:
This is my least favorite of the ones ive posted here
It seems put together in a hurry to cash in on Portal 2 since all of its features are from Portal 2
But it occasionally is good, a few of the levels shown in videos for Portal 2 have been recreated in this mod
Its very short, there is no story, and you have to load each chapter 1 by 1 (it sends you back to the menu after every level)

Blue Portals:
This is my favorite of the ones ive posted here
Its the most unique portal mod ive seen
Its visually unique with alot of custom textures
And it has a bunch of different puzzle mechanics like magnetism, multiple different cube types, and light beams
Also you can only place blue portals and need to move the orange portal with buttons/switches/light
Theres a bonus campaign thats shorter then the main campaign but introduces light blocks, the gravity gun (along with a mechanic that lets you use it to launch yourself), and lets you place both types of portals
I really hope the people that made this mod make something for Portal 2

Im looking for more Portal mods so if youve played any that i havent put here, post them here

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PostSubject: Re: Portal 1 Mods   Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:21 am

< witty comment that has slight elements of trolling, but not enough to get this post deleted>

< afterthought that i mostly wanted to get my signature onto this page>
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PostSubject: Portal 1 Mods   Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:13 pm

HTML only works in posts if you have it turned on and its off by default so no one will see knight 's or your timer, unless theyve manually turned it on
My timer doesnt use HTML (it uses BBCode), so everyone can see it no matter what

Strip the flashvars from the html and add it after the .swf file with ? in the [flash] tag


2 More Portal mods

Portal Unity:
This has 2 new puzzle mechanics, and a story with original voice acting
The new mechanics are treadbelts which give you tons of momentum in a small space, and something that is similar to the excursion funnels from portal 2, but the effect doesnt go through portals like it does in portal 2
The story is decent, but the ending doesnt answer anything and only raises more questions, its not sequel bait, its just trying to be ambiguous but isnt
The voice acting isnt the greatest and is hard to understand at some points, there are no subtitles
The game is really good during the test chambers but gets worse once you break free
Its almost as long as portal was
I encountered a bug that made the game unwinable which made me have to load a previous save and do some of the game again, in the lobby of the office building theres a metal detector, if you go through it from the lobby it makes the game unbeatable because of red lasers of death that you cant portal around when you go through there later, avoid the metal detector until your in the hallway and half to go through it

This game is very short and only has 1 new puzzle mechanic (technically 2 if you count the last room)
The weird thing about this game is that you dont actually have the ability to place portals for about 1/4th of the gameplay, but it works as part of the game
The ending to this is sequel bait and a sequel is said to be coming but that it wont be released until after Portal 2 is

Im beginning to run out of portal mods to play and its not even close to Portal 2's release date
So someone else post some mods that you liked

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Knight of Gods

PostSubject: Re: Portal 1 Mods   Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:13 am

i hadnt played any mods until you posted but then i beat blue portals and portal prelude both in 1 day (but on separate days)

found a few glitches in each which amused me but nothing was truely gamebreaking

1 or 2 easter eggs from them too

and yea blue portals was great

right now i cant remember which one but one of them had taken a level or two from the flash portal and put it in and i was like "hey this is like in the flash" then during the credits they listed the flash version

edit: just finished Portal: Project Beta not much goin on here they mostly just took the maps from portal and changed them here and there and they changed a couple of skins and whatnot they portals and your crosshairs look different and the difference bugged me
this is what it looked like and the outer bubbles serve no purpose whatsoever but the thought that maybe they had made a puzzle that required 4 portals somehow and you could get 4 was what kept me going, but no it was just how it looked.

once i got teleported out into no where and had to noclip back in
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PostSubject: Re: Portal 1 Mods   Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:09 am

I didnt list Portal: Project beta because i didnt like it
It didnt add enough new stuff, most of it was just reflexs on how fast you can place portals in the right speed, there wasn't enough puzzle solvgin
And i knew the extra portal indicators were just for show, i think the description or a comment somewhere on moddb says that, if i didnt know that i probably wouldve kept playing for the same reason you did and then been pissed later and posted about it here

Though that would be a cool idea, and it is possible to have 2 sets of portals, ive seen it before, but never where you control the extra set

If you want the flash version in portal you can get it here:
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Knight of Gods

PostSubject: Re: Portal 1 Mods   Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:23 pm

there are commands you can put into the console to make it so you can place multiple sets of portals, they all look the same but they are in pairs

it gets laggy when i place 7+ portal pairs for some reason

oh and in Portal Pro i had difficulty on some of the levels, and i managed to find 4 of the secret levels (the cake wasnt a lie!) i was too lazy to go back and find the first one but the last one i didnt figure out how to get but i wanted it so i noclipped to it
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PostSubject: Re: Portal 1 Mods   

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Portal 1 Mods
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