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WC3 Challenge/Tourny Rules

What game does everyone play now?
Starcraft 2
 26% [ 8 ]
Warcraft 3
 35% [ 11 ]
League of Legends
 19% [ 6 ]
World of Warcraft
 0% [ 0 ]
Diablo 2
 0% [ 0 ]
No games at all
 10% [ 3 ]
Other game not listed
 10% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 31

SC2 Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Information

This page has the info you need for participating in a ladder SC2 tournament or challenge.
It will be updated to include all of the info once more info is available
There are 3 ladder "shammy" spots, 1 custom game "shammy" spot and 1 map maker "shammy" spot
Shammy is in quotes because it represents the shammy level of power that an sc2 clan will have
The map maker "shammy" spot may be dropped if we don't have enough map makers in the clan

General Ladder Challenge
Standard Ladder Tournament
Challenge Immunity and Strikes
Special Ladder Rules Tournament

General Ladder Challenge

Clan members have the ability to gain "shammy" by defeating a "shammy"
When challenging a ladder "shammy" a challenge starts with the "shammy" and the challenger picking a map
The map must be a 1v1 or 2v2 map that is not shared bases, or an island map, it can be a custom ladder map, as long as the person picking it didnt make it and the chief approves it
The match is decided by a best 2 out of 3
The map that the "shammy" picks is played first
If the "shammy" wins one, and the challenger wins one, a 3rd map is picked to break the tie
The 3rd map is randomly selected from the blizzard 1v1 ladder map pool
The winner gets challenge immunity, and takes "shammy" if they are the challenger
The loser gets a strike
The chief, or someone he picks to take his place, must be a spectator in order for the match to count

Standard Ladder Tournament

A standard ladder tournament is a series of 1v1 melee matches
Participants will be paired up randomly based on thier 1v1 ladder ranking for the first round
If you have no 1v1 ladder ranking then your highest ladder ranking will be used
If you have no ranking at all you cannot participate (you can signup before the tourney starts, but you need to have a rank when the tourney starts, if you signup without a rank you may be dropped for other people that signed up that already have a rank)
You can request to use your highest ladder ranking instead of your 1v1 ranking if your 1v1 ranking is lower then your highest ladder ranking
Example: An X ranked player will get paired against another X ranked player, or if there are no other X players they will be paired against an X+1 ranked player (i.e. if X is silver, X+1 is gold)
It works like the way the ladder system works when you look for a match
Each round will use a different map
The maps will be picked randomly from the blizzard 1v1 ladder map pool
Losing 1 match will eliminate you from the tourney
The winner is the last person standing
The chief, or someone he picks to take his place, must be a spectator in order for the match to count

Immunity and Strikes

Challenge immunity means that a "shammy" is immune from being challenged for 3 or 5 days
You are immune for 3 days when you are challenged on the forums
You are immune for 5 days if you accept a challenge on the spot on bnet (you can refuse to accept an on the spot challenge with no penalties)
A strike means that you are unable to challenge a "shammy"
You gain a strike when you challenge a "shammy" and lose Each strike you have adds (3*(number of strikes)) days of time where they cant challenge
So losing once is 3 days where you cant challenge (3*1), losing again is 6 (3*2), a 3rd time is 9 (3*3), and so on
Your strikes are erased when you win a tournament or challenge
If you have more then 7 strikes you cannot participate in any tournaments

Special Rules Ladder Tournament

This type of tournament will have a variation of the general rules to make it more interesting or more difficult
These rules will always follow the standard ladder tournament format, the only difference will be the addition of special events
Special events could be anything, Examples: everyone must play the same race, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, no rush, etc..
Any special rules for the tournament will be made known at the announcement of the tournament


In order to be eligible to participate in a challenge or tournament you must meet the following requirements (in addition to any requirements stated above):

You must be in the clan for greater then 7 days.
You must not be using an aka (using an alternate account).
You cannot enter the same tournament more then once.
If you and a brother/sister sign up for the same tourney, you both must be able to play at the same time, on different computers and on different names.
For touneys that are for "shammy" spots you cant participate if your already a "shammy".
You must have an account on the forums
You must have read this page